VTJP Occupied Palestine and Israel: News and Articles 8 May 2014

8 May 2014 — VTJP


International Middle East Media Center

Catholic Church Demands Israel Stop Hate Attacks
IMEMC – The Roman Catholic church has demanded Israeli action, after suspected Jewish vandals daubed hate graffiti on Vatican-owned offices in annexed East Jerusalem, just two weeks before a formal papal visit. …

PCHR Calls for Investigations into Incidents in Yatta Town
IMEMC – The Palestinian Center for Human Rights (PCHR) has called upon the Attorney General to open a serious investigation into incidents which took place in Yatta town, near Hebron, on Monday, 05 May 2014. …

Massive Hunger Strike Throughout Israeli Prison System in Solidarity with Administrative Detainees
IMEMC – Over 5,000 Palestinian detainees in Israeli prisons have launched a massive open-ended hunger strike in solidarity with administrative detainees who continue their strike for the 14th day in a row. …

Israel Partially Opens Karem Abu Salem Trade Crossing
IMEMC – [Thursday, May 8, 2014] The Israeli army partially opened the Karem Abu Salem (Kerem Shalom) Trade Terminal, east of the besieged Gaza Strip, to allow the export of one truck, and the entry of 440 trucks into the coastal region. …

Peres: Netanyahu Blocked 2011 Peace Deal
IMEMC – Israeli President Shimon Peres said, on Tuesday, that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu blocked a 2011 peace agreement which he had secretly negotiated with Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas. …

Israel to Expand Megiddo Prison
IMEMC – The National Committee for Planning and Building, in the Israeli Ministry of Interior, has approved the expansion of Megiddo prison to hold 6,000 prisoners. …

Ma’an News

5,000 prisoners begin mass hunger strike in Israeli jails
5/8/2014 – RAMALLAH (Ma’an) — Over 5,000 Palestinian prisoners started an open hunger strike on Thursday in solidarity with detainees held in administrative detention by Israeli authorities, a Palestinian official said. Palestinian Authority Minister of Detainees Issa Qaraqe said that the prisoners are demanding that Israel end the practice of holding Palestinians in custody without charge or trial. More than 100 Palestinians in Israeli prisons launched…. Related: Lawyer: Administrative detainees won’t end hunger strike

Israeli forces raid town west of Salfit, question residents
5/8/2014 – NABLUS (Ma’an) – Dozens of Israeli ground forces and military vehicles raided the town of Qarawat Bani Hassan west of Salfit on Thursday and interrogated residents. They surveyed the town’s neighborhoods and obstructed transportation as well as searched residents. At least 10 young men were briefly detained for questioning. [END]

Rights group calls for inquiry into abuses by PA security forces
5/8/2014 – BETHLEHEM (Ma’an) — The Palestinian Center for Human Rights on Wednesday called on the Attorney General to open an investigation into alleged abuses by PA security forces in the Hebron town of Yatta earlier this week. According to PCHR, PA preventive security forces stopped a car in in Yatta on Monday for raising the Hamas flag. Seven members of the Abu Fanar family were….

Catholic Church demands Israel act to stop hate attacks
5/8/2014 – JERUSALEM (AFP) — The Roman Catholic church demanded Israeli action Wednesday after suspected Jewish extremists daubed hate graffiti on Vatican-owned offices in annexed East Jerusalem just two weeks before a papal visit. Israeli Internal Security Minister Yitzhak Aharonovitch said the government planned to use detention without trial against the suspected extremists as it comes under mounting pressure over its failure to secure a single prosecution in….

Hamas must recognize Israel, top Egyptian official says
5/8/2014 – WASHINGTON (AFP) — Hamas must recognize the existence of Israel if the Palestinians are to move forward with their hopes of establishing their own state, former Egyptian foreign minister Amr Mussa said Wednesday.”It is normal for the Palestinians to reconcile,” Mussa said of a recent unity deal struck between the Hamas militants who run the Gaza Strip and the Palestinian Liberation Organization. However, “I believe….

Palestinian activist Ameer Makhoul marks 4 years since arrest
5/8/2014 – BETHLEHEM (Ma’an) — A global civil society alliance and several NGO networks on Tuesday called for the release of imprisoned Palestinian activist Ameer Makhoul four years after he was arrested by Israeli intelligence services during a nighttime raid on his Haifa home. The Palestinian citizen of Israel and active defender of human rights was later sentenced to nine years in jail as part of….

Egyptians in Gaza seek right to vote in presidential election
5/8/2014 – GAZA CITY (Ma’an) – Egyptian expatriates in the Gaza Strip on Thursday urged the Egyptian ministry of foreign affairs to allow them to cast votes for the presidential elections on May 15. Members of the Egyptian community in Gaza told Ma’an that they were urging their foreign ministry to establish a mechanism through Egypt’s central elections commission to allow them….

Abbas: We are ready to return to negotiations conditionally
5/8/2014 – BETHLEHEM (Ma’an) — Palestinian president Mahmoud Abbas said in an interview on Thursday that the Palestinians are ready to resume negotiations under the condition that Israel releases the fourth batch of veteran Palestinian prisoners and halts settlement construction for three months. The comments, which came during a televised interview, came only two weeks after Israel halted peace negotiations following a unity deal between Palestinian….

Abu Marzouq: Unity government is neither Fatah nor Hamas
5/8/2014 – GAZA CITY (Ma’an) — Mousa Abu Marzouq, a member of Hamas’ politburo, on Thursday outlined the responsibilities of the national unity government, stressing that meetings next week would finalize its formation. Abu Marzouq declared during a symposium held by the lawyers union, entitled “Palestinian reconciliation and its justifications,” that the government will have six tasks, namely: Preparing for the legislative and presidential votes….

Man found hanged in Ramallah-area village
5/8/2014 – RAMALLAH (Ma’an) — A Palestinian man was found hanged to death late Wednesday in his home in the village of Abu Shukheidim, north of Ramallah, police said. Imad Awada Shreitih, 39, was identified as the victim. The body was taken to Ramallah medical complex and later to the Institute of Forensic Medicine at Abu Dis university for an autopsy. The victim was married with three children. [END]

Young man drives car into sea off Gaza dock
5/8/2014 – GAZA CITY (Ma’an) — A Palestinian man drove a rented car into the sea as he drove “recklessly” near the Gaza City dock on Thursday. Mahfouth al-Kabariti, head of the Palestinian Sailing Federation, said that a young man was speeding and “showing off” in a car on the Gaza dock when he lost control and it slipped over the edge. He highlighted that the….


Egypt and Israel to reach another gas deal
AlJazeera 8 May 2014 – Another gas deal might be in the offing between Egypt and Israel despite Egyptian government denial.

Lebanon deports Palestinians back to Syria
AlJazeera 8 May 2014 – In a change of policy, the Lebanese government orders the deportation of dozens of Palestinian refugees back to Syria.

International Solidarity Movement

Almost three out of four houses in Izbat at Tabib are at risk of demolition
5/8/2014 – International Solidarity Movement – Nablus Team, Izbat at Tabib, Occupied Palestine – Izbat at Tabib, a small town of approximately 300 people located in the northwest of the West Bank, has 33 houses with demolition orders pending. The town totals 45 houses, this means that the demolition orders could destroy over 73% the town. According to a local witness, the majority of the demolition orders have been standing since 2012….

PCHR calls for investigations into incidents in Yatta town
5/8/2014 – International Solidarity Movement – Palestinian Center for Human Rights, Yatta, Occupied Palestine – The Palestinian Center for Human Rights (PCHR) calls upon the Attorney General to seriously open an investigation into incidents that took place in Yatta town near Hebron on Monday, 05 May 2014. The incidents included beatings, arrests, house raids, and destruction of civilians’ belongings by security services. PCHR calls upon the government in Ramallah to take….

Relief Web

occupied Palestinian territory: Joint open letter to Palestinian president Mahmoud Abbas calling on him to take the step for Palestine to join the International Criminal Court
Relief Web 8 May 2014 – Source: Amnesty Country: occupied Palestinian territory In this joint letter, Palestinian and international human rights organizations, including Amnesty International, urge Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas to ensure that Palestine pursues the jurisdiction of the International Criminal Court (ICC) by promptly acceding…

Lebanon: Liban : mesures pour limiter la prÈsence de rÈfugiÈs palestiniens de Syrie
Relief Web 8 May 2014 – Source: Agence France-Presse Country: Lebanon, occupied Palestinian territory, Syrian Arab Republic 05/08/2014 19:58 GMT BEYROUTH, 8 mai 2014 (AFP) – Le Liban a pris jeudi une sÈrie de mesures aboutissant ‡ fermer quasiment la porte aux rÈfugiÈs palestiniens de Syrie…

Syrian Arab Republic: Unprecedented humanitarian needs entail record budget
Relief Web 8 May 2014 – Source: International Committee of the Red Cross Country: Egypt, Iraq, Jordan, Lebanon, occupied Palestinian territory, Syrian Arab Republic 08-05-2014 News Release 14/75 Geneva (ICRC) The International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) announced a budget extension today that will…

Lebanon: Humanitarian Bulletin Lebanon Issue 1 | 1 March – 15 April 2014 [EN/AR]
Relief Web 8 May 2014 – Source: UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs Country: Lebanon, occupied Palestinian territory, Syrian Arab Republic HIGHLIGHTS Fighting in Qualamoun continues PRS face challenges to enter Lebanon MSNA underway CRSF being finalised

The National

Tensions rise in Thailand as Yingluck indicted over rice subsidy
The National 8 May 2014 – Anti-corruption panel finds Yingluck Shinawatra guilty of dereliction of duty over scheme that caused massive losses to government.

Pakistani lawyers strike over slaying of colleague in blasphemy case
The National 8 May 2014 – Slain lawyer was defending a university lecturer charged with insulting the Prophet under Pakistan’s strict blasphemy laws,

In West Bank, spectre of eviction haunts Palestinian Bedouins
The National 8 May 2014 – Leaders of the Jahalin tribe, rights activists and international aid officials believe demolitions in Jabal Al Baba and eviction orders are part of a push by Israel to relocate hundreds of Palestinian Bedouins and make way for Israeli settlements.

Al Qaeda expands influence in Syria s southern front
The National 8 May 2014 – The capture of Ahmed Nehmeh, a former air force colonel who defected and was working closely with the intelligence agencies of western and Gulf states, by Jabhat Al Nusra underscores the increasing power of the terror group’s branch in Syria.

Indian candidates push limits in electoral battle
The National 8 May 2014 – India’s election commission receives thousands of complaints accusing candidates of flouting the panel’s code of conduct, which regulates the behaviour of parties and candidates.

Taking Homs is a hollow victory for Al Assad
The National 8 May 2014 – Despite Al Assad’s claims of victory in Homs, a centre of the uprising against his regime, the reality shows that the tide is turning the way of moderate rebel groups.

Journalists in Jordan brawl on live TV over Syria
The National 8 May 2014 – Journalists Shaker Al Johari and Mohammad Al Jayousi destroy a table after tempers flare during a debate over Syria’s civil war.

Video: Cyrus denies drug abuse, Willis welcomes fifth daughter
The National 8 May 2014 – The day’s top showbiz news and headlines including Miley Cyrus denies rumors that her illness was caused by drug abuse, Bruce Willis welcomes another daughter, and Jon Hamm premieres his new film.

Video: Afghan leader tries to calm landslide victims amid aid tensions
The National 8 May 2014 – Afghan President Hamid Karzai visits victims of a deadly landslide, trying to calm villagers angered by the slow delivery of emergency aid and an initial government refusal to help retrieve bodies.

Video: Rebels evacuated from Homs, cradle of Syrian uprising
The National 8 May 2014 – Syrian rebels board busses and start withdrawing from Homs, the city at the heart of the revolt against President Bashar al-Assad, handing him a symbolic victory less than a month before his likely re-election.

Video: Outrage in Nigeria grows over Islamist abduction of girls
The National 8 May 2014 – A teenage stowaway who hid in an airliner wheel well survives the journey despite icy temperatures and low oxygen.

Video: US drug mule gets 3-year prison sentence on his 90th birthday
The National 8 May 2014 – A 90-year-old Indiana man who admitted serving as a cocaine courier for a Mexican drug cartel is sentenced on Wednesday to three years in federal prison.

Video: Abu Hamza denies aiding Al Qaeda, militant groups
The National 8 May 2014 – The one-eyed, handless cleric Abu Hamza Al-Masri took the stand in his US terror trial, denying he had ever aided al Qaeda or other militant groups.


Bat Yam mayor plea bargain a good deal for all
Ha’aretz – 8 May 2014

Number of homeless youths in Tel Aviv up by 25%
Ha’aretz – 8 May 2014

Rice warns against moves that would obstruct resumption of talks
Ha’aretz – 8 May 2014

The J Street confrontation: Between a local squabble and a historic schism
Ha’aretz – 8 May 2014

Bribery charges dropped against Bat Yam mayor in plea bargain
Ha’aretz – 8 May 2014

Vatican urges Israel to secure Christian sites during pope’s visit
Ha’aretz – 8 May 2014

Red Army veterans in Israel gather to mark victory over Nazis
Ha’aretz – 8 May 2014

Rebels bite the bullet in Homs, vow to fight Assad another day
Ha’aretz – 8 May 2014

Hundreds stranded in Tel Aviv airport as El Al pilots go on surprise go-slow
Ha’aretz – 8 May 2014

Dozens demonstrate in support of two jailed IDF refuseniks
Ha’aretz – 8 May 2014

Egypt’s Sissi lowers expectations of change ahead of presidential elections
Ha’aretz – 8 May 2014

Feeding your baby: Yes, there’s an app for that
Ha’aretz – 8 May 2014

Did U.S. State Department ignorance kill the peace process?
Ha’aretz – 8 May 2014

Bank of Israel s intervention fails to boost the weak dollar
Ha’aretz – 8 May 2014

Rights groups urge Abbas to let ICC prosecute war crimes committed on Palestinian territories
Ha’aretz – 8 May 2014

Amid halal meat debacle, U.K. Jewish, Muslim leaders call for clearer labeling
Ha’aretz – 8 May 2014

Heavy rains across Israel, flooding in south
Ha’aretz – 8 May 2014

Ex-NSA head: Snowden likely being manipulated by Russia
Ha’aretz – 8 May 2014

Pro-Russian rebels in Ukraine to hold referendum on self-rule, despite Putin’s call
Ha’aretz – 8 May 2014

Israel fears rightists might carry out massive hate crime during papal visit
Ha’aretz – 8 May 2014

Danish lawmaker demands Palestine be invited to Eurovision
Ha’aretz – 8 May 2014

Amr Moussa urges Hamas: If you want a state, recognize Israel
Ha’aretz – 8 May 2014

Israeli nuclear expert: Netanyahu using Iran threat for political gain
Ha’aretz – 8 May 2014

Al-Sissi, the Jew?
Ha’aretz – 8 May 2014

Israel must not surrender to settler bullying and violence
Ha’aretz – 8 May 2014

Two IDF officers suspected of trading in stolen munitions
Ha’aretz – 7 May 2014

Security sources: 100 followers of racist rabbi are behind hate crimes
Ha’aretz – 7 May 2014

The Jewish National Fund must be made transparent
Ha’aretz – 7 May 2014

Letter to a Palestinian reader: Holocaust, resurrection and Nakba
Ha’aretz – 7 May 2014

The Nakba according to Haaretz
Ha’aretz – 7 May 2014

At Israel’s women-honoring ceremony, male announcer paid $1,100 more
Ha’aretz – 7 May 2014

Jerusalem Post

Savir’s corner: Borders
Jerusalem Post 8 May 2014 – The biggest obstacle to serious progress for a two-state solution has been the inability to determine a border between the two states.

Barak: US could destroy Iran’s nuclear program in ‘fraction of one night’
Jerusalem Post 8 May 2014 – Former PM says America “is perceived to have been weakened” over the last several years, but could still destroy Iran’s nuclear arsenal in operation he said would be easier than planned campaign against Syrian chemical weapons.

Passengers stranded at Ben Gurion airport after El Al pilots deliberately miss scheduled flights
Jerusalem Post 8 May 2014 – Pilots express unhappiness in working conditions, don’t show up to work; so far, four El Al flights have been cancelled leaving passengers to wait.

iENGAGE: Who needs a Jewish-state bill?
Jerusalem Post 8 May 2014 – One cannot support the right of Jews for self-determination without supporting a similar right for Palestinians.

An app to fight BDS
Jerusalem Post 8 May 2014 – A rabbi s response to countering the call to boycott Israel.

Israel s Plan B
Jerusalem Post 8 May 2014 – Netanyahu should dismiss the risible, risky and irresponsible ideas for unilateral withdrawal.

Two Palestinian brothers convicted in murder of IDF soldier Tomer Hazan
Jerusalem Post 8 May 2014 – Nedal Amar lured his co-worker Hazan to the West Bank with promise of criminal score and then killed him.

This Week in History: Hostages of hijacked Sabena plane freed
Jerusalem Post 8 May 2014 – Premium special: A glimpse into historical moments in Israeli news from ‘The Jerusalem Post’ Page 1 archives.

Rights groups urge Palestinians to join International Criminal Court
Jerusalem Post 8 May 2014 – Groups, including Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch, say acceding to the court would end impunity for alleged war crimes.

Obama at Shoah Foundation gala: End anti-Semitism worldwide
Jerusalem Post 8 May 2014 – At 20th anniversary party of filmmaker Steven Spielberg’s USC foundation, Obama says America has “unshakeable” commitment to Israel’s security.

Palestinian prisoners in Israel go on hunger strike in protest of administrative detention
Jerusalem Post 8 May 2014 – Israel Prison Service says some 300 prisoners send back meals in one-day act of solidarity; PA minister claims over 5,000 prisoners launch open-ended strike.

UNHRC President replaces Falk with pro-Palestinian Indonesian diplomat
Jerusalem Post 8 May 2014 – Makarim Wibisono to serve as special investigator into Israeli actions in the West Bank and east Jerusalem after push by Arab Group in Geneva.

10-year-old boy saved after wild snake bites him in Kibbutz classroom
Jerusalem Post 8 May 2014 – Viper snake was likely hiding from rain when it bit child, who was rushed to hospital and is in stable condition after treatment.

Tehran Children awarded compensation by state
Jerusalem Post 8 May 2014 – Group of young Jewish Holocaust survivors, who resided in Tehran after the war ended, were originally excluded from state benefits given to other survivors.

Ukrainian Jews form defense force to combat anti-Semitic attacks
Jerusalem Post 8 May 2014 – Group made up of men who served in the Ukrainian or Israeli armies, or have martial arts skills.

Housing Minister Ariel: Jordan Valley settlements won t be uprooted
Jerusalem Post 8 May 2014 – Between the Jordan River and the Mediterranean there will be 1 nation with sovereignty, and that is Israel, Bayit Yehudi minister says.

Cooking with JPost: Separate yolks from whites
Jerusalem Post 8 May 2014 – Make meringue, mayonnaise or hollandaise sauce with this easy trick for separating egg yolks and egg whites with Chef Yochanan Lambiase.

Moussa: Hamas should recognize Israel in framework of 2002 Arab League peace initiative
Jerusalem Post 8 May 2014 – Former secretary-general of Arab League says plan that offered full recognition of Israel on condition it withdraws to pre-1967 lines could bring peace.

ELEM report shows increase in online harassment, sexual violence among youth
Jerusalem Post 8 May 2014 – The State of Youth in 2013 report addresses four key categories: online harassment, sexual violence, homeless youth, and the state of Ethiopian olim.

Netanyahu to WWII vets: We are much more powerful today, but Iran is still a threat
Jerusalem Post 8 May 2014 – As Iranian nuclear talks are set to get underway, PM commends veteran soldiers for their efforts to bring down the Nazis.

WATCH: Jordanian commentators destroy studio during argument on Syrian civil war
Jerusalem Post 8 May 2014 – In a video released by Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI), the heated debate between two Jordanian commentators on the crisis in Syria overheats.

Israel hit by late season rain storms, flooding
Jerusalem Post 8 May 2014 – Several road closures due to flash flooding in the south and east of the country, heavy traffic in nearly all parts of the country; 70 tourists trapped by flooding in the Arava.

Watch: Syrian rebels blow up Aleppo hotel used by army
Jerusalem Post 8 May 2014 – Reports of fatalities in the blast, but no details; state television says the hotel was destroyed and several nearby buildings were damaged.

Second-term grades
Jerusalem Post 8 May 2014 – Six months in, Mayor Nir Barkat s coalition is still resolving religious tensions and sparring with the opposition but more quietly.

Catholic Church demands action on ‘price tag’ attacks, prepares to campaign
Jerusalem Post 8 May 2014 – After vandalism of Catholic site in Jerusalem, Church is planning international campaign to put pressure on Israel to stop rising wave of hate crimes.

Common people
Jerusalem Post 8 May 2014 – New Zealand director Florian Habicht brings his documentary on British rock band Pulp and its hometown to the Docaviv film festival.

State cuts plea bargain with Bat Yam mayor
Jerusalem Post 8 May 2014 – Mayor Shlomo Lahiani was indicted on charges of bribery, fraud, breach of public trust and perjury in October 2013.

Living in Beit Shemesh post-elections
Jerusalem Post 8 May 2014 – This suburban city s woes are a microcosm of the country s social issues.

US Russian-Jewish immigrants group celebrates bar mitzva
Jerusalem Post 7 May 2014 – COJECO is the umbrella organization for groups that work with and within the Russian Jewish community in New York.


PA: Over 700 workers hurt on job in 2013
Uruknet 8 May 2014 – May 3, 2014 — Over 700 Palestinian workers sustained injuries from accidents on the job in 2013, the Palestinian minister of labor said Thursday marking May Day. Ahmad Majdalani said 20 workers died and 752 workers sustained injuries. The labor…

In historic interviews, US officials blame end of talks on Israeli land theft
Uruknet 8 May 2014 – May 3, 2014 – U.S. officials blamed Israel s “expropriating land on a large scale” to build colonies “on the territory meant for that [Palestinian] state” as the “primary” reason for the recent negotiations failure, in a must-read Ynet interview…

Rights of Arab women working in Israel being violated
Uruknet 8 May 2014 – May 2, 2014 – Kayan feminist organisation launched a media campaign in Israel to counter the violations in working women s rights in the private sector. According to grassroots organisation working within the Palestinian community, Palestinian women working in the…

Palestinians take to the streets in Hebron in support of hunger strikers in Israeli jails
Uruknet 8 May 2014 – May 3, 2014 – Hundreds of Hamas and Fatah supporters took to the streets in Hebron on Friday to show their support for Palestinian administrative prisoners in Israeli jails who have been on hunger strike for nine days. Speaker of…

Palestinian prisoners begin 10th day of hunger strike
Uruknet 8 May 2014 – May 3, 2014 — Over 100 Palestinian prisoners held in Israeli jails began their tenth day of hunger strike on Saturday, and three have been taken to a medical center for treatment, a prisoners rights group said. The Palestinian Prisoner…

Israeli forces threaten Hebron activist group that films soldiers
Uruknet 8 May 2014 – May 3, 2014 – A local activist group says the Israeli army has been using “intimidation” tactics against its members since they posted a video on Youtube of a soldier threatening Palestinian teens on Tuesday. The office of Youth Against…

Syria News – May 2, 2014 (Warning: Graphic Videos)
Uruknet 8 May 2014 – May 2, 2014 – With the end of Friday, the Coordination Committees were able to documente 149 martyrs: 13 women, 19 children, and 5 martyrs under torture: 88 martyrs in Aleppo, 28 martyrs in Damascus and its countryside, 11 martyrs…

US unhappy over Bahrain-Russia deal
Uruknet 8 May 2014 – May 2, 2014 -The US has raised concern over a decision by its Gulf ally Bahrain to sign an investment cooperation deal with Russia at a time when US and European governments are imposing economic sanctions on Moscow over the…

UFree sends e-letters to MEPs to end Israeli administrative detention policy
Uruknet 8 May 2014 – May 2, 2014 -UFree Network has sent e-letters to Members of the European Parliament (MEPs) briefing them on the Palestinian detainees plight in Israeli jails as part of its campaign in support of administrative detainees hunger strike. The campaign aims…

Palestinian student voices suppressed on Hebrew University campus
Uruknet 8 May 2014 – May 2, 2014-On Tuesday 29 April, three students were arrested at an on-campus demonstration at Hebrew University in Jerusalem. Students gathered in Hebrew University s main forum to protest new measures introduced by the Israeli army that will encourage Palestinian…

Stephen F. Cohen is not the man he used to be
Uruknet 8 May 2014 – May 2, 2014 – ….Despite the fact that much of what is written in the name of Marxism today is a mixture of economic determinism and conspiracy theory, there are very few articles that take the incestuous ties between Western…

John Kerry was wrong to say Israel could become an apartheid state, as it already is
Uruknet 8 May 2014 – May 2, 2014 – With a noisy sucking of bubbles, the last dregs of the Israeli-Palestinian peace process have disappeared down the plughole. The ostensible reason for the collapse was the announcement of a forthcoming national unity agreement between Fatah…

Israel To Uproot Hundreds Of Trees Near Nablus
Uruknet 7 May 2014 – May 02, 2014 – The Israeli army has decided to cut and uproot hundreds of Palestinian trees, near a bypass road used by Israeli settlers, close to Madama village, south of the northern West Bank city of Nablus. Palestinian official,…

Thousands of Israeli soldiers protest their hands are tied while serving in the occupied territories
Uruknet 7 May 2014 – May 2, 2014 – This video recorded in Hebron (al-Khal+l) last Sunday by Youth Against Settlements (YAS) has set off a firestorm
of protest by soldiers in the Israeli military. The video shows a soldier brandishing and aiming a loaded…

Syria Protests May 2, 2014 : A Video Roundup
Uruknet 7 May 2014 –

Daily Star

US condemns N.Korea’s ‘ugly’ racist Obama remarks
Daily Star 8 May 2014 The United States on Thursday condemned “ugly and disrespectful” racist comments directed towards President Barack Obama by North Korea’s official KCNA news agency.

Arab priest sacked for backing service in Israel army
Daily Star 8 May 2014 The Greek Orthodox church in the Holy Land has dismissed an Israeli Arab priest who publicly voiced support for Christian Arabs serving in Israel’s army, a church spokesman said Thursday.

Egypt’s el-Sissi tells media not to push freedoms
Daily Star 8 May 2014 Egypt’s top presidential candidate, the former military chief, warned newspaper editors not to press issues of freedoms of speech and other rights or campaign for democratic reforms, saying demands and protests jeopardize national security and that…

Syria still has chemicals for ‘many nerve gas attacks’: Britain
Daily Star 8 May 2014 Syria still has chemicals to make enough nerve agent to replicate last August’s deadly attack outside Damascus “many times over”, Britain warned the world’s chemical watchdog on Thursday.

Attacks in Iraq, including cafe bombing, kill 12
Daily Star 8 May 2014 A series of attacks in Iraq, including a bomb blast at a cafe in a Baghdad suburb, killed 12 people on Thursday, Iraqi officials said.

Belgium, allies try to halt flow of young Islamist fighters to Syria
Daily Star 8 May 2014 Several European countries met Thursday with officials from the United States, Turkey, Morocco, Jordan and Tunisia to discuss how to stop young Islamist fighters joining rebels in Syria.

Spy chief for eastern Libya killed in Benghazi
Daily Star 8 May 2014 Gunmen shot and killed Libya’s intelligence chief in charge of the country’s eastern sector in an attack Thursday in the city of Benghazi, security officials said.

Attacks kill 10 Pakistani troops; missile tested
Daily Star 8 May 2014 A roadside bombing in northwestern Pakistan near the Afghan border killed nine paramilitary troops on Thursday while another soldier died in an attack further south, the army said.

U.S. puts sanctions on Russian bank with syria ties
Daily Star 8 May 2014 The United States on Thursday for the first time imposed sanctions on a Russian bank for its dealings with the syrian government, which has been engaged in a three-year civil war with opposition forces.

YNet News

American mediators out of touch with reality
YNet News, 8 May 2014 – Op-ed: Left without a single Arab regime it is close to today, US is taking its anger out on Israel. ….

US special forces to train in eastern Europe in attempt to reassure allies
YNet News, 8 May 2014 – ….

Attacks in Iraq, including cafe bombing, kill 15
YNet News, 8 May 2014 – ….

Ukraine leaders propose “round table” on eastern rebellion
YNet News, 8 May 2014 – ….

Cyprus looks to move fast with gas search
YNet News, 8 May 2014 – ….

Red Cross seeks more access to Aleppo, besieged Damascus areas
YNet News, 8 May 2014 – ….

‘Price tag’ is Israel’s anti-Semitism
YNet News, 8 May 2014 – Op-ed: There are relatively more hate incidents against Arabs in Israel than hate incidents against Jews in France. ….

Don’t dismiss Yitzhar settlers as ‘errant weeds’
YNet News, 8 May 2014 – Op-ed: Young woman who supports assaulting and even killing IDF soldiers is not just ‘one of a few psychos,’ as those downplaying the issue claim. ….

Hamas executes two men in Gaza as spies for Israel
YNet News, 7 May 2014 – Men were convicted of treason after they were accused of providing Israel with damaging information used to bomb targets in Gaza. ….

WATCH: Jordanian journalists tear apart news studio
YNet News, 7 May 2014 – Journalists meet for debate on ‘Between the Two Sides’; disagreements over Syria turn into violence in the studio. ….

Swastika, haredi image spray-painted in a cemetery near Hadera
YNet News, 7 May 2014 – Menashe Regional Council calls on the government to declare ‘price tag’ attacks as terror acts; AG: ‘Should admissible evidence be presented, I will personally oversee the indictments.’ ….

Israel’s insistence on full Iranian nuclear rollback risks new rift with US
YNet News, 7 May 2014 – Netanyahu says no deal is preferred to bad deal with Tehran, while Western diplomats say Israeli demand is unrealistic due to scale of atom program. ….

Rebels evacuated from Homs, cradle of Syrian uprising
YNet News, 7 May 2014 – A total of 1,900 people, mainly rebel fighters, were evacuated in a symbolic victory for Assad, adding to months of gains linking Damascus with Homs. ….

Ex-prosecutor warns Palestinians on turning to the ICC against Israel
YNet News, 7 May 2014 – If Palestinians accept war crimes court’s jurisdiction, Hamas could face investigation for rocket fire, suicide bombings against Israeli civilians, former chief prosecutor says. ….

Al-Sisi: Egypt will repect peace deal with Israel
YNet News, 7 May 2014 – Egyptian presidential vows he won’t visit Israel until the creation of Palestinian state, says Muslim Brotherhood is finished in Egypt. ….

Syrian rebels begin evacuating city of Homs
YNet News, 7 May 2014 – Exit of some 1,200 fighters marks de-facto end to battered city’s rebellion against Asad regime. ….

Palestinian Information Center

Freedom Flotilla alliance to meet in London to discuss ways to break Gaza siege
PIC – The alliance of Freedom Flotilla intends to hold a meeting on 10-11 May in London to discuss the mechanism to break the maritime blockade on the Gaza Strip.

Redwan calls for protecting al-Aqsa Mosque
PIC – The Minister of Awqaf in Gaza, Dr. Ismail Redwan, stressed the need to defend Islamic holy sites in Palestine especially al-Aqsa Mosque in light of Israeli forces and settlers’ repeated attacks.

20 Jews from Ukraine flown to occupied Palestine
PIC – 20 Jewish immigrants from Ukraine arrived on Tuesday aboard an Israeli airliner at Lod airport, according to Yedioth Ahronoth newspaper.

Administrative detainees refuse to end hunger-strike in return for IPS promises
PIC – Palestinian administrative detainees refused to suspend their hunger-strike on Thursday in return for insincere promises by Israeli Prison Service (IPS).

PA bars distribution of Palestine newspaper in West Bank
PIC – Palestinian Authorities in Ramallah have refused on Thursday the distribution of Gaza-based newspaper “Palestine” in the West Bank, as promised.

Israeli court rejects MP Kufaisheh’s appeal
PIC – Ofer Military Court has rejected an appeal submitted by MP Hatem Kufaisheh, from al-Khalil, against its decision to extend his administrative detention.

Raid campaigns, mass-arrests in West Bank
PIC – Israeli Occupation Forces carried out large-scale raid campaigns in the West Bank and arrested 18 Palestinian citizens while 9 others were summoned for interrogation, most of them Hamas members.

AOHR send letters to diplomats to rally support for administrative detainees
PIC – The Arab organization for human rights (AOHR) sent letters to lawmakers and politicians around the world to urge them to save the lives of hunger striking administrative detainees in Israeli jails.

63 organizations refuse to recognize Israel
PIC – 63 organizations have refused to recognize Israel, calling on all concerned parties to press ahead with Palestinian refugees‚¨ “! right of return to their native homes.


Prime Minister Stresses European Union as Strategic Partner for Palestine
WAFA – 8 May 2014

Palestinian Students to Participate in Intel Expo
WAFA – 8 May 2014

Israeli Forces Storm Village near Salfit, Detain, Interrogate Residents
WAFA – 8 May 2014

Prisoners Go on One-Day Hunger Strike in Solidarity with Administrative Detainees
WAFA – 8 May 2014


Doc Rivers sees ‘difficult situation’ if Shelly Sterling is in control
LA Times 8 May 2014 – Clippers Coach Doc Rivers says that although Shelly Sterling hasn’t done anything wrong, it would be tough to envision her running the Clippers because she is Donald Sterling’s wife. “I think it would be a very hard situation,” Rivers said Thursday. “I can guarantee you…

Trailer: ‘Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day’
LA Times 8 May 2014 – It s never easy to turn a thin, meditative children s book into a full-fledged feature, capturing the oblique magic that comes on the page while still filling 90 or 100 minutes of big-screen action. Disney s approach with Judith Viorst s 1972 classic Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible,……

Albuquerque city council to restrict protests at meeting on police
LA Times 8 May 2014 – Days after angry protesters took over a city council meeting, Albuquerque leaders are adding extra security and warning that rules of decorum will be strictly enforced at Thursday night’s session, called to discuss the troubled police department. The agenda includes whether the city should…

TV Picks: ‘S.H.I.E.L.D.,’ ‘Rosemary’s Baby,’ ‘Penny Dreadful’
LA Times 8 May 2014 – “Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.”: In terms of genre-bending, few shows have been so fascinating to watch this season. Never before has a series been conceived as the connective tissue of a film franchise, and not just any film franchise — a star-studded, multimillion-dollar-grossing…

CBS beats expectations but first-quarter revenue falls 4%
LA Times 8 May 2014 – CBS Corp. turned in record first-quarter earnings, surpassing analysts’ expectations. However, revenue slipped at the broadcasting giant. CBS had a tough comparison because the year-earlier period was boosted by CBS’ broadcast of the Super Bowl, which added $280 million in revenue to the…

Ducks boost offense for Game 3 against Kings
LA Times 8 May 2014 – Rather than try to match the Kings defensive prowess, Ducks Coach Bruce Boudreau is positioned to double down on his team s potent scoring ability Thursday night in Game 3 of the NHL Western Conference semifinals at Staples Center. With Anaheim trailing the series two games…

Clippers’ Jamal Crawford wins NBA’s sixth-man award
LA Times 8 May 2014 – The Clippers’ Jamal Crawford made NBA history on Thursday, becoming the oldest player ever to win the league’s sixth-man award as well as the first person ever to earn the honor with two teams. The 34-year-old guard led all reserve players with 18.6 points a…

Stocks falter as some earnings disappoint
LA Times 8 May 2014 – The stock market finished mostly lower on Thursday as investors assessed the latest batch of company earnings and sold utility and energy stocks. Tesla, a maker of electric cars, fell after reporting a first-quarter loss and saying it would need to invest more in its…

U.N. Says 16 Containers of Chemical Toxins Still at Inaccessible Site in Syria
New York Times 8 May 2014 – The United Nations official overseeing the destruction of chemical arms said final push is needed to get the remainder.

Egypt s Tourism Industry Grows Desperate Amid Sustained Turmoil
New York Times 8 May 2014 – The significant loss of tourism has taken a disastrous toll on the economy, starving the country of badly needed foreign currency.

Explosion Levels Hotel Housing Government Troops in Syria
New York Times 8 May 2014 – An insurgent group claimed responsibility for the attack on Thursday, saying it was a response to the mass killing of unarmed civilians in Aleppo.

Op-Ed Contributors: Libya s Unexpected Strength
New York Times 8 May 2014 – Although the country faces debilitating weaknesses, a popular consensus on major issues transcends cleavages over smaller ones.

National Briefing | Washington: Arrests in Nationwide Crackdown on Synthetic Drugs Linked to Mideast
New York Times 7 May 2014 – More than 150 synthetic drug makers and sellers have been arrested in a crackdown on designer drugs, the Drug Enforcement Administration said.

Hostage Testi
fies About Post-Rescue Meeting With Imam Charged in Kidnapping

New York Times 7 May 2014 – Mary Quin, who was kidnapped in Yemen in 1998 with 15 other tourists, said she flew to London in 2000 and recorded an interview with Mostafa Kamel Mostafa.

Tehran Journal: When Freedom Is the Right to Stay Under Wraps
New York Times 7 May 2014 – Iranian men and women in black chadors made their way through Tehran s afternoon rush on Wednesday, shouting for the government to arrest all women who are improperly veiled.

For Cleopatra s Needle, a Cleaning to Last 500 Years
New York Times 7 May 2014 – Workers are using a laser on the 3,500-year-old Egyptian obelisk, which has stood in Central Park since 1881.

Rebels to Ask for Antiaircraft Missiles
New York Times 7 May 2014 – The leader, Ahmad Assi al-Jarba, said that the opposition had already received American antitank missiles, and that the rebels had shown that they could maintain control of advanced weapons.

Wesleyan students take a stand against Israeli colonization of Palestinian land
Mondoweiss – (Photo: Wesleyan Students For Justice in Palestine) On May 5 th , the Wesleyan Student Assembly (WSA) voted to divest its own endowment holdings from companies that profit from Israeli colonization of Palestinian land. The resolution, passed by a large majority vote, specifically calls for divestment from…

Documentary: UMdivest
Mondoweiss – Watch this inspirational film by Beatriz Lozano documenting how Students Allied for Freedom and Equality (SAFE) activists at University of Michigan refused to let go , and with the support of hundreds of allies from dozens of student organizations across their campus galvanized student support and changed the game…

Newsweek: Extensive Israeli spying in the US kept quiet due to pressure from the lobby
Mondoweiss – Jeff Stein has followed up on his Newsweek report from Tuesday on how Israel spies on the U.S. more than any other ally . Today he writes the reason this is not more widely known is because it is hushed up : Beginning in the mid-1990s, well after…

Using Schwerner and Goodman and the Nazis to deny the Jewish moment (privilege)
Mondoweiss – Images of Michael Schwerner, James Chaney and Andrew Goodman from FBI poster when they were missing in 1964 Maybe you ve heard about this, but an angry piece defending privilege has gone viral. Tal Fortgang is a Princeton freshman who wrote a piece for a conservative school…

Beinart predicts J Streeters will tackle immigration before thinking critically about Israel
Mondoweiss – Peter Beinart s face on a J Street U t-shirt (Photo: Mairav Zonszein via 972 mag ) A day after Rebecca Steinfeld asked in Haaretz whether liberal Zionists will move left to support democracy or move right for permanent ethnocracy in the wake of the two state solution s…

Thousands of Palestinians mark Nakba Day at March of Return
Mondoweiss – Palestinian men wave flags during Nakba Day commemoration at the site of the village of Lubya, near the northern city of Tiberias in the Galilee. (Photo: Dan Cohen) While Israelis flocked to parks to celebrate their Independence Day, Palestinians living inside Israel commemorated Nakba Day at…

Israel Assassinates Syrian General
Tikun Olam – Gen. al-Sheikh takes oath of office as new governor of restive Syrian province in 2011. (EPA) The respected publication, Intelligence Online , reported today that Samir al-Sheikh, the Syrian general responsible for intelligence operations in the southern sector bordering the Golan Heights, was assassinated on April 13th. …

Israeli Former Nuclear Official: Iran Ten Years from Operational WMD, Bibi s Stand on Iran Cheap Political Trick
Tikun Olam – Ronen Bergman profile of Israeli WMD dissenter, Uzi Eilam Uzi Eilam is the former director of the Israel Atomic Energy Commission (IAE), a position in which he served for ten years. He s especially known for his role in missile development, as well as for directing research…

Proposed Basic Law Declares Israel a Jewish State
Sabbah report 8 May 2014 – Netanyahu is completing the series of racist laws that have been emerging in recent years and is leading Israel to become the first racial state of the 21st century. Continue reading í! The post: Proposed Basic Law Declares Israel a Jewish State appeared first on Sabbah…

Will Sarah Silverman Join Israel’s First Family?
The Foward Breaking News 8 May 2014 – Sarah Silverman s brother-in-law, U.S.-born entrepreneur Yosef Abramowitz, announced today that he is throwing his name into the ring for Israel s upcoming presidential race. Click here for the rest of the article…

Syria troops retake control of Homs
BBC 8 May 2014 – Syrian government forces retake control of the Old City of Homs – once a focus of the revolution – after the evacuation of rebel troops.

Catholics Condemn Israeli Politicians for Silence on ‘Price Tag’ Attacks
The Foward Breaking News 8 May 2014 – The Roman Catholic Church in Israel has condemned price tag attacks on church property in Jerusalem. Click here for the rest of the article…

WhatsApp row reveals Iran power struggle
BBC 8 May 2014 – Why Iran’s president saved WhatsApp from a ban

Barack Obama Demands Global Fight on Anti-Semitism
The Foward Breaking News 8 May 2014 – Recalling the horrors of the Holocaust, President Barack Obama urged nations to fight growing anti-Semitism and threats against Israel. Click here for the rest of the article…

Anti-Christian Wave in Israel Worries Chur
ch as Pope Francis VIsit Nears

The Foward Breaking News 8 May 2014 – The Roman Catholic Church in Jerusalem, preparing for a papal visit later this month, has expressed alarm over threats to Christians scrawled by suspected Jewish extremists on church property in the Holy Land. Click here for the rest of the article…

VIDEO: Journalists destroy desk in TV row
BBC 8 May 2014 – A Jordanian television discussion on the crisis on Syria has descended into chaos, with the participants destroying part of the set.

Israeli 1948 testimonies go online
BBC 8 May 2014 – Testimonies on the founding of the State of Israel go online

Mango the Bear Undergoes Surgery in Israel
The Forward New 7 May 2014 – Mango, Israel s favorite brown bear, was clearly in pain but just try asking a bear where it hurts. Surgery at the Ramat Gan Zoological Park revealed the problem. Click here for the rest of the article…

Deadly MERS virus detected in Lebanon
Al-Akhbar News 8 May 2014 – At least one patient in Lebanon has been confirmed to have been infected with the deadly MERS virus, the health ministry announced Thursday, making it the first such case in the country. Minster of Health Wael Abou Faour was quoted by several local media outlets as…

House Defense bill calls for conditions on Iran deal
Al-Monitor 8 May 2014 – The House Armed Services Committee approved legislation that demands Iran abandon uranium enrichment and its support for terrorism in exchange for lifting sanctions.

War-weariness key to ending fight over Homs
BBC 8 May 2014 – How war-weariness ended long fight over Homs

Thousands of Palestinian prisoners begin hunger strike
Al-Akhbar News 8 May 2014 – A Palestinian protestor holds a photo of loved-ones detained in Israeli jails during a demonstration in Gaza City in solidarity with Palestinian prisoners on hunger strike on May 5, 2014. (Photo: AFP – Mohammed Abed) More than 5,000 Palestinian prisoners started an open-ended hunger strike on…

Libyan rebels could release Jordanian envoy in new deal
Al-Akhbar News 8 May 2014 – Libya on Thursday ratified an extradition agreement with Jordan that could pave the way for the release of Jordan’s kidnapped ambassador in exchange for a jihadist held by Amman. Ambassador Fawaz al-Itan was kidnapped three weeks ago in Tripoli by masked gunmen as he was being…

Huge blast ‘destroys Aleppo hotel’
BBC 8 May 2014 – A large explosion in the centre of the Syrian city of Aleppo has destroyed a hotel and several other buildings, state media and activists report.

Lebanon: New rent law could lead to disaster
Al-Akhbar News 8 May 2014 – People on old rent contracts protest in the Hamra neighborhood of Beirut against the controversial new rent law which will increase their rents over a period of several years. (Photo: Marwan Tahtah) People on old rent contracts protest in the Hamra neighborhood of Beirut against the…

Iraqi Shiite religious leaders divided on Maliki
Al-Monitor 8 May 2014 – The Iraqi parliamentary elections are showing a deep division among the Shiite community, with rising tension between the Shiite religious authorities and Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki.

Honor killings haunt Turkey’s gay community
Al-Monitor 8 May 2014 – Two court cases of “gay honor killings” in Turkey reveal a similar pattern of deep-rooted prejudice and social codes that override even the closest family bonds.

Former Egypt FM calls on Hamas to recognize Israel
Al-Akhbar News 8 May 2014 – Egypt s former foreign minister said on Wednesday that Hamas should recognize the existence of Israel if the Palestinians are to move forward with their hopes of establishing their own state. “It is normal for the Palestinians to reconcile,” Amr Moussa said of a recent unity deal…

Booby trapped cop corpse kills two relatives in Iraq
Al-Akhbar News 8 May 2014 – Relatives discovered the body of a kidnapped Iraqi policeman on Thursday, but it was rigged with explosives and blew up, killing his father and brother, police and a doctor said. The policeman was kidnapped in a village near Sharqat, northwest of Baghdad, the previous day. The…

You can t – and won t – erase our Nakba from your independence
Al-Akhbar Blogs 8 May 2014 – The sounds of celebration have filled the air as the only democracy in the Middle East celebrates its so-called independence day. Elsewhere in occupied Palestine there is no such display of festivities. Instead of barbecues and aerial displays you will be met with a funeral cortËge…

Saudis fear Syria blowback after discovering ISIS cell
Al-Monitor 8 May 2014 – Fears of jihadist blowback from the Syrian war are starting to be realized after Saudi’s discovery of a terrorist cell planning attacks on its soil.

Jabhat al-Nusra losing support among rebels, tribes in south Syria
Al-Monitor 8 May 2014 – Battles between ISIS and Jabhat al-Nusra continue in Deir el-Zour, and Jabhat al-Nusra s conflicts with other armed rebel groups have escalated in the south.

Latakia captives speak out about their ordeal, others still missing
Al-Akhbar News 8 May 2014 – Syrian government forces stand at a checkpoint, decorated with pictures of President Bashar al-Assad and Syrian fl
ags, leading to the Jab al-Jandali district of the central city of Homs on May 7, 2014, after Syrian government forces regained control of the city. (Photo: AFP/STR) Syrian government…

Who speaks for Islam in Turkey?
Al-Monitor 8 May 2014 – Turkey’s religious affairs directorate is under scrutiny.

Egyptian satellite will monitor water security, Renaissance Dam
Al-Monitor 8 May 2014 – Egypt launched the EgyptSat 2 on April 14 to help with borders, resources and the Renaissance Dam.

Algerian forces catch terror cell
Al-Monitor 8 May 2014 – As battles between armed groups that likely belong to al-Qaeda and Azawad groups rage on Algeria s southern border, security forces have caught a terror cell and seized a large weapons cache.

Iraqi voters shift from religious to ‘political sectarianism’
Al-Monitor 8 May 2014 – Iraqi voters appear to be gradually changing their loyalties from religious authorities to political groups.

PKK won’t support Erdogan’s presidential bid
Al-Monitor 8 May 2014 – The Kurdistan Workers Party says the Erdogan government has done little to advance peace talks and thus won t be receiving PKK support in the presidential elections.

Netanyahu stalls on reconciliation with Turkey
Al-Monitor 8 May 2014 – Israel’s premier still does not trust Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

Comparing Sisi and Sabahi’s presidential campaigns
Al-Monitor 8 May 2014 – There are only two candidates running in Egypt s upcoming presidential elections, Hamdeen Sabahi and Abdel Fattah al-Sisi, and the predominance of the latter has resulted in atypical electoral campaigns.

Is Rai s visit to occupied Palestine a political coup?
Al-Akhbar Opinion 8 May 2014 – Maronite Patriarch Beshara al-Rai, second from the right. (Photo: Marwan Bou Haidar) Maronite Patriarch Beshara al-Rai, second from the right. (Photo: Marwan Bou Haidar) We watched the Maronite Patriarch of Antioch and all the East, Beshara Boutros al-Rai, with joyful hearts as he rebuilt the image…


Zionism beyond control&
Alan Hart, Redress 5/6/2014
The conclusion to be drawn from the Obama administration s predictable and predicted failure to get an Israeli-Palestinian peace process going is that the Zionist (not Jewish) monster state is beyond control. And the question arising is this. What are the real choices for the Palestinians?
In an editorial on 14 April the New York Times (NYT) offered its advice to President Barack Obama and Secretary of State John Kerry. It was that they should make a statement for the record of the principles they believe must underpin a two-state solution should the Israelis and Palestinians ever decide to make peace . And then what? They should move on and devote their attention to other international challenges like Ukraine . In other words, the NYT s advice to the Obama administration was: Wash your hands of the Israel-Palestine conflict and walk away from it.
There are no principles in politics
On the day of that editorial I had a conversation with a Pakistani friend now resident in the UK who had one-on-one conversations with President Parvez Musharaf when he, my friend, was a senior general in Pakistan s army. According to my friend, Musharaf once said to him: Should we not make peace with Israel in order to solve some of our problems and forget about these stupid Palestinians?
My friend replied: No, Mr President. It s a matter of principle.
Musharaf then said, There are no principles in politics .
Nobody knows that better than Obama. His explanation for the failure to get a real peace process going was that both Palestinian and Israeli leaders lack the political will to take the tough decisions . more..e-mail

Between elegance and desolation: A short journey to Qalqilya
Yuval Ben-ami, +972 Magazine 5/7/2014
Eight hundred words and three photos from one place. This time, the city from which the muezzins sing over the rooftops of the settlements of Kochav Yair and Nir David.
Here is the closest thing that I will have to a Passover vacation: a hop for one morning to a city that is not especially attractive, though pleasant, smiley and delicious. The separation wall, hated by me as it is, split me from my obligations. So I submitted to sweet tea and pastries (sinning with hametz), to the atmosphere in the street, and to the interaction with this close, yet far away place.
Actually, it s inaccurate to say that Qalqilya is unattractive. It may not feature many fine buildings but it does have, for instance, wonderful greenery: both banana trees and large patches of grass two things one won t find in the better known, mountainous Palestinian urban sprawl. It s fascinating to peak into the small orchards in each home s courtyard.
The city boasts an elegant topography: it possesses patience atop a moderate hillside, and its slope fans the densely populated urban cluster. The streets intertwine interestingly, the market is cute, and the similarity of several of the neighborhoods to parts of Jaffa and south Tel Aviv makes one wonder. Yesha [the Hebrew acronym for the biblical names of the occupied territories, Judea, Samaria and Gaza, also meaning salvation ] is truly here, for better and for worse.
The depth of the tranquility found in the side streets, contrasted with the commotion found in the minds, also generates a form of beauty. I was reminded of Ocosingo, a sweet and unique city I visited in Mexico. Both cities are graceful Qalqilya even more so. Like Ocosingo, Qalqilya is poor. It was once slightly less poor. Residents of the Israeli city of Kfar Saba and other towns in the Sharon region, along with settlers from the area, used to come here to do their shopping. The signs in Hebrew remain; the customers have disappeared. The Second Intifada created a total disconnect; the separation laws and the ensuing threatening red signs, stating, they will kill you here, completed it. more..e-mail

Israel hasn t recognized one Sudanese refugee
Elizbaeth Tsurkov, +972 Magazine 5/8/2014
Worldwide, the refugee recognition rate for Sudanese is nearly 70 percent. Out of the 10,000 in Israel, not one has been granted refugee status.
The State of Israel recognized just over 200 refugees ever since it signed the Refugee Convention in 1954, but none of them are Sudanese nationals. You read it right Israel hasn t recognized even one of the survivors of the Darfur genocide or the ethnic cleansing in the Nuba Mountains or Blue Nile regions as refugees. The recognition rate of Sudanese nationals as refugees is one of the highest in the world: 68.2 percent of Sudanese as
ylum seekers whose claims were examined worldwide in 2012 were granted refugee status worldwide (see table 11). Israel is home to about 10,000 Sudanese asylum seekers. How is that none of them have been recognized as refugees?

A refugee is a person who has a well-founded fear that his life or liberty are likely to be endangered if he is deported to his homeland due to persecution based on nationality, race, religion, political views or being a member of another social group persecuted by the regime or society. Refugee status in Israel grants people the right not to be indefinitely jailed in the Holot internment camp, as well as the right to work and access to social and health services. Without this legal status, asylum seekers face the possibility of being ordered to the Holot detention center under the Prevention of Infiltration Law.
Those asylum seekers who are not summoned to Holot are not eligible for welfare and health services and struggle to find work because their visas state, this permit is not a work permit, despite a High Court ruling that forbids the state from fining employers of asylum seekers. At the same time, Israel does not forcibly deport Sudanese citizens to their homeland. In the past, the state proclaimed that the reason for this is a policy of group protection, meaning, the state recognizes the dangers deportees would face in their country of origin. Today, on the other hand, the state claims that the deportations are not carried out due to technical reasons alone because Israel does not maintain diplomatic ties with the Islamist regime in Khartoum.more..e-mail

Is UKIP the ‘white knight’ of British politics&
Stuart Littlewood, Redress 5/8/2014
or just another mercenary of the pro-Israel lobby?
UKIP (United Kingdom Independence Party) is poised to cause an earthquake in British politics at the European elections on 22 May. The mainstream parties Conservatives, Labour and Liberal Democrats are panicking as they watch UKIP surge ahead in the polls.
So much so that they are reported to be conspiring to brand UKIP racist.
If UKIP s leader, Nigel Farage, is smart he ll turn the tables and throw the spotlight on the three parties avid support for the racist Israeli regime and its apartheid policies that have terrorized, tormented and dispossessed the Arab Christians and Muslims in the Holy Land throughout the 66 years of brutal occupation. He could expose the many MPs who actively support this criminal cruelty through their membership of Friends of Israel groups that are allowed to flourish in those parties.
However, UKIP now has its own Israel fan club, an unseemly blot on any white knight s escutcheon. But Farage, if not already compromised by Israel lobby funds, should shut it down and hold up his action as a shining example, challenging the others to follow. Of course they will not, or cannot, because they rely so heavily on funding from the same source and are terrified of the backlash. Their paralysis could therefore give UKIP the moral high ground. At the same time UKIP would earn the respect of the rapidly growing Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) movement, whose campaign against corporations that profit from the occupation are having considerable success.
Some 80 per cent of Conservative MPs/MEPs are reported (by Peter Oborne) to be signed-up FOI members, which raises the question, Why? Anything to do with Israel lobby funding? If so, how can we rely on them to put British interests first? more..e-mail

Lawyer for Jerusalem’s poor, tortured in Israeli prison, found hanged
Electronic Intifada: 8 May 2014 – Amjad Safadi was electro-shocked and denied psychiatric medication. more..

Amid crisis, Gazans convert plastic into fuel
Electronic Intifada: 8 May 2014 – High costs of fuel have prompted Ibrahim Sobeh to examine alternative ways of generating power. more..

important articles on Syria reveal the media’s lies
In Gaza: 8 May 2014 – Excerpts from important, revealing, articles on Syria: Syria: The hidden massacre May 7, 2014, Sharmine Narwani, RT.com The attack took place shortly after the first stirrings of trouble in the southern Syrian city of Daraa in March 2011. Several old Russian-made military trucks packed with Syrian security forces rolled onto a hard slope on a valley road b etween
Daraa al-Mahata and Daraa al-Balad. Unbeknown to the passengers, the sloping road was slick with oil poured by gunmen waiting to ambush the troops. Brakes were pumped as the trucks slid into each other, but the shooting started even before the vehicles managed to roll to a stop. According to several different opposition sources, up to 60 Syrian security forces were killed that day in a massacre that has been hidden by both the Syrian government and residents of Daraa. But even more startling than actually finding the 19 Daraa soldiers…

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