Israeli Archaeological Narratives as an Instrument of Land Grabbing By Beth Staton

26 May 2014 — Palestine Monitor

The Control of Jerusalem

israelmapIt was a find, literally, of biblical proportions. Last week, Israeli archaeologist Eli Shukron boldly claimed that he’d discovered the legendary citadel captured by King David in his conquest of 3,000 years ago – a site that has long evaded discovery, but which is regarded as pivotal to Jewish biblical history.

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VTJP Occupied Palestine and Israel: News and Articles 25 May 2014: Israel Declares War on Palestinian Banks

25 May 2014 — VTJP


International Middle East Media Center

VIDEO: Crops Set on Fire in South Hebron Hills
IMEMC – Palestinian farmers from the village of Qawawis in the South Hebron Hills discovered Thursday morning that about 3 tons of wheat they had recently harvested were set on fire in what they suspect may have been an attack by settlers from a nearby outpost. …
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The Russia-China Counter-Alliance to US-NATO Aggression By Alexander Clackson

26 May 2014 — Global Research

Russian President Vladimir Putin has said recently that his meeting with Chinese President Xi Jinping earlier this week in Shanghai marked a new stage in Russia-China relations, and that the two countries will roll out all-around cooperation. China and Russia signed a $400 billion (237.1 billion pounds) gas supply deal on Wednesday, securing the world’s top energy user a major source of cleaner fuel and opening up a new market for Moscow as it risks losing European customers over the Ukraine crisis. Furthermore, the two countries began joint military exercises in the East China Sea in a clear show of strength against Japan, a western ally.

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Laurent Fabius and Justice By Thierry Meyssan

26 My 2014 — Voltaire Network

“Before our eyes”

Laurent Fabius’ proposal to the International Criminal Court for crimes committed in Syria was rejected by the UN. Indeed, hidden behind the appearance of justice, the ICC is a tool of Western imperialism. Its procedure is grotesque, it does not hesitate to invent imaginary crimes to convict defendants and it participates in NATO propaganda operations. Yes, we want justice, and it must begin by judging Mr Fabius for his crimes in Syria.

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