‘Leaked RAND Corp. document is classical warfare coming from the CIA’

7 July 2014 — RT

RT: The leaked RAND Corporation document apparently outlines an advisable course of action if the Ukraine peace plan fails. However, this plan has nothing similar with any peaceful solution. Does it make sense?

Dean Henderson: Well, it makes perfect sense because the RAND Corporation is the think tank which is basically CIA. I mean it is a private version of the CIA, and there is this back and forth between people working at RAND and people working at the CIA. So no surprise the RAND Corporation is involved in this. It always reminds me of this pink plan which the CIA wrote in order to counter war is the same kind of stuff, basically the total annihilation of this region, infrastructure, and demoralizing the people. And this is classical warfare coming from the CIA.

RT: Does it even make any sense for the US to want such a violent crackdown?

DH: Why not? Poroshenko is basically a puppet worth two billion dollars, he is involved in the drug trade, he is involved in making cars, chocolate – he is an oligarch. We found out that he already financed the Right Sector before the putsch even happened, and he financed these people on Maidan. So this is consistent to what we know about oligarchy, with the bunch of the Right Sector people now in the military. And this is nothing different from Nicaragua in 1984, nothing different from Angola, Mozambique, El Salvador, Panama – it is a classic textbook example work by the CIA, and Poroshenko is a puppet. More than one carried it out. The amazing thing is the restraint shown by Vladimir Putin, but I am not sure how long that has to run.

RT: What kind of reaction should Moscow be showing? Should President Putin intervene directly or continue calling for ceasefire and dialogue?

DH: Again, to my last point. The patience of Vladimir Putin is being tested here. I think what is going on, the big picture here is that international bankers are insolvent – Deutsche Bank, RBS, Chase, Citigroup, Bank of America – all these huge money center banks are insolvent, they have zero interest rates, they are desperately trying to reflate the global economy. I think that is the key, because they are really scared of depression, deflation, that bankers go to jail, that’s where people get really angry at bankers. So they are desperately trying to reflate the global economy, and the only thing the US has to do that is the military industrial complex, oil prices are pumped up 35 cents from last week, and the artificial inflation of oil prices in defense contractors is an attempt to reflate the global economy, in the big picture. Putin is very restrained but at some point will he have to intervene more than he already has is a big question. He is basically trying to avoid WWIII because he knows that that’s what China is waiting for.

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