Videos and Photos of the Odessa Massacre, and Why It Was Done

8 May 2014 —  WashingtonsBlog

By Eric Zuesse

For the first time in history, an organized massacre of civilians has been filmed by many people from many different angles and perspectives while it was happening, and is documented in extraordinary detail in “real time,” the perpetrators having no fear of any negative consequences from their endeavor, and even cheering and celebrating the tortures and deaths as they were being imposed upon the helpless victims. The perpetrators were unconcerned, because what they were doing was what the government (which the U.S. had imposed upon their country and which U.S. taxpayers had spent more than 5 billion dollars to bring about there) had wanted them to do, and had helped to organize them to carry out. These people were just having fun, like a party to them, nothing really serious at all. Sort of like Stanley Kubrick’s movie A Clockwork Orange, more than, say Auschwitz (such a bore!). But, if so, a hundredfold more. And none of these people (tragically including the victims) were actors!

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“War is Good for Business”: Big Oil, Wall Street and the Pentagon’s “New Cold War” Against Russia By Bill Dores

8 May 2014 — Global Research

The Soviet Union no longer exists. The Russian Federation is not a socialist state. But the U.S. military and political establishment still seek to destroy Russia. That’s the object of the crisis the Pentagon, State Department and CIA are orchestrating in Ukraine.

What drives this seemingly irrational course of action?

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NHS safeguards jettisoned by govt. By Kelly Fiveash

8 May 2014 — The Register

Vital safeguards for protecting patients’ privacy when NHS England records are shared with companies were scrapped by peers on Wednesday night.

A proposed tweak to the Care Bill, tabled by Lord Owen, would have brought in independent, statutory oversight to better protect the handling of patient information across the health service, following the debacle.

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UK: The Police, Squat Evictions and Housing Precarity By Izzy Köksal

8 May 2014 — New Left Project

A recent tweet by Lambeth MPS brags about the eviction of a squatted doctors surgery in Brixton on a rainy January morning: ‘another crime generator closed down!’ they exclaimed. Happily, the twitter account was met with a barrage of abuse, but this tweet shows how the police are often found intervening in what is a civil matter to make people homeless. UKBA officers had got an invitation to this eviction as well, meaning that people were not just made homeless but detained and imprisoned because of their immigration status. In the run up to the eviction Lambeth police had been harassing the squatters through paying regular visits to the squat and trying to look through the windows.

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VTJP Occupied Palestine and Israel: News and Articles 7 May 2014: Palestinian dead end highlights the right of return

7 May 2014 — VTJP


International Middle East Media Center

Israeli Land Authority Issues Eviction Notices in Negev
IMEMC – Eviction notices for buildings in Wadi al-Niam were issued, on Wednesday, by representatives of the Israeli Land Authority, according to local and official reports. …
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Boris Kagarlitsky: The ashes of Odessa

7 May 2014 — Links international Journal of Socialist Renewal

By Boris Kagarlitsky, translated for Links international Journal of Socialist Renewal by Renfrey Clarke

In the House of Trade Unions in Odessa on May 2 more people died than over several days of fighting in the Donbass, though in Kramatorsk the same day government forces also excelled themselves, killing 10 unarmed local residents who had tried to block the path of armoured vehicles.

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