VTJP Occupied Palestine and Israel: News and Articles 15 June 2014

15 June 2014 — VTJP


International Middle East Media Center

Soldiers Invade Bethlehem, And Nearby Beit Jala
IMEMC – [Sunday, June 15, 2014] Dozens of Israeli soldiers invaded the West Bank city of Bethlehem, and the nearby city of Beit Jala, installed roadblocks, and conducted military searches. Soldiers also attacked journalists. …

Shots Fired at Military Site Near Bethlehem
IMEMC – Army says Gaza rockets intercepted by Iron Dome The Israeli army said, Sunday, that unidentified gunmen opened fire at a military site near Bethlehem. Rockets were also fired late Sunday, from Gaza, amidst conflicting reports on the exact nature of both incidents. …

Glick Entourage Again Storms al-Aqsa Mosque
IMEMC – Israeli rabbi Yehuda Glick has once again broken into al-Aqsa Mosque, Sunday morning, accompanied by a group of Israeli settlers. …

PLO Denounces Israel’s “Racist” Campaign against Palestinians
IMEMC – Foreign Ministry condemns latest Israeli arrest raids The Executive Committee of the Palestine Liberation Organization condemned, Sunday, the “racist” Israeli campaign led by PM Netanyahu against the Palestinian people and their leaders, under the pretext that the three settlers, recently gone missing, were kidnapped. …

2 Women Wounded in Gaza Airstrikes
IMEMC – Netanyahu blames Hamas for missing Israelis Two Palestinian women have been injured as a result of an Israeli warplane attack, last night. Several locations in the Gaza Strip were targeted. …

Hebron, Bethlehem, Placed Under Strict Israeli Siege
IMEMC – [Sunday Morning, June 15, 2014] The Israeli army imposed a strict military siege on the Hebron district, in the southern part of the occupied West Bank, and on the West Bank district of Bethlehem. …

Dozens Of Palestinians Kidnapped In West Bank
IMEMC – Israeli soldiers conducted a large military campaign in various districts of the occupied West Bank, and kidnapped dozens of Palestinians, mainly Hamas and Islamic Jihad members, legislators, political leaders and students. …

Ma’an News

80 Palestinians detained by Israeli forces overnight across West Bank
6/15/2014 – BETHLEHEM (Ma’an) — Israeli forces began a wide-ranging campaign of arrests across the West Bank overnight Saturday and Sunday morning targeting 80 individuals affiliated with Hamas and Islamic Jihad, including lawmakers and political leaders. The campaign comes as Israeli forces continue their search for three teenage boys who disappeared on Thursday evening from the Gush Etzion Jewish settlement in the occupied West Bank and…. Related:List of names of Palestinian individuals detained in overnight raidsandGroup: Israel detained 125 Palestinians since Saturday night

2 Palestinian women injured as Israel pounds Gaza overnight
6/15/2014 – GAZA CITY (Ma’an) — A Palestinian woman and a teenage girl sustained wounds Saturday night in two separate Israeli airstrikes on the Rafah district in the southern Gaza Strip, medical sources said. The injuries occurred as Israeli launched eight air strikes against the Gaza Strip overnight, in what they said was a response to three rockets fired from the besieged coastal enclave the day….

3 Palestinians injured after Israeli army ‘bombs Hebron home’
6/15/2014 – BETHLEHEM (Ma’an) — Three Palestinians were injured late Sunday after the Israeli army bombed open the door of a house in the city of Hebron, locals told Ma’an. Locals said that Israeli forces in the Ein Deir al-Baha area of the city blew open the door of a house belonging to Akram al-Qawasami, injuring him and two young children. Al-Qawasami, his eight-year-old….

Israel imposes indefinite closure of checkpoints in southern West Bank
6/15/2014 – BETHLEHEM (Ma’an) — The Israeli military imposed an indefinite closure of checkpoints and crossings across the Hebron district of the southern West Bank beginning early Sunday morning, as Israeli forces expanded a search campaign for three settler youth who went missing Thursday evening. Israeli Defense Minister Moshe Yaalon issued a directive on Saturday imposing the closure beginning at midnight, in a move that has…. Related:Israel PM says teens ‘kidnapped by terror group’andIsrael tightens noose around Hebron as home raids continue

Israel tightens noose around Hebron as home raids continue
6/15/2014 – HEBRON (Ma’an) — For the second consecutive day, Israeli forces on Sunday continued a major military operation in Hebron in the southern West Bank in search of three Israeli teenagers who disappeared Thursday evening near the Gush Etzion settlement. Although Israeli forces bombarded the Gaza Strip and detained 80 Palestinians across the West Bank overnight, Hebron has taken the brunt of the Israeli response…. Related:Israel imposes indefinite closure of checkpoints in southern West BankandIsraeli official: Hebron siege to continue

Group: Israel detained 125 Palestinians since Saturday night
6/15/2014 – RAMALLAH (Ma’an) — Israeli forces have detained over a hundred Palestinians in the West Bank since Saturday night, a prisoners’ rights group said Sunday. The Palestinian Prisoner’s Society said that 46 have been detained in Hebron, 23 in Nablus, 16 in Ramallah, 12 in Jenin, four in Bethlehem, five in Tulkarem, five in Qalqiliya, five in Jerusalem, six in Tubas, and…. Related:80 Palestinians detained by Israeli forces overnight across West Bank

Israeli official: Hebron siege to continue
6/15/2014 – BETHLEHEM (Ma’an) — The Israeli army will continue to surround Hebron, erecting checkpoints and raiding houses, until it receives further information on three missing teens, an Israeli official said Sunday. Israel’s Coordinator of Government Activities in the Territories told Ma’an via telephone that the siege on Hebron would continue, resulting in the restriction of movement of over 20,000 Palestinian workers…. Related:Israel tightens noose around Hebron as home raids continueand3 Palestinians injured after Israeli army ‘bombs Hebron home’

Israel PM says teens ‘kidnapped by terror group’
6/15/2014 – JERUSALEM (AFP) — Israel holds the Palestinian Authority responsible for the safe return of three teenagers kidnapped in the West Bank by a “terror organization,” Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said.” Our young people have been kidnapped by a terror organization. . . there is no doubt about that,” Netanyahu told reporters in Tel Aviv as a massive manhunt for the three youngsters entered its third night. The youngsters…. Related:Hamas denies accusations that it kidnapped settler youthsandThousands join online campaign to kill Palestinian ‘terrorists’

Thousands join online campaign to kill Palestinian ‘terrorists’
6/15/2014 – BETHLEHEM (Ma’an) — Over 10,000 people have joined an online campaign to kill a Palestinian “terrorist” every hour until three missing Israeli teens are returned to their families, Israeli media reported Sunday. The Israeli newspaper Maariv reported on its website that within hours of its creation, a Facebook pagecalling for the hourly assassination of Palestinian “terrorists” had reached 10,000 likes. The Facebook page called…. Related:Israel PM says teens ‘kidnapped by terror group’andPalestinians cynical as Israel mobilizes #BringBackOurBoys campaign

Hamas denies accusations that it kidnapped settler youths
6/15/2014 – BETHLEHEM (Ma’an) — Hamas on Sunday denied accusations that its members were behind the disappearance of three Israeli youth just minutes after Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu accused them of being responsible. Hamas spokesman Sami Abu Zuhri called the accusations “stupid” and said that they were a bluff intended to acquire information. Abu Zuhri told Ma’an that the arrests carried out by…. Related:Israel PM says teens ‘kidnapped by terror group’andUS: Indications Hamas involved in Israelis’ kidnapping

PA: Israel imposing ‘collective punishment’ on Palestinian people
6/15/2014 – RAMALLAH (Ma’an) — The Palestinian Authority on Sunday condemned the Israeli arrest campaign across the West Bank and airstrikes against the Gaza Strip, denouncing the “collective punishment of the Palestinian people” by Israeli forces. Spokesman for the Palestinian national consensus government Ehab Bessaiso on Sunday also reiterated Palestinian insistence that they have no responsibility for security in the settlements, as Israel continued assaults against…. Related:80 Palestinians detained by Israeli forces overnight across West Bankand2 Palestinian women injured as Israel pounds Gaza overnight

Shots fired at Israeli military site near Bethlehem
6/15/2014 – BETHLEHEM (Ma’an) — The Israeli army on Sunday said that unidentified assailants opened fire at a military site near Bethlehem. An Israeli army spokesman told Ma’an that shots were fired at an Israeli army post “near Har Gilo north of Bethlehem.”Initial reports suggest that shots were fired from a passing vehicle, the spokesman said. Israeli soldiers are searching the area, the….

Israeli army: Gaza rockets intercepted by Iron Dome
6/15/2014 – BETHLEHEM (Ma’an) — Rockets fired from the Gaza Strip late Sunday were intercepted by Israel’s Iron Dome system, the Israeli army said.”A salvo of rockets was launched at southern Israel by Gaza terrorists, two of which were successfully intercepted by the Iron Dome missile defense system,” the army said in a statement. The military “is searching the area for additional projectiles….

Australian minister to meet ambassadors over East Jerusalem row
6/15/2014 – SYDNEY (AFP) — Australia’s foreign minister will meet ambassadors angered by the country’s decision to stop referring to East Jerusalem as “occupied,” Prime Minister Tony Abbott said Sunday as he stressed there was “no change in policy.”Australia has been warned of possible Arab trade sanctions after last week’s move, which Attorney-General George Brandis said was made because the term….

US: Indications Hamas involved in Israelis’ kidnapping
6/15/2014 – WASHINGTON (AFP) — US Secretary of State John Kerry condemned on Sunday the kidnapping of three Israeli teenagers from the West Bank, and said many indications pointed to the involvement of Hamas.” We are still seeking details on the parties responsible for this despicable terrorist act, although many indications point to Hamas’ involvement,” he said.”As we gather this information, we reiterate our position that…. Related:Hamas denies accusations that it kidnapped settler youths

List of names of Palestinian individuals detained in overnight raids
6/15/2014 – BETHLEHEM (Ma’an) — The Israeli military expanded acampaign of arrests across the West Bank on Saturday night and Sunday morning, detaining 80 Palestinian individuals as part of a search for three disappeared settler youths. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, however, has said that he hold the Palestinian Authority — including Hamas — responsible for the youths, who Israeli authorities believe have been kidnapped. A spokesperson for…. Related:80 Palestinians detained by Israeli forces overnight across West Bank

Palestinians cynical as Israel mobilizes #BringBackOurBoys campaign
6/16/2014 – BETHLEHEM (Ma’an) — As Israeli forces deployed across the West Bank in hot pursuit of three teenagers who went missing on Thursday, the eyes of the Israeli public have been glued to screens across the country as they watched the drama unfold. Thousands of Israelis have taken to social media to support campaigns to demand that Palestinians#BringBackOurBoys The cries of the Israeli public…. Related:Thousands join online campaign to kill Palestinian ‘terrorists’andIsrael PM says teens ‘kidnapped by terror group’

Israeli army calls up reservists amid search for teens
6/15/2014 – BETHLEHEM (Ma’an) — Israel has started calling up reserve soldiers to deploy in the southern West Bank amid a search for three missing teens, an army spokesperson said Sunday. An Israeli military spokeswoman told Ma’an that the army was “in the process of recruiting a very limited number of reserve duty personnel,” without elaborating. The Israeli news site Ynet said that over….

Iraq presses counter-offensive as US deploys warship
6/15/2014 – BAGHDAD (AFP) — Iraq on Sunday pressed a counter-offensive against militants who have seized a swathe of the country, as former UN mediator Lakhdar Brahimi blamed the sweeping unrest on world neglect of the Syrian conflict. As the United States responded to the crisis by deploying an aircraft carrier in the Gulf, Iran warned against foreign military intervention in its Shiite neighbor. The militants, spearheaded by….

Iraq forces kill 279 militants in 24 hours
6/15/2014 – BAGHDAD (AFP) — Iraqi security forces have killed 279 militants in the past 24 hours, as they push back against a major militant offensive, a security spokesman said on Sunday. Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki’s security spokesman, Lieutenant General Qassem Atta, made the announcement during a televised news conference. [END]


Israeli arrests over missing teens condemned
AlJazeera 15 Jun 2014 – Rights group condemns the closures in Hebron and partial sealing of crossings into Gaza as the search goes on.

International Solidarity Movement

House raids in Hebron
6/15/2014 – International Solidarity Movement – KhalilTeam, Hebron, Occupied Palestine – At approximately 3 AMthis morning, approximately 70 Israeli soldiers broke into a home inhabited by two Palestinian families. The home is located in the H1 region of Hebron, an area officially under full Palestinian authority, civil and security control. The two families,composing of 10 people, were then asked to choose’ a room in which they would all have….

The National

Dubai-based couple stranded for eight days in blizzard recount ordeal
The National 15 Jun 2014 – The couple returned to Dubai last week after spending 17 days in Greenland, facing sub-zero temperatures and round-the-clock daylight.

Claims of mass killing by Iraq militants
The National 15 Jun 2014 – Islamist fighters who have seized swaths of northern Iraq claim they killed captives in retaliation for death of their commander.

After extremist onslaught Iraqis flee government airstrikes
The National 15 Jun 2014 – Iraqis continue to flee to northern Iraq as the government begins to retaliate against ISIL militants

Kidnap negotiations reveal foreigners at the helm of southern Syria s Al Qaeda
The National 15 Jun 2014 – A source familiar with the negotiations said all of the leading Jabhat Al Nusra members attending at the meeting were Jordanians, underscoring the role of foreign militants in the group s leadership structure.

Israel arrests 80 over missing teens as Netanyahu blames Hamas
The National 15 Jun 2014 – Most of those arrested belonged to the Islamist movement Hamas, and included several members of the Palestinian parliament, according to Israeli press reports.

Yemen troops surround Al Saleh mosque amid fears of coup
The National 15 Jun 2014 – A source said that weapons had been stored in the mosque and were being guarded by gunmen loyal to ousted president Ali Abdullah Saleh.

In pictures: family of WWI soldier pay homage at his grave in Belgium
The National 15 Jun 2014 – One century after the start of the First World War, the family found closure in homage to a forebear who had travelled half the world to meet his death, his stomach ripped open by an exploding shell, in the horrors of Flanders Fields.

The Great War: soldier s story shows tragedy of First World War
The National 15 Jun 2014 – Private Andrew Bayne left his wife with four young children in Brisbane and a prescient letter of regret: What a dammed fool I was to ever have enlisted.

Iraqis return to Mosul days after fleeing city
The National 15 Jun 2014 – Many people appear excited to return, taking sectarian pride in the extremist Sunni group, the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant. Some see them as liberators.

49 dead as Ukrainian rebels down military jet
The National 15 Jun 2014 – Ukraine s president Petro Poroshenko has vowed to deliver an ‘adequate response’ the rebels

Iraq crisis: US sends warships to Arabian Gulf as Obama mulls military options
The National 14 Jun 2014 – The ships carry Tomohawk missiles and fighter jets that can reach Iraq

Iraq chaos thrusts Barack Obama into a dilemma
The National 14 Jun 2014 – The crisis in Iraq could push prime minister Nouri Al Maliki closer to Iran at a time when the US wants Baghdad to pursue more inclusive policies


Force-feeding bill meeting stiff opposition as debate approaches
Ha’aretz – 15 Jun 2014

Global nuclear arsenal estimated at 16,300 warheads, says think tank
Ha’aretz – 15 Jun 2014

25,000 pray for kidnapped teens at Western Wall
Ha’aretz – 15 Jun 2014

LIVE BLOG: Israel mulls expelling top Hamas officials to Gaza
Ha’aretz – 15 Jun 2014

Iranian MPs tell Rohani: Stop women from breaking Islamic dress code
Ha’aretz – 15 Jun 2014

For the love of money: The day Zuckerberg earned $1.2 billion
Ha’aretz – 15 Jun 2014

LIVE BLOG: Rockets fired toward southern city; IDF surrounds Hebron home
Ha’aretz – 15 Jun 2014

Kerry points to Hamas role in Israelis’ kidnapping
Ha’aretz – 15 Jun 2014

Eric Cantor refuses to rule out political future
Ha’aretz – 15 Jun 2014

Should the U.S. return to Iraq? Pundits weigh in
Ha’aretz – 15 Jun 2014

During kidnapping crisis, Abbas’ wife secretly undergoes surgery in Israel
Ha’aretz – 15 Jun 2014

Two Jewish candidates make ballot in Democratic primary for Mass. governor
Ha’aretz – 15 Jun 2014

As kidnapping crisis heightens, Israeli police chief feels the heat
Ha’aretz – 15 Jun 2014

Casey Kasem, voice of Shaggy on Scooby-Doo, dies on Father’s Day
Ha’aretz – 15 Jun 2014

Word of the Day / Tafus: Catch me if you can (unless I’m not available)
Ha’aretz – 15 Jun 2014

World Cup will fail to boost Brazil s economy, Israeli insurer says
Ha’aretz – 15 Jun 2014

Abductions won’t stop settlers from hitchhiking
Ha’aretz – 15 Jun 2014

12 years of a temporary life
Ha’aretz – 15 Jun 2014

Ukraine foreign minister under heavy fire for anti-Putin remarks
Ha’aretz – 15 Jun 2014

Five illusions, quashed
Ha’aretz – 15 Jun 2014

Reviving the dormant idea of peace
Ha’aretz – 15 Jun 2014

IDF strikes Gaza for second time in 24 hours
Ha’aretz – 15 Jun 2014

Mossad chief’s chillingly prescient kidnap prophecy
Ha’aretz – 14 Jun 2014

Disruptions at Ben-Gurion airport to begin today
Ha’aretz – 14 Jun 2014

Netanyahu’s propaganda war endangers security coordination with PA
Ha’aretz – 13 Jun 2014

Jerusalem Post

Greek Jews criticize selection of xenophobic politician as minister
Jerusalem Post 15 Jun 2014 – MP Makis Voridis has a history of membership in ultra-nationalist parties.

The police’s duty
Jerusalem Post 15 Jun 2014 – It s nothing but heartrending that what should be elementary to law-enforcement personnel evidently isn t.

Don t blame the victim!
Jerusalem Post 15 Jun 2014 – The Palestinians can try to undermine and destroy us but they won t succeed.

Enough! Why we won t be at the Presbyterian General Assembly
Jerusalem Post 15 Jun 2014 – By casting Zionism as racism on their official website, the elite running this Church have crossed a line that makes interfaith cooperation impossible.

LIVE BLOG: The search for the kidnapped teens
Jerusalem Post 15 Jun 2014 – Follow all the latest updates on the search for yeshiva students Gilad Sha’ar, Eyal Yifrach and Naftali Frankel here.

Sooner or later, kidnapping crisis will probably reach Gaza
Jerusalem Post 15 Jun 2014 – Hamas in Hebron maintains operational links with the Hamas regime in the Gaza Strip and with Hamas s military wing, the Izzadin Kassam brigade.

Family and friends talk of the kidnapped boys
Jerusalem Post 15 Jun 2014 – He smiles the whole time, and is full of joy for life, is how one friend describes Gil-Ad Shaer, one of the three boys kidnapped on Thursday night.

Jobar synagogue
Jerusalem Post 15 Jun 2014 – Over two-thirds of synagogue destroyed; both the synagogue s left wing and central aisle (or nave) are consigned to rubble.

Blast heard as security forces surround Hebron house in search of kidnapped teens
Jerusalem Post 15 Jun 2014 – IDF reportedly arrests two Hamas members from the house during a fresh wave of raids in the West Bank city.

MKs rules of ethics and financial statements
Jerusalem Post 15 Jun 2014 – Today MKs must submit to the Knesset Speaker a detailed statement regarding their financial interests within 60 days of being elected.

Not too late for conversion
Jerusalem Post 15 Jun 2014 – New conversion tribunals consist of 3 rabbis in total, contrary to the opinions of most serving rabbis, Chief Rabbinate opposes the legislation.

Israel Festival Review
Jerusalem Post 15 Jun 2014 – The diversity of percussion instruments produces an enormously rich variety of tone colors.

WATCH: IDF arrests Hamas leader in West Bank
Jerusalem Post 15 Jun 2014 – Security source: We know a lot about Hamas in Hebron; adds that the Shin Bet has intelligence assessments on the kidnappers.

Soundgarden stares down the black hole sun
Jerusalem Post 15 Jun 2014 – The grunge super-group from the 90s is planning to prove to its Israeli audience that maturity doesn t lessen the intensity.

Rabbi Aviner: Institute death penalty to dissuade terror
Jerusalem Post 15 Jun 2014 – Senior rabbis call for people to refrain from hitch hiking in the settlements due to danger of kidnapping.

Danino reacts to criticism on police handling of kidnapping case
Jerusalem Post 15 Jun 2014 – Insp.-General says that now is not the time for criticism and that all efforts are focused on finding the kidnapped boys and bringing them home.

Right remains steadfast in opposition to releasing terrorists
Jerusalem Post 15 Jun 2014 – Shaked says bill limiting presidential pardon for terrorists is relevant as ever; Yisrael Beytenu ministers to oppose all future prisoner releases.

Exclusive: Non-invasive blood test genetic syndromes proposed by Health Ministry
Jerusalem Post 15 Jun 2014 – Non-invasive prenatal diagnosis test can scan differentiate between certain genetic data in the mother from that in her fetus.

Kerry calls kidnapping of Israelis ‘despicable terrorist act’
Jerusalem Post 15 Jun 2014 – US secretary of state says Washington cannot confirm responsible party for abduction, although “many indications point to Hamas.”

Green Globe prizes to be awarded at Knesset on Tuesday
Jerusalem Post 15 Jun 2014 – The Green Globe is awarded by Life and Environment, the umbrella group for all of Israel’s environmental organizations.

Former IDF chief, wife questioned for 2nd day by police on battles with ex-defense minister
Jerusalem Post 15 Jun 2014 – Police say Ashkenazi and wife under suspicion of breach of trust, obstruction of justice and giving away classified information.

WATCH LIVE: Chief Rabbi leads public prayer service for kidnapped yeshiva boys
Jerusalem Post 15 Jun 2014 – Chief Rabbi Lau presides over a prayer service at Jerusalem’s Western Wall to pray for the safe return of the students.

One of abducted Israeli teens called police: ‘We’ve been kidnapped’
Jerusalem Post 15 Jun 2014 – Revealed: One yeshiva student abducted Thursday night in the West Bank managed to contact police on night of kidnapping.

Knesset c’tee to UN: Kidnappers violate Israeli children’s human rights
Jerusalem Post 15 Jun 2014 – MK writes to Ban-Ki-Moon: “These are not fighters, they did not take part in combat. They are three young teens.”

Egyptian official: Security forces ‘mediating’ to resolve abduction of Israeli teens
Jerusalem Post 15 Jun 2014 – Egypt security forces are reportedly holding talks with Palestinian officials; official in Cairo tells Palestinian media that situation will likely be resolved soon.

Wife of Palestinian Authority President undergoes surgery in Tel Aviv
Jerusalem Post 15 Jun 2014 – Amina Abbas released from Asuta Hospital in Tel Aviv after secret surgery as political tensions run high following kidnappings by in West Bank.

Building a society of mensches
Jerusalem Post 15 Jun 2014 – While Israel has a diverse population which needs proper integration, there are certain normative behaviors that all upstanding citizens have a responsibility to uphold.

‘A master stroke’
Jerusalem Post 15 Jun 2014 – Cartoon published by an official Fatah Facebook page applauds kidnapping of three Israeli yeshiva boys by terrorists in the West Bank.

Netanyahu: Israel will take all action necessary against ‘scourge of terrorism’
Jerusalem Post 15 Jun 2014 – Security forces step up extensive search efforts in Hebron for missing Israeli teens as large number of reservists head to West Bank city.

The Jerusalem Post News: Special broadcast on the kidnapping
Jerusalem Post 15 Jun 2014 –JPost.combrings you a daily round-up of events making headlines in Israel, the Middle East and Jewish World.

The Guardian

Israel detains scores in West Bank as fears grow for missing teenagers
The Guardian 15 Jun 2014 – Netanyahu blames Palestinian ‘terrorists’ as military swamp area around Hebron to find three youths presumed to be abducted Israel’s military has arrested about 80 Palestinians in the West Bank, including members of Hamas, as part of…

Israeli forces tighten grip on West Bank in search for three abducted teenagers
The Guardian 15 Jun 2014 – Netanyahu accuses Hamas of being behind kidnap as troops flood into Hebron and hundreds of reservists are called up The Israeli prime minister, Binyamin Netanyahu, has accused the Islamic militant group Hamas of being behind the…

Israeli raids target Hamas members as Netanyahu accuses group of kidnapping
The Guardian 15 Jun 2014 – Eighty Palestinians arrested in West Bank over abduction of teenagers and prime minister warns of severe repercussions Israeli troops have arrested some 80 Palestinians, including dozens of members of Hamas, in a raid in the West…

Israel accuses Hamas over teenager disappearance – video
The Guardian 15 Jun 2014 – Israel claim on Sunday that Hamas is responsible for abducting three Israeli teenagers in the West Bank. Israeli prime minister Binyamin Netanyahu warns of serious consequences as authorities pressed on with the search and detained dozens…

Tony Abbott: ‘disputed’ East Jerusalem merely a clarification
The Guardian 14 Jun 2014 – Prime minister seeks to play down international backlash over Australia’s decision to stop referring to ‘occupied’ territory Tony Abbott has sought to play down the backlash over Australia’s decision to refer to East Jerusalem as disputed…


Leaving the USS Liberty Crew Behind
Uruknet 15 Jun 2014 – June 8, 2014 – On June 8, 1967, Israeli leaders learned they could deliberately attack a U.S. Navy ship and try to send it, together with its entire crew, to the bottom of the Mediterranean – with impunity. Israeli aircraft…

47 years of occupation: Every photo tells a story
Uruknet 15 Jun 2014 – June 8, 2014 – Going every week to the protests in West Bank village of Bil in, I knew most of the people who were attending the demonstrations. One of them was Bassem Abu Rahme, also known as “Fill.” At…

Gazan Fisherman Shot by Israeli Navy Dies of His Wounds
Uruknet 15 Jun 2014 – June 8, 2014 – A Palestinian fisherman, who was shot and critically injured by Israeli navy off the coast of the northern west part of Gaza, almost two weeks ago, died of his wounds on Sunday, according to media sources….

As prison protest escalates, troubling testimony from inside
Uruknet 15 Jun 2014 – June 8, 2014 – For families, activists and observers in Palestine, the passing of time has come to be loaded with a grave significance. Each 24 hours represents another day of hunger for hundreds of prisoners protesting administrative detention in…

Review Board Approves “Forever Prisoner” Ghaleb Al-Bihani for Release from Guant·namo, But Also Approves Ongoing Detention of Salem Bin Kanad
Uruknet 15 Jun 2014 – April 8, 2014 – Six weeks ago, I reported on the Periodic Review Boards for two “forever prisoners” at Guant·namo – Ghaleb al-Bihani and Salem bin Kanad – who are both Yemenis, and were regarded by the Guant·namo Review Task…

The Modern COINTELPRO and How To Fight It Crowdsourcing Repression
Uruknet 15 Jun 2014 – June 8, 2014 – Despite the seeming popularity of environmental and social justice work in the modern world, we re not winning. We re losing. In fact, we re losing really badly.Why is that? One reason is because few popular…

Lawyer: Prisoners in danger after 46 days of hunger strike
Uruknet 15 Jun 2014 – June 8, 2014 — A number of the Palestinian prisoners who have been on hunger strike in Israeli jails for 46 days are in serious danger, a lawyer said Sunday. Jawad Bolous, chief attorney for the Palestinian Prisoners Society, told…

Palestinian kids detail abusive interrogations, arrests
Uruknet 15 Jun 2014 – June 8, 2014 – Basic rights that are inalienable for Israeli kids are at best a privilege for Palestinian kids in the OPT. Testimonies of arrested Palestinian children shed light on the Israeli army s worrisome practices. On the back…

The Anti-Empire Report #129 Edward Snowden
Uruknet 15 Jun 2014 – June 8, 2014- Is Edward Snowden a radical? The dictionary defines a radical as “an advocate of political and social revolution”, the adjective form being “favoring or resulting in extreme or revolutionary changes”. That doesn t sound like Snowden as…

War Crimes in Imwas – Israeli National Parks as a colonial tool
Uruknet 15 Jun 2014 – June 8, 2014 -June 6th was marked around the world by activists protesting the 47th year of the Israeli occupation of the West Bank, East Jerusalem, the Gaza Strip and the Syrian Golan Heights. But calls to End the Occupation…

Syria and The National Interest
Uruknet 15 Jun 2014 – June 8, 2014 – Consider this the latest installment in an ongoing series on the right-left convergence. Just yesterday Idrees Ahmed, the author of a devastating critique of Sy Hersh s articles blaming the rebels for the sarin gas attacks…

Podcast: Max Blumenthal on BDS, the American Left & His Work on Israel
Uruknet 15 Jun 2014 – June 8, 2014 – There is no more “peace process” between Israel and the Palestinian Authority. Secretary of State John Kerry s attempt at a framework agreement failed. Liberal Zionist groups like J Street have nothing left to challenge Israel…

Stories from an occupation: the Israelis who broke silence
Uruknet 15 Jun 2014 – June 8, 2014 – The young soldier stopped to listen to the man reading on the stage in Tel Aviv s Habima Square, outside the tall faÁade of Charles Bronfman Auditorium. The reader was Yossi Sarid, a former education and…

Tell FIFA to dump Israel now, urges international campaign
Uruknet 15 Jun 2014 – June 8, 2014 – The congress of FIFA, the International Football Federation, is meeting Tuesday and Wednesday in Sao Paulo, and the international campaign to have Israel kicked out of the organization for longtime human rights abuses and violations of…

PHOTO: Israeli soldier punches Palestinian activist in the face
Uruknet 15 Jun 2014 – June 8, 2014 – Israeli soldiers have been harassing Palestinian activist Issa Amro since he released a video of a soldier cocking his weapon at two youths. They know I am a moving camera, he says. Palestinian non-violent activist Issa…

Palestinian kids detail abusive interrogations, arrests
Uruknet 15 Jun 2014 – June 8, 2014 – Basic rights that are inalienable for Israeli kids are at best a privilege for Palestinian kids in the OPT. Testimonies of arrested Palestinian children shed light on the Israeli army s worrisome practices. On the back…

Daily Star

US to boost security at embassy in Iraq: official
Daily Star 15 Jun 2014 The US embassy in Baghdad is increasing its security staff and vowed to remain open after militants captured vast swathes of territory and headed for the capital, officials said Saturday.

Gunfire as Israeli troops surround house in flashpoint West Bank city
Daily Star 15 Jun 2014 Israeli troops searching a West Bank city for three Israeli teenagers who are believed to have been abducted by Palestinian militants surrounded a house on Sunday and gunfire was heard, witnesses said.

Kuwait’s speaker arrives in Lebanon
Daily Star 15 Jun 2014 Kuwait s Speaker Marzouq al-Ghanim arrives in Beirut for an official visit, the National News Agency reported.

French ‘Syria fighter’ arrested in Germany: police
Daily Star 15 Jun 2014 Germany’s federal police on Sunday announced the arrest of a French national suspected of fighting for radical jihadists in Syria.

ISF detain drug smugglers in east Lebanon
Daily Star 15 Jun 2014 The Internal Security Forces detained four individuals in drug-related charges, a statement from the ISF said Sunday.

Pakistan army launches offensive against militants
Daily Star 15 Jun 2014 The Pakistani army Sunday launched a long-awaited operation against foreign and local militants in a tribal region near the Afghan border, hours after jets pounded insurgent hideouts in the country’s northwest, the army said.

U.S. Sen. Graham says Iran’s help needed to avoid collapse in Iraq
Daily Star 15 Jun 2014 The United States needs Iran’s involvement to prevent a collapse of the government in Iraq and should open talks toward that end, U.S. Senator Lindsey Graham said on Sunday, a step he described as unattractive but…

Iran warns against military intervention in Iraq
Daily Star 15 Jun 2014 Iran warned on Sunday that “any foreign military intervention in Iraq” would only complicate the crisis, after the United States said it was deploying a warship in the Gulf.

Arab consensus for Lebanon Army support
Daily Star 15 Jun 2014 The Arab League agreed Sunday on the need to provide the Lebanese Army with military equipment, after an extraordinary meeting for permanent representatives in Cairo Sunday.

Indications Hamas involved in Israelis’ kidnapping: US
Daily Star 15 Jun 2014 US Secretary of State John Kerry condemned on Sunday the kidnapping of three Israeli teenagers, and said many indications pointed to the involvement of Hamas.

YNet News

Number 2 US diplomat to join in talks on Iran nuclear program
YNet News, 15 Jun 2014 – ….

Netanyahu’s ill-timed, ill-judged attacks on Abbas
YNet News, 15 Jun 2014 – Analysis: Prime minister’s use of abduction to continue ‘blame game’ with Palestinian unity only creates new enemies while Israeli teens remain in captivity. ….

Terrorist releases encourage abductions
YNet News, 15 Jun 2014 – Op-ed: Instead of calling for ‘more force’ against Palestinians, we should just stop freeing terrorists, former Shin Bet chief writes. ….

Jewish social activists gather in Budapest
YNet News, 15 Jun 2014 – More than 70 young activists and leaders from Europe, Israel and North America convene in Hungarian capital to discuss balancing Jewish and global needs. ….

No. 2 US diplomat to take part in Iran nuclear talks this week
YNet News, 15 Jun 2014 – ….

Report: IDF surrounding second home in Hebron
YNet News, 15 Jun 2014 – ….

IDF arrests two Hamas activists in Hebron
YNet News, 15 Jun 2014 – ….

Cabinet announces Monday meeting on progression in search for abducted teens
YNet News, 15 Jun 2014 – ….

Former Hungarian rightist has spiritual awakening
YNet News, 15 Jun 2014 – Two years after being dumped by Jobbik party for admitting he is a Jew, Csanad Szegedi completes astonishing transformation: Going to synagogue, eating kosher and adopting Hebrew name Dovid. ….

Lack of policy on abductions carries a price
YNet News, 15 Jun 2014 – Op-ed: If negotiations begin with teens’ kidnappers, Israel will find itself in same impossible dilemma again: Families’ pressure versus cold logic. ….

Holocaust survivor found redemption through music
YNet News, 15 Jun 2014 – Young Edgar Krasa was sent to Terezin concentration camp that succeeded, in the midst of Nazi brutality to become a cultural center: ‘Music can be so much more than playing a tune, it helped me live and it kept me going through the worst part of my life’. ….

Palestinian Information Center

Palestinian gov’t slams Israel’s mass punishment measures against its citizens
PIC – The Palestinian unity government condemned Israel for its recent escalation of measures and violence against the Palestinian people following the disappearance of three Jewish settlers.

Administrative detainees: 53 days of determined hunger strike
PIC – The Palestinian administrative detainees have continued their open-ended hunger strike for the 53rd consecutive day in protest at their illegal detention.

Hamas dubs Israeli abduction of Palestinian leaders ‚¨ Sserious escalation‚¨ ù
PIC – The Islamic Resistance Movement, Hamas, has warned of the serious implications heralded by recent upsurges in Israeli abduction campaigns targeting Hamas leaders in the West Bank.

Action group: Some refugee camps were bombed recently by Syrian warplanes
PIC – Syrian warplanes bombed recently some Palestinian refugee camps in Syria, which inflicted casualties and fatalities among the civilian population and caused damage to several homes.

Entry of Muslim congregation into al-Aqsa restricted, free access for settlers
PIC – A horde of fanatic Israeli settlers, led by the extremist Tommy Nisani, broke into the holy al-Aqsa Mosque on Sunday, under the protection of police forces.

IOF raids different areas of Al-Khalil in search of missing Jewish settlers
PIC – The IOF stormed different areas of Al-Khalil province, as part of a widespread security campaign that started three days ago to scour the West Bank for three Jewish settlers believed to be kidnapped.

Lieberman vows: No more prisoner swaps to be signed by Israel
PIC – Israel will not, in any possible way, consent to more prisoner swaps, the Israeli foreign minister Avigdor Lieberman vowed on Sunday.

Israeli settlers hurl stones at Palestinian cars, try to kidnap child
PIC – A horde of Israeli settlers attacked Palestinian vehicles on the passageways between Nablus and Ramallah, while another Israeli mob tried to kidnap a Palestinian child in al-Khalil.

Palestinian activists, Hamas leaders rounded up following IOF raids in WB
PIC – A series of arbitrary mass arrest campaign targeting Hamas leaders and Palestinian activists in Jenin and Nablus has been launched by the IOF on Saturday evening and at dawn Sunday.


International Community Should Intervene to Stop Israeli Collective Punishment against Palestinians, says Government
WAFA – 15 Jun 2014

PLO Executive Committee Condemns Israel s Racist Campaign against Palestinians
WAFA – 15 Jun 2014

Israeli Army Seals off Hebron
WAFA – 15 Jun 2014

Israel Cancels Family visits to Prisoners this Week
WAFA – 15 Jun 2014

Palestinian Foreign Ministry Condemns Latest Israeli Arrest Campaign in West Bank
WAFA – 15 Jun 2014

Israeli Forces Arrest Dozens in West Bank, including Lawmakers
WAFA – 15 Jun 2014


U.S. to Evacuate Many Staff Members From Baghdad Embassy
New York Times 15 Jun 2014 – The American Embassy in Baghdad plans to evacuate a substantial number of its personnel this week in the face of an advance by militants, the State Department announced on Sunday.

Republicans Press Obama to Move Swiftly to Halt Extremists Advances in Iraq
New York Times 15 Jun 2014 – Republican lawmakers called on the Obama administration to work with allies in the Middle East, and at least one suggested working with Iran to aid the Iraqi government.

International Education: Iran Eases Constraints on Academic Contacts With West
New York Times 15 Jun 2014 – The government of President Hassan Rouhani has allowed something of an academic spring in the country after almost a decade of harsh limits.

Netanyahu Blames Hamas in Kidnapping of Israeli Youths
New York Times 15 Jun 2014 – The remarks Sunday by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of Israel followed the arrests overnight of 80 people, most of them Hamas activists, and the closing of parts of the West Bank.

Bombings Kill Up to 21 People in Baghdad
New York Times 15 Jun 2014 – Two attacks that rattled central Baghdad were the first major bombings there since Wednesday.

Militants Claim Mass Execution of Iraqi Soldiers
New York Times 15 Jun 2014 – Insurgents from the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria boasted on Twitter that they had executed 1,700 people, posting gruesome photos to support their claim.

Rebels Fast Strike in Iraq Was Years in the Making
New York Times 14 Jun 2014 – The group s sweep into Mosul and farther south appeared to catch many Iraqi and U.S. officials by surprise, but the gains were the realization of a yearslong strategy of state-building.

Expect IDF Operation Gaza Punching-Bag Imminently
Tikun Olam – Result of the last Israeli incursion into Gaza under false pretences On social media, some have jokingly anticipated call-up of the IDF reserves and preparations for a new military operation in Gaza. Knowing the precedent in similar past circumstances, I expect the chances of a major…

Rabbi Alissa Wise addresses General Assembly attendees at Fort Street Presbyterian Church
Jewish Voice for Peace – Remarks by Rabbi Alissa Wise, delivered at Fort Street Presbyterian Church in Detroit on Sunday, June 15, 2014, as part of the 221st General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) It is Jewish tradition to sing a series of psalms on joyous days of celebration. Today…

The American father insists that Israel is an egalitarian society, his daughter disagrees
Mondoweiss – I often encounter some metaphorical weirdness on my flights to Israel and true to form, on my layover in Toronto, my flight leaves from gate E69, but arrows point in opposite directions and the obvious glass doors to the indicated area are locked shut. Alice in…

Economic pressure is all that will end apartheid, Tutu says in calling on Presbyterians to divest
Mondoweiss – Desmond Tutu speaking at the German Evangelical Church in 2007. (Photo: Elke Wetzig/Wikimedia Commons) The Presbyterian church s biennial general assembly is taking place this week in Detroit . Desmond Tutu, the retired Anglican bishop who was active in the struggle against apartheid in South Africa, has released…

Mondoweiss – Missing Israeli teens, posted by the IDF This is part of Marc H. Ellis s Exile and the Prophetic feature for Mondoweiss. To read the entire series visit the archive page. The skies are once again darkening over Palestine. As if it wasn t dark enough. With three…

Sunday morning macabre
Mondoweiss – It s Sunday morning, so let s go into the archives. Here s a clip from the 2012 BBC documentary Shalom Belfast . Israeli journalist Ithamar Handelman Smith interviews Gordon McKnight, native of Bangor, the third largest town in NorthernIreland.McKnight is a recent convert to Judaism, and he wants to…

Fire Thomas Friedman
Mondoweiss – Friedman Enough is enough. Thomas Friedman has just published his first column since the catastrophe in Iraq, and it is marked by so much dishonest evasion, pedestrian analysis, and poor writing that his editors should put him out to pasture at a think tank somewhere in…

Over 25,000 Gather at Western Wall To Pray for Kidnapped Teens
The Foward Breaking News 15 Jun 2014 – Thousands gathered at the Western Wall to pray for the safe return of three teens kidnapped in the West Bank. More than 25,000 people attended the Sunday evening service led by Chief Rabbi David Lau. Chief Rabbi Yitzhak Yosef also was at the service, as were…

Abbas Wife Undergoes Surgery at Tel Aviv Hospital
The Foward Breaking News 15 Jun 2014 – The wife of Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas was released from a private hospital in Tel Aviv after having surgery there. Amina Abbas was sent home Sunday from the Assuta Medical Center following the procedure on her leg two days earlier. The surgery was performed amid…

Israeli Troops Seeking Kidnapped Teens Blast into Hebron Home
The Foward Breaking News 15 Jun 2014 – Israeli troops scouring a West Bank city for three Israeli teenagers who are believed to have been abducted by Palestinian militants blew down the door of a home with explosives on Sunday after residents did not admit them, Palestinian witnesses said. They said there were no…

Kerry Points Finger at Hamas in Israelis’ Kidnapping
The Foward Breaking News 15 Jun 2014 – U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry called for the immediate release of three kidnapped Israeli teens and noted the many indications pointing to Hamas involvement. In a statement released Sunday afternoon, more than 48 hours after the teens abduction, Kerry said he strongly condemns the kidnapping…

Israel says Hamas kidnapped teens
BBC 15 Jun 2014 – Israel accuses the Islamist movement Hamas of abducting three teenagers in the West Bank, which Hamas has denied.

VIDEO: ‘Israel will act against kidnappers’
BBC 15 Jun 2014 – Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has said he will act against “the scourge of terrorism” in order to find three teenagers believed kidnapped by Hamas.

Images ‘show massacre in Iraq’
BBC 15 Jun 2014 – The Sunni extremist group that has taken territory across Iraq has posted photos online that appear to show its fighters massacring a large number of Iraqi army personnel.

VIDEO: Images ‘show massacre in Iraq’
BBC 15 Jun 2014 – The Sunni extremist group that has taken territory across Iraq has released video and photos that appear to show its fighters massacring Iraqi soldiers.

More deadly clashes in Libyan city
BBC 15 Jun 2014 – Rogue Libyan general Khalifa Haftar continues his offensive against Islamist militias in Benghazi, with fierce fighting reportedly leaving several dead.

Deadly suicide attack hits Baghdad
BBC 15 Jun 2014 – A suicide bombing in central Baghdad has killed at least nine people and wounded 20 more, officials in the Iraqi capital say.

VIDEO: ‘Taliban chopped my finger off for voting’
BBC 15 Jun 2014 – More than 10 men have had parts of their fingers chopped off by Taliban insurgents after voting in Sunday’s election.

Saudi workers protected from sun
BBC 15 Jun 2014 – New health and safety regulations to protect outdoor workers from the sun come into effect in Saudi Arabia.

Arab countries threaten sanctions against Australia in East Jerusalem row
Al-Akhbar News 15 Jun 2014 – Australia’s foreign minister will meet ambassadors angered by the country’s decision to stop referring to East Jerusalem as “occupied,” Prime Minister Tony Abbott said Sunday as he stressed there was “no change in policy.” Australia has been warned of possible Arab trade sanctions after last week’s…

Yemeni gunmen attack medic bus, kill eight
Al-Akhbar News 15 Jun 2014 – A suspected Al-Qaeda gunman opened fire on a minibus carrying staff members from a military hospital in Yemen’s main southern city of Aden on Sunday, killing eight people, an army official said, The attacker used an assault rifle to rake the army minibus with gunfire, the…

Syria: Drinking water and war profiteers in Aleppo
Al-Akhbar News 15 Jun 2014 – A Syrian boy pushes a cart with jerrycans filled with water in Aleppo on May 8, 2014 as residents of the northern city suffer constant water shortages due to the three-year-long conflict. (Photo: Baraa al-Halabi) A revolutionary bomb sabotaged a major water pipeline that pumps drinking…

Syrian government forces recapture Kessab
Al-Akhbar News 15 Jun 2014 – Syrian government forces on Sunday recaptured the strategic town of Kessab, near the only border crossing with Turkey in northwestern province of Latakia, state television reported. “Units from the army are reestablishing security in the province of Latakia after killing a large number of terrorists and…

Whistleblower Manning: US lying about Iraq once more
Al-Akhbar News 15 Jun 2014 – Detained US soldier Chelsea Manning, who was convicted of leaking a trove of secret documents to WikiLeaks made a rare foray into public life Saturday to warn Americans they were being lied to about Iraq once more. Manning is serving a 35-year prison sentence on espionage…

Israel arrests 80 Palestinians, locks down Hebron in search for missing teens
Al-Akhbar News 15 Jun 2014 – An Israeli soldier walks past Palestinians in the West Bank village of Tafoh, near Hebron on June 15, 2014, as Israeli army searches for three teenagers who went missing near a West Bank settlement. (Photo: AFP – Hazem Bader) Israel on Sunday broadened the search for…

Iraqi air strike hits Kurdish forces, killing six
Al-Akhbar News 15 Jun 2014 – An Iraqi air strike hit a convoy of Kurdish forces which have moved into an area of eastern Iraq during a militant offensive, killing six fighters, officers and a doctor said Sunday. It was not immediately clear if the Saturday night attack near Khanaqin, which also…

VIDEO: ‘We are stronger than ISIS’
BBC 14 Jun 2014 – General Muzhir al Qaisi, spokesman for the General Military Council of the Iraqi Revolutionaries, casts doubt on the idea that ISIS has taken control of Mosul alone.

Qatar fights ‘baseless allegations’
BBC 14 Jun 2014 – Qatar 2022 issues a statement defending itself against what it claims are ‘baseless allegations’ about the World Cup bid process.

Turkey should close its border to ISIS
Al-Monitor 14 Jun 2014 – The Islamic State of Iraq and al-Sham (ISIS) has depended on the Turkish border for its operations in Syria; US Sen. Tim Kaine offers a blueprint for US-Egypt ties; Al-Monitor s Year in Review and Back Channel.


Archbishop Tutu urges Presbyterians to divest from Israel and name it as ‘apartheid state’
Editorial, Redress6/15/2014
Archbishop Despond Tutu has called on Presbyterians to acknowledge that Israel is an apartheid state and to support divestment from companies that contribute to the Israeli occupation.
The retired South African Anglican bishop and former anti-apartheid activists comments were made in a letter to the US Presbyterian church s biennial General Assembly, which is taking place this week in Detroit.
The letter, published on the website of the US Presbyterian church s Israel/Palestine Mission Network, said:
As the Presbyterian General Assembly gathers for its biennial meeting I reach out in prayer and solidarity that the assembly will make a strong witness for reconciliation, justice and peace. I am aware that the assembly will consider eight overtures on the confounding and intractable conflict in Israel and Palestine; however, I am especially urging the assembly to adopt the overture naming Israel as an apartheid state through its domestic policies and maintenance of the occupation, and the overture calling for divestment of certain companies that contribute to the occupation of the Palestinian people. Both are worthy of adoption, by speaking truth in the first instance, and owning up to the church s complicity in maintaining the occupation through its investments in the second.
The sustainability of Israel as a homeland for the Jewish people has always been dependent on its ability to deliver justice to the Palestinians. I know firsthand that Israel has created an apartheid reality within its borders and through its occupation. The parallels to my own beloved South Africa are painfully stark indeed. Realistic Israeli leaders have acknowledged that Israel will either end its occupation through a one or two state solution, or live in an apartheid state in perpetuity. The latter option is unsustainable and an offence to justice. We learned in South Africa that the only way to end apartheid peacefully was to force the powerful to the table through economic pressure.more..e-mail

Remember Israel’s abuse of Palestinian kids
Nureddin Sabir, Editor, Redress6/15/2014
By now the whole world must have heard about the alleged kidnapping of three Jewish squatters offspring in the occupied Palestinian West Bank.
The three, Eyal Yifrach, 19, and Gilad Sha er and Naftali Frankel, both 16, are said to have disappeared while hitchhiking near the Jewish squatter colony of Kfar Etzion, close to the occupied city of Hebron.
Pavlovian reflex
Predictably, the Israeli prime minister, Binyamin Netanyahu, was quick to blame the Palestinian faction Hamas for the disappearance of the squatter kids.
Not to be outdone, Israel s so-called intelligence minister, Yuval Steinitz, went further, blaming the Palestinian national reconciliation for the squatter kids mystery.
And, like a parrot, the US secretary of state, John Kerry, waded in on the Israeli side, regurgitating the Israeli mantra that many indications pointed to Hamas s involvement.
Meanwhile, another Israeli security official disputed that any of the known Palestinian factions was behind the squatter kids disappearance, saying instead that the kidnapping was likely carried out by a small group of militants with no direct orders from Hamas, ISIS or any other regional group.
True to form, Israel responded to the alleged disappearance of the squatter kids by imposing collective punishment a crime under international law on the occupied Palestinians, at the time of writing arresting as many as 125 without any evidence of involvement in the alleged kidnapping.more..e-mail

Opposing Israel’s permanence
Ramona Wadi, Middle East Monitor (MEMO)6/15/2014
Mangled beyond recognition, the concept and implementation of reconciliation has been usurped by diplomacy to encompass a wider spectrum than its initial intention. Hailed as the means through which factional differences in Palestinian leadership might be resolved, reconciliation has instead become a multi-faceted process that lends itself, with the wilful consent of Palestinian leaders, diplomats and many others clamouring for illusory peace, to the auspices of the settler-colonial state and its international accomplices.
Deemed an ultimate option, the association of reconciliation solely with the creation of the unity government has allowed deeper ramifications to remain unchallenged, in particular the consolidation of Zionist settler-colonial presence in Palestine. Statements about the unity government veer towards the utopia associated with the perception of reconciliation, a process which incorporates imperialist expectations of governance, control and subjugation of the people as the means of thwarting Palestinian resistance. Hence, the prevailing outcome remains international complicity in the ongoing usurpation of Palestinian land and memory.
Given the current political framework in relation to decades of concessions granted by Palestinian leaders, the concept of reconciliation has imparted an increased subjugation that should be perceived as part of a wider strategy. This enables Israel to dictate its dominion and justify the ensuing oppression inflicted upon Palestinians as an alleged reaction to purported international support.
As discourse revolves around terms such as mutual recognition, the two-state solution and international approval of the Palestinian unity government (with the latter opposed constantly by Netanyahu in his attempts to divert discourse towards negotiation), reconciliation is appropriated in a manner that extends beyond the alleged significance for Palestinians. In the absence of unified struggle, reconciliation furthered the Palestinian leadership’s submission in relation to concessions….more..e-mail

Eight papal messages in Palestine
Nicola Nasser, Al-Ahram Weekly6/15/2014
Contrary to claims that Pope Francis was neutral in his recent visit to the Holy Land, below the surface the Vatican continues to normalise relations with occupation Israel.
Pope Francis s pilgrimage to the Holy Land last week proved to be an unbalanced mission impossible. The pontiff failed to strike a balance of neutrality between contradictory and irreconcilable binaries like divinity and earth, religion and politics, justice and injustice and military occupation and peace.
Such neutrality is viewed by the laity of Christian believers, let alone Muslim ones, in the Holy Land as religiously, morally and politically unacceptable.
The 77-year-old head of the world s 1.2 billion Catholics is stepping into a religious and political minefield , Naim Ateek, the Anglican priest who founded the Palestinian liberation theology movement and runs the Sabeel Ecumenical Centre in Jerusalem and Nazareth, was quoted as saying by Time 24 May, the first day of the pope s pilgrimage .
Ironically, the symbolic moral and spiritual power of the Holy See was down to earth in Pope Francis s subservient adaptation to the current realpolitik of the Holy Land in what Catholic Online on 26 May described as faith diplomacy .
The pontiff s message to the Palestinian people during his three-day pilgrimage to the Holy Land boils down to an endorsement of the Israeli and US message to them ie The only route to peace is to negotiate with the Israeli occupying power, refrain from unilateral actions and violent resistance and recognise Israel as a fait accompli.
The UK-based Jordanian-Palestinian journalist Lamis Andoni, a Christian herself, wrote on 27 May: We don t need the Vatican blessing of negotiations& Whoever sees occupation and remains neutral has no justice in his vision. more..e-mail

If I am sad leaving Syria, how must the guys with me in the taxi feel?
In Gaza: 15 Jun 2014 – Back through the rolling white-rock/earth hills 2ith their low trees and scrub, on the road from Damascus to Beirut. Every visit to Syria is too short. My first belated visit, from April 9-29 passed quickly. The second, June 6-15, even quicker. But in both visits, I met an array of people, from those in markets to university students to shared taxi occupants to those in a Damascus cafe to members of the only rugby team& to Syria s compelling Grand Mufti, Sheikh Hassoun, to the Minister for Reconciliation& With the peace delegation and also in independent meetings, I also met survivors of massacres and terrorism from Kasab, Harem, Yarmouk, Homs, and even Damascus, where mortars do rain down on civilian areas, killing and maiming indiscriminately. As I noticed when going to Ma aloula the other day, in spite of battling against foreign-conceived, backed, and supplied terrorism, Syrian roads are being freshly-paved. The…more

Presbyterian Church’s Tough Love of Israel
Palestine Chronicle: 15 Jun 2014 – By Sam Bahour The two million-member Presbyterian Church (USA) is about to make history in the Middle East, yet again. In the coming days, local delegates from the Church will travel to Detroit to attend the 221st Presbyterian General Assembly to consider a set of eight overtures that ask church lea
ders to review support of two states for Palestine and Israel in light of unfolding facts on the ground. Other issues to be considered are backing of equal rights and unblocked economic development for all inhabitants of Israel, and divesting from the likes of Caterpillar, Hewlett-¨Packard, and Motorola Solutions. The Church is clearly stepping up to the plate and realigning its policies with its values. Political America and Corporate America should be taking note. Reminiscent of the struggle against Apartheid South Africa, the Church is poised to step in where successive US administrations have failed to hold Israel accountable to…

A Coup in Israel? Nonsense!
Palestine Chronicle: 15 Jun 2014 – By Uri Avnery The existence of the army in a truly democratic state represents a paradox. The army is supposed to obey the elected government. This obedience is unconditional. But the army (including land, sea and air forces) is the only potent armed force in the country. It can carry out a coup d etat and grab power at any given moment. In recent months alone, army commanders have carried out coups in Egypt and Thailand, and perhaps in other places, too. So what prevents army commanders carrying out coups everywhere? Just the democratic values, on which they were raised. In Israel, a military coup is unthinkable. Here is the place to repeat the old Israeli joke: the Chief of Staff assembles his senior commanders and addresses them: Comrades, tomorrow morning at 0600 hours we take over the government. For a moment there is silence. Then the entire audience dissolves into…more

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