India elects the BJP: Stories

18 May 2014 — Countercurrents

No! Indians Don’t Vote Intelligently  By Trevor Selvam
Unkind? No, not all. Unsparing? No, not for now. Because, you just cannot wake up to the fascist menace in the last few months before the elections. Just last week, you were saying, the “tide is turning.” “It won’t be a wave, it won’t be a sweep.” You were not duped. You were navel gazing and bickering amongst yourselves, for quite a few years. You fooled yourself. Why? Because you were disconnected. You were out of sync

What Happened? 2014 Indian Parliament Elections By Mirza Yawar Baig
Our current situation of confusion and weakness didn’t happen overnight. Its solution will also take time to show results. We must work for the benefit of the community and the nation – not for the seductive glory of flash bulbs. Those who can’t work quietly and steadily and who seek publicity must be rejected. They demonstrate childish immaturity that we can ill afford. We need to work with faith and perseverance. For in the end the race goes to the one who stayed in it long enough

Understanding The Verdict 2014 By Vidya Bhushan Rawat
Many people say that calamity is the biggest opportunity and I think this is one of the biggest calamities upon secular parties, social movements and left political groups. They need to use this to rebuild the organisations and develop further links with people as their time for action has now begun. The election results are a warning for all secular progressive democratic forces to come together and work diligently

Why Maywati’s Dalit Vote Bank Has shrunk? By S.R.Darapuri
Dalits have slammed Mayawati’s Sarvjan formula. The Muslims have also moved away from her. At present the biggest challenge to Dalits, Muslims, Labour class, farmers, small entrepreneurs and petty shop keepers is from the pro Corporate, Hindutva and fascist politics which cannot be faced by opportunist, blackmailing and pro Corporate politics of Mayawati and Mulayam Singh type politicians. It is required that all Leftists, Progressive and Ambedkarite forces should come together to oppose Corporate and Fascist politics by adopting pro people politics

Mirror, Mirror On The Wall… By S.G.Vombatkere
Right now, the BJP will be busy deciding which MP will get which ministry. This piece will do nothing at all to influence those decisions, but some reasoned guess work may not be out of place

Announcing The Monster  By Shah Alam Khan
Remember more than half of common Indians did not vote for this fascist regimen. Remember the tectonic plate, which connects India with Indians, has fault lines of caste, region and religion…so brittle that momentary glues cannot hold it together without an imminent danger of drifting apart on the slightest provocation. The need of the hour is to gel. Gel with Indians who think and breathe alike. To fortify institutions of hope. It’s not the time to sulk as Muslims but a time to mourn as Indians. There are signs of hope and optimism all around. We just need to clutch on these with all the force and will we have

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