Madmen In Power By Gaither Stewart

2 May 2014 —

Rome: On the heels of the disasters left behind by the USA-led wars in the small countries of Iraq, Libya and Syria, among others, the reasons for America’s blatant and barely disguised aggression against Ukraine might seem at first puzzling. If America’s armed forces and its proxies left such socio-economic messes in such smaller and weaker countries, why the sudden all-out attack on Ukraine that translates into an attack on the powerful nuclear power Russia? If US forces could not defeat the Shia in Iraq, nor suppress the tribal society in Libya, nor break the Assad government in Syria, how could Washington’s power-mad neocons even dream of planting missile bases in Ukraine and of subduing an unbeatable Russia as both Napoleon and Hitler experienced?

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Ukraine News Links 2 May 2014

2 May 2014  8:18:54 PM —

Events in the Ukraine are moving extremely rapidly. The story links below are from the newest to the oldest and, as usual, the BBC is way behind in its scarce coverage. I’ll be updating this page on a regular basis. What’s perhaps not amazing is the fact that Western media coverage has dwindled to near non-existence (hence the plethora of Russian news agency feeds).

Ukraine FM denies use of military hardware in special operation in eastern regions (ITAR-TASS)

38 people die after radicals set Trade Unions House on fire in Ukraine’s Odessa (RT)

Pentagon Chief Exploits Ukraine For NATO, Arms, Energy Gains (Stop NATO)

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Russia, GMO and the Geopolitics of Organic Food By Ulson Gunnar

2 May 2014 — New Eastern Outlook

Russia’s RT reported in an article titled, “Russia will not import GMO products – PM Medvedev,” that, “Russia will not import GMO products, the country’s Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev said, adding that the nation has enough space and resources to produce organic food.” The article would quote Russia’s prime minister who stated specifically, “if the Americans like to eat GMO products, let them eat it then. We don’t need to do that; we have enough space and opportunities to produce organic food.”

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Kiev loses control of Donbas – What next in Ukraine crisis? By Alan Woods and Francesco Merli

1 May 2014 — In Defence of Marxism

In a rare moment of candour, yesterday, Ukraine’s acting President Turchynov admitted that his forces were “helpless” to quell the unrest in Eastern Ukraine, as the pro-Russian insurgency is on the rise. Furthermore he admitted that the Ukrainian security forces were not reliable and “some of these units either aid or co-operate with terrorist groups.” Now the goal would be to prevent the pro-Russian insurgency from spreading in the Kharkiv and Odessa regions. This amounts to a declaration of defeat.

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VTJP Occupied Palestine and Israel: News and Articles 1 May 2014: Israelis threatened with jail if they try to leave

1 May 2014 — VTJP


International Middle East Media Center

Vandals Damage 8 Palestinian Cars in Nazareth
IMEMC – Jewish Israeli vandals, on Wednesday, slashed the tires of eight cars belonging to Palestinians in Nazareth City and occupied the historical city of Acre, where they painted religious symbols on buildings, there. …
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It’s not Russia that’s pushed Ukraine to the brink of war By Seumas Milne

1 May 2014 — The Guardian Comment

The attempt to lever Kiev into the western camp by ousting an elected leader made conflict certain. It could be a threat to us all

‘The reality is that after two decades of Nato expansion, this crisis was triggered by the west’s attempt to pull Ukraine decisively into its orbit … ‘

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