Information Clearing House 15 June 2014: America to Watch Entanglement in Iraq’s Bloody Saga

15 June 2014 — Information Clearing House

Washington’s Iraq “Victory”
By Paul Craig Roberts
What Washington has done in Iraq and Libya, and is trying to do in Syria, is to destroy governments that kept Jihadists under control.


Iraq: West Must Take Up Tehran’s Offer To Block An Isis Victory
By Patrick Cockburn
Sunni Muslims decide that the jihadists are preferable to persecution by the official Iraqi army.



Mass Murdering War Criminal Tony Blair: West Must Intervene In Iraq
By Patrick Wintour, Tracy McVeigh and Mark Townsend
“Iraq is now in mortal danger. The whole of the Middle East is under threat.”



Open Memo To War Criminal Tony Blair
By Alan Hart
It’s my guess that you colluded with America’s neo-cons to push President Bush to war.



Lest We Forget
These Pictures Depict The Horror Of The US Led Attack On Iraq.



The Fog Machine of War
By Chelsea Manning
Chelsea Manning on the U.S. Military and Media Freedom.



Obama Laments the Cynicism HE Created
By John Perry
“The world is less violent than it has ever been.” – Obama.



America to Watch Entanglement in Iraq’s Bloody Saga

By Dr. Mahboob A. Khawaja

American psyche for war is gearing up to review all the possibilities to reclaim insanity and discard rationality.



Iran versus The West: The Oil And The Nuke
By Akbar E. Torbat
If finalized, the agreement will wipe out Iran’s estimated $40 billion investment in its nuclear program.



In Case You Missed It
Washington’s Enemy ‘Doesn’t Exist’ : Former CIA Officer
“it is America’s relationship with Israel that is causing this war [on Islam]”, and until Americans accept this, “we are not going to defeat this enemy,”



The Fateful Triangle: Russia, Ukraine and the Jews
By Israel Shamir

Zionists are nasty and vicious enemies, but they make even worse friends.



Inventing Terrorists:
US Orchestrated Most Domestic ‘Terror-plots’?
Video Report
Muslims in the US are outraged by what appears to be America’s latest tactic in its war on terror – entrapping people it suspects might plan terrorist acts in the future.



Bush- Blair Legacy Continues As –
279 ISIL militants killed in Salah-il-Din by ISF:
“The air forces in coordination with the security forces succeeded in killing (279) terrorists and burned more than (14) vehicles Salah-il-Din province,” he added.



Bush- Blair Legacy Continues As –
Militants Claim Mass Execution of Iraqi Soldiers :
Militants from the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria boasted on Twitter that they had executed 1,700 Iraqi government soldiers, posting gruesome photos to support their claim.



Photos said to show jihadists executing Iraq troops:
A man in a yellow shirt seems to be pleading for his life. The assault rifle-armed militants are then shown apparently firing into the ditch.



Images purport to show ‘massacre’ by militants:
Sunni extremist group that has taken territory across Iraq has released video and photos that appear to show its fighters preparing to massacre Iraqi soldiers.



28 people killed in north Iraq town: officials;
The shelling in Tal Afar, a Shiite Turkmen town that is one of the few in Nineveh province not overrun by a major militant offensive, also wounded 40 people, the sources said. The shelling was carried out by militants who launched an assault on the Tal Afar area on Sunday that was ultimately repulsed, with 18 militants killed.



Iraq rebel advance spreads to northwest:
Fierce fighting erupted in the town of Tal Afar 60 km (40 miles) west of Mosul near the Syrian border, security sources and a local official said.



US embassy workers evacuated as Republicans slam Obama:
The State Department on Sunday said the US would remain “fully equipped to carry out its national security mission” in Iraq despite the evacuation of some embassy workers, as Republicans slammed the Obama administration over the growing Middle East crisis.



Iraqi leader threatens deserters with execution amid militant blitz:
Iraq’s prime minister on Saturday threatened his nation’s troops with execution if they had abandoned their posts in the face of a blitz attack by Islamic militants who swept through northern provinces this week.



Notorious ISIL Commander Killed in Iraq’s Mosul:
A notorious commander of the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL), an Al-Qaeda offshoot,was killed by local pro-government forces in Mosul city, media reports said.



Iran warns against military intervention in Iraq:
Iran warned on Sunday that “any foreign military intervention in Iraq” would only complicate the crisis, after the US said it was deploying a warship in the Gulf. “Iraq has the capacity and necessary preparations for the fight against terrorism and extremism,” foreign ministry spokesman Marzieh Afkham was Sunday quoted as saying



US, UK create joint team to prepare for air strikes in Iraq – report:
Over a decade after the US and UK invaded Iraq in 2003, the military allies have created a joint ‘counter-terrorist’ team to send to the country. British officers are already on their way “to prepare for possible air strikes,” The Sunday Times reports.



Iraq crisis: Republican senator calls for US-Iran talks and blasts Obama:
The US should “sit down and talk” with Iran over the crisis in Iraq, top Republican senator Lindsey Graham said on Sunday. Graham, a leading foreign policy hawk, also attacked President Barack Obama for what he said was his “delusional and detached” response to the crisis.



Tell President Obama: Don’t Bomb Iraq:
It was George W. Bush who lost the war in Iraq. But President Obama could turn this needless and bloody catastrophe into his own legacy if he decides to bomb Iraq.



Tony Blair Iraq comments:
Senior Labour figures distance themselves from former PM after he refuses to accept blame for new crisis



Hezbollah sets up operations room to cope with Iraq fallout:
Hezbollah’s military operations room was set up after the party had received serious information that a broad Sunni alliance is now controlling the Iraqi provinces of Diyala, Salahuddin and most of Kirkuk, the sources said.



ISIS’ Iraq offensive could trigger Hezbollah to fill gap left in Syria:
“The rebels launched a surprise attack on the edge of Rankous. The fighting is ongoing,” a veteran Hezbollah combatant said Saturday, adding that the party had lost 11 fighters in the clashes.



Syrian army crushes rebel push near Turkish border:
Government forces flushed opposition fighters from their last redoubts in northwestern Syria near the Turkish frontier on Sunday, capturing two villages and restoring government control over the border crossing, activists and state media said.



Gunman kills 8 Yemen military hospital staff:
A suspected Al Qaeda gunman opened fire on a minibus carrying staff members from a military hospital in Yemen’s main southern city of Aden on Sunday, killing eight people, an army official said.



Yemeni troops brace for coup led by ousted president:
Yemeni troops were surrounding a mosque controlled by ousted President Ali Abdullah Saleh Sunday amid fears he is plotting a coup, days after the ex-strongman’s media outlets were silenced.



Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu claims Hamas militants behind teenagers’ abduction:
Israeli troops on Sunday arrested some 80 Palestinians, including dozens of members of Hamas, in an overnight raid in the West Bank as the prime minister accused the Islamic militant group of kidnapping three teenagers who went missing nearly three days ago.



Kerry: ‘Indications point to Hamas’ involvement’ in abduction of teens:
Secretary of state reaffirmes US commitment to safety of Israeli teens kidnapped Thursday, hints at Hamas as perpetrators.



The kidnapping: Israelis aren’t the only ones facing national tragedy:
Providing context may be taboo at a time when the entire country is focused on the fate of three kidnapped Israeli teens, but it is part and parcel of the story.



In case you missed it:
Israel government ‘tortures’ children by keeping them in cages, human rights group says:
The Public Committee Against Torture in Israel (PCATI) published a report which claimed children suspected of minor crimes were subjected to “public caging”, threats and acts of sexual violence and military trials without representation.



Afghanistan: 203 people killed during runoff vote day:
At least 18 Afghan soldiers were martyred and 74 others were injured during the runoff election day across the country.



Pakistan army strikes “militants”, 100 killed:
A military official in the main North Waziristan town of Miranshah told reporters that the co-ordinated operation – involving airforce, artillery, tanks and ground troops . Air strikes in the region earlier on Sunday that killed at least 100 insurgents including Taliban members linked to the all-night siege on the Karachi airport.



Nigeria: 15 killed in fresh Borno market attack:
No fewer than 15 people including traders were on Sunday killed when some suspected members of Boko Haram terrorists stormed a local market in Daku village of Askira Uba Local Government Area of Borno state, while several shops, houses, vehicles and motorcycles were set ablaze.



12 killed in attacks in Benghazi, Libya:
A renegade Libyan general launched a fresh attack against Islamist militants in the eastern city of Benghazi killing 12. It sparked some of the worst fighting in weeks and power supplies were disrupted.



Rogue (CIA) general battles militias in eastern Libya:
Troops loyal to a rogue general launched airstrikes on Sunday against Islamist militias in Benghazi, a Libyan security official said, in what appeared to a new push into the city itself as part of his ongoing offensive against the fighters.



3 people killed in Kenyan coastal settlement:
A gunfight erupted late Sunday in the Kenyan coastal settlement of Mpeketoni, officials said, with local media quoting a witness as saying that three people were killed. Kenyan Army spokesman Emmanuel Chirchir said the Somali Islamist militant group al-Shabaab was suspected.



Scores killed as Ukraine minister threatens to cut Russia ties:
Ukraine’s foreign minister threatened Russia with severing diplomatic relations on Sunday as scores of people were reported killed in days of Ukrainian government airstrikes near the eastern city of Kramatorsk.



Russia now enemy, so we’ll help Ukraine build up military – NATO chief:
The alliance itself is experiencing a sort of revival playing the ‘Russian threat’ card to justify the build-up of troops in Central and Eastern Europe. Moscow sees such deployments as provocative and confirming NATO’s aggressive stance towards Russia.



NATO has no plans to deploy troops in Ukraine – NATO chief:
The NATO chief said the aid package would involve practical cooperation allowing Ukraine, for example, to participate in NATO military exercises



Ukrainian FM chants ‘Putin – f**ker’ at vandalized Russian embassy in Kiev: Video –
 In an incident that may be a first in diplomatic history, Kiev’s top diplomat publicly ‘effed’ the head of another state. Foreign Minister Andrey Deshchitsa chanted “Putin’s a f**ker” with a cheering crowd that earlier vandalized the Russian embassy.



Western countries at UN SC block Russia’s statement condemning attack on embassy:
The UK, the U.S. and France were among those who voted ‘contra,’ the source said.



Is Russia Pulling Money Out of U.S. for Safekeeping?:
There’s circumstantial evidence that Russia may have yanked tens of billions of dollars in assets out of a custodial account at the U.S. Federal Reserve, possibly to keep it from being frozen by U.S. authorities in case of heightened conflict in Ukraine.



Videos open window on Guantanamo hunger strike:
The U.S. military has long insisted it employs only humane methods to keep hunger-striking prisoners alive at Guantanamo. That assertion is under new scrutiny due to a judicial order.



U.S. officials scrambled to nab Snowden, hoping he would take a wrong step. He didn’t.:
While Edward Snowden was trapped in the transit zone of Moscow’s Sheremetyevo Airport last year, U.S. officials were confronting their own dearth of options in the White House Situation Room.



Lies My President Told Me :
Video –



Ralph Nader: “The Total Support Of The Military-industrial Complex And Empire By Barack Obama And Hillary Clinton Is Staggering”
Video –



Secret state: Trevor Paglen documents the hidden world of governmental surveillance, from drone bases to “black sites”:
Secret prisons, drone bases, surveillance stations, offices where extraordinary rendition is planned: Trevor Paglen takes pictures of the places that the American and British governments don’t want you to know even exist



U.S. reconstitutes group to fight homegrown extremists:
The United States is reviving a law enforcement group to investigate those it designates as domestic terrorists, the Department of Justice announced Tuesday.



Immigrant Children Raped, Punched, Kicked in US Border Patrol Custody:
Children say they have been punched, kicked and raped while in custody, in a complaint with more than 100 allegations. Others say they were fed only frozen sandwiches, forced to drink toilet tank water or forced to use toilets in front of other detainees.



Dallas to pay $900,000 to family of unarmed man killed by police:
The city of Dallas has agreed to pay $900,000 to the family of an unarmed man fatally shot in 2010 by a police officer, an attorney for the man’s family confirmed Friday.



Cop Strikes Teen with Baton for Video Recording: Video –
A Virginia teen ended up hospitalized with a concussion Tuesday after police struck him on the side of the head with a baton for video recording them.



Federal judge unseals documents in jail abuse case:
The documents describe a Denver jail pod out of control with a sheriff’s deputy routinely viewing pornography and drinking on the job, directing inmates to assault each other and settling scores with inmates he didn’t like.



Ireland: 18 children died of hunger at Tuam mother and baby home:
The new details raise the shocking spectre of children dying of starvation in Ireland 100 years after the Famine.


Cost Of War

Number Of Iraqis Slaughtered In US War And Occupation Of Iraq 1,455,590


Number of U.S. Military Personnel Sacrificed (Officially acknowledged) In America’s War On Iraq:  4,801 
Number Of  International Occupation Force Troops Slaughtered In Afghanistan :3,450
Cost of War in Iraq & Afghanistan
Total Cost of Wars Since 2001


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