Black Agenda Report for May 28, 2014: 1 Year After Closing 50 Chicago Schools, Boko Haram a Blessing, Targeting Black Children

28 May 2014 — Black Agenda Report

One Year After Chicago Closes 50 Public Schools, Chicago Teachers Union Assesses the Lies and Lasting Damage 

A Black Agenda Radio Commentary by BAR managing editor Bruce A. Dixon

A couple years ago, we at Black Agenda Report wondered why the closings of 40 public schools over three years in Philly and 50 schools in Chicago were not national news. The answer of course, was that corporate media and politicians from Romney and Obama down to black mayors and state legislators agree that public education ought to be handed to business groups and charter schools even though privatization is enormously unpopular. Continue reading

Weather Report: ‘Black Market/Scarlet Woman’

28 May 2014 — Jazz on the Tube

Stadthalle Offenbach, Offenbach am Main, Germany, 1978

One of these songs is the title track off of Weather Report’s “Black Market.” That album was the the first of the band’s to feature new bass player Jaco Pastorius. Many critics characterize Weather Report as one of the earliest innovators in jazz fusion. Dozens of musicians’ participation in the group over a decade and a half ensured its survival, under the leadership of Joe Zawinul.

Personnel: Joe Zawinul, keyboard; Wayne Shorter, saxophone; Peter Erskine, drums; Dom Um Romao, percussion; Jaco Pastorius, bass

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US: Retail Death Rattle Grows Louder

27 May 2014 — WashingtonsBlog

The definition of death rattle is a sound often produced by someone who is near death when fluids such as saliva and bronchial secretions accumulate in the throat and upper chest. The person can’t swallow and emits a deepening wheezing sound as they gasp for breath. This can go on for two or three days before death relieves them of their misery. The American retail industry is emitting an unmistakable wheezing sound as a long slow painful death approaches. Continue reading