Ukraine News Links 27-28 June 2014

28 June 2014  16:31:50 —

Ukraine shells hit Russian border checkpoint, villages (RT)

Three Ukrainian rounds of ammunition land on Russian territory (ITAR-TASS)

Poroshenko’s claims Russian people hate Ukraine are ignorant – State Duma speaker (Voice of Russia)

Duma speaker denies Poroshenko’s claims Russian people hate Ukraine (ITAR-TASS)

Poroshenko: Ukraine’s only state language to be Ukrainian (ITAR-TASS)

Washington pushing Ukraine to conflict – Lavrov (RT)

Kiev deploys Neo-Nazi Paramilitary against Political Opponents in Eastern Ukraine (Global Research)

Ukraine’s EU Association Agreement a Prelude to Further Bloodshed (Global Research)

UN Secretary-General urges ultimate stop to violence in Ukraine (SCF)

New clashes test Ukraine ceasefire (BBC)

Truce in Ukraine result of Kiev being unable to subjugate Donetsk, Lugansk with force (Voice of Russia)

Russia able to withstand EU’s toughest sanctions scenario – economy minister (Voice of Russia)

Russia praises idea to render rights assistance to Ukraine (ITAR-TASS)

Ukrainian journalist supposedly detained by Ukraine’s Security Service – OSCE (Voice of Russia)

OSCE’s chairperson welcomes Poroshenko’s decision to extend ceasefire in Ukraine’s east (Voice of Russia)

Ukraine deadly war waged by big businesses dead set against EU association (Voice of Russia)

OSCE monitoring group to visit Donetsk People’s Republic next week (Voice of Russia)

Moscow wants EU to have good relations with US but make its own decisions – Lavrov (Voice of Russia)

OSCE reports kidnapping of two Ukrainian journalists in Donetsk region (Voice of Russia)

Kiev tourism industry suffers losses, number of residents in hotels fallen by half – city authorities (Voice of Russia)

Some Western partners conceal truth about real events in Ukraine – Russian MP (Voice of Russia)

Russian MP against OSCE PA draft resolution against Russia proposed by US Senator (Voice of Russia)

Refugee bus from southeast Ukraine attacked near Donetsk, casualties reported (Voice of Russia)

Ukraine truce holds despite attacks (BBC)

US prefers to push Ukraine leadership towards confrontation – FM Lavrov (Voice of Russia)

Ukraine’s Interior Ministry organises new checkpoints at border with Donetsk and Lugansk (ITAR-TASS)

Kiev military unit in Donetsk surrenders to militia (Voice of Russia)

Ukraine, Moldova, Georgia make mistake by signing association agreements with EU – MP (Voice of Russia)

Donetsk Peoples Republic intends to leave Ukraine’s jurisdiction and integrate with Customs Union (Voice of Russia)

Self-defense forces claim Kiev wants to use vacuum bombs (Voice of Russia)

Ban ki-Moon welcomes prolongation of ceasefire inUkraine, calls for ultimate end of violence (Voice of Russia)

Kiev deploys fascists against political opponents (WSWS)

Ukraine’s EU Association Agreement a prelude to further bloodshed (WSWS)

Why Russia Probably Will Not Bomb Kiev’s Forces in Eastern Ukraine (Dissident Voice)

UN Secretary-General urges ultimate stop to violence in Ukraine (ITAR-TASS)

NEO – Iraq and Ukraine: End of the American Empire (Veterans Today)

Crisis in Ukraine is caused by interference of Western countries – Moscow (Voice of Russia)

Russia to send humanitarian aid to eastern regions of Ukraine on June 28 (SCF)

European citizens are skeptical about Ukraine’s accession to the EU – Euro-MP (Voice of Russia)

Ukraine’s Donetsk airport closed for technical reasons till October 31 (ITAR-TASS)

Russia has 14,000 children who are refugees fromUkraine – Astakhov (SCF)

Ceasefire regime in Ukraine’s east expired, Poroshenko to say whether it will be extended (SCF)

US Military in Europe: from Forces Rotation to Permanent Presence (SCF)

Truce in Ukraine may be prematurely terminated (Voice of Russia)

27 June 2014

Ukraine extends ceasefire for east (BBC)

Donetsk People’s Republic to protect its economy from consequences of Ukraine-EU agreement (Voice of Russia)

Finian Cunningham on Crosstalk: Ukrainian Crucible (Dandelion Salad)

Donetsk People’s Republic pledges to release four OSCE hostages (ITAR-TASS)

Donetsk People’s Republic ready to begin peace talks when Ukrainian forces drawn off (Voice of Russia)

Russia wants to send humanitarian aid to Ukraine’s eastern regions (Voice of Russia)

Association with EU not to be able to compensateUkraine’s economic losses – Russian EU ambassador (Voice of Russia)

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