Thelonious Monk Quartet: ‘Epistrophy’

12 April 2014 — Jazz on the Tube

The “Thelonious Monk Quartet” perform in Japan during May of 1963. “Epistrophy” was the first composition in modern jazz to have a lasting impact and is considered a classic. Composed by Thelonious Monk and Kenny Clarke in 1942, the number was first recorded that year under the title “Fly Right” by Cootie Williams’ big band.

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The World Bank, the PFI hospital and the destruction of a nation's healthcare system By Anna Marriott

7 April 2014 — OurNHS   

The World Bank promised Lesotho that its PFI-style hospital – the first in any low-income country – would cost the same as its old public hospital. Instead it is eating up half the entire nation’s health budget, while paying 25% returns to the private partner.

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No, Putin Isn’t Following ‘Reagan Playbook’ in Ukraine–Thank God By Jim Naureckas

12 April 2014 — FAIR Blog 

David Ignatius (photo: CSIS)

David Ignatius

David Ignatius is a Washington Post columnist who is notable for his coziness with his sources in the CIA. So when he writes a column (4/8/14) headlined “Putin Steals the CIA’s Playbook on Anti-Soviet Covert Operations,” it’s hard to know how to take that: Is it supposed to be a criticism or a compliment?

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Video: Anti-Russian sentiment a resource play diversion By Michael Hudson

12 April 2014 — Michael Hudson

Hundreds of pro-Russian protesters have seized public buildings in Eastern Ukrainian cities. They’re demanding referendums to secede from Ukraine in order to become a part of Russia. Ukrainian officials have blamed Putin for this continued unrest, but it should be noted that Ukraine is a major transit route for natural gas exports to Europe from Russia, and now Russia is warning Ukrainian officials that they need to pay back the $2.2 billion debt owed to the Russian natural gas company Gazprom. German and French officials are also working towards a quick implementation of a $14-18 billion International Monetary Fund loan package to the Ukraine.

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The Time for Negotiations between Russia and the West on Ukraine Has Not Come By Nikolai Bobkin

12 April 2014 — Strategic Culture Foundation

In American geopolitical scenarios, Ukraine is given the role of Russia’s periphery, and forcible changes in its way of life are supposed to serve as an example of breaking free of the “domination of Moscow” for other states of the former Soviet Union. The White House’s immediate plans include somehow forcing Moscow, first of all, to recognize the legitimacy of the new government in Kiev, and second, to agree to Ukraine’s turning once and for all toward the Euro-Atlantic. The fate of Ukraine itself is of little interest to the Americans, just as they are ignoring the radical nationalism of the putschists who have seized power. The disintegration of statehood, the weakening of the government, and the schism in society all play into the West’s hands.

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New at Strategic Culture Foundation 6-12 April 2014: Russia-Ukraine-NATO / Germany / Yemen / Poland / Turkey / South Africa

12 April 2014 — Strategic Culture Foundation

NATO Steps Up Activities to Counter Russia and Justify its Reason D’etre

12.04.2014 | 08:30 | Andrei AKULOV

This week NATO marks a triple anniversary: 15 years since Poland, Hungary and the Czech Republic joined the Alliance; 10 years since the accession of Bulgaria, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Romania, Slovakia and Slovenia joined; and five years since Albania and Croatia acceded. This is the time NATO seems to find a reason to justify its existence. That’s where the crisis in Ukraine comes in handy… Continue reading