Ukraine: The conflict in the Ukraine as seen by a professional soldier

23 May 2014 — Vineyard of the Saker


I have been asked by The Saker to share my view of the current conflict in the Ukraine. I will provide no information that is not publicly available if one wants to dig and one is observant with the many videos available on the internet amongst other places.

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Mobilisation starts in self-proclaimed Donetsk Republic

23 May 2014 — ITAR-TASS

The city of Sloviansk (Ukraine’s Donetsk region) and adjoining settlements have again been subjected to intense artillery fire in which several [d]welling houses have been destroyed. The local people’s militia claim that an attack on a block post in the area of the Karlovka settlement (30 km from Donetsk towards Dnepropetrovsk) was repelled on Friday. According to the self-defence forces, “more than 10 gunmen were killed” in the clash that continued for about three hours.

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VTJP Occupied Palestine and Israel: News and Articles 22 May 2014: Europe should atone for its sins

22 May 2014 — VTJP


International Middle East Media Center

Hunger Striking Detainee Facing Serious Health Conditions
IMEMC – [Thursday, May 22, 2014] The International Red Cross – Palestine Branch has informed the family of detainee Ayman Tbeish, from the southern west Bank city of Hebron, that their hunger-striking son could die at any given moment. …
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