Gaza News Links 13-14 July 2014

14 July 2014 18:14:00 —


Gaza fire traded on seventh day (BBC)

Out to Kill: Israel’s assault on Gaza is not to stop rocket fire (Mondoweiss)

Federal official fires gun at pro-Palestine demonstrators following scuffle in LA (Mondoweiss)

Israel launches ground assault on Gaza (RT)

Rejecting victimhood: the case for Palestinian resistance (Open Democracy)

Christie slams Obama for creating daylight between US and Israel (Mondoweiss)

Change the paradigm – Israel is not a victim (RT)

Israel is deliberately targeting civilians in Gaza By Rania Khalek (InI)

PCHR_e 14 July 2014: Ongoing Israeli Offensive on Gaza: 162 Palestinians Killed, of Whom 137 Are Civilians, Including 34 Children and 28 Women, and 1,058 Others Wounded, Mostly Civilians, Including 332 Children and 212 Women (InI)

How many people have died from Gaza rockets into Israel? (Mondoweiss)

Fear and loathing in Tel Aviv and Jerusalem (Mondoweiss)

Pearl Jam’s Eddie Vedder says Israel is using our taxes to ‘drop bombs on children’ and take land (Mondoweiss)

Norwegian Physician Treating Wounded Civilians: Stop the Bombing, End Israeli Impunity in Gaza (Democracy Now!)

“We Are Human Beings”: Gaza Doctor Pleads for End to Israeli Bombing of Civilian Population (Democracy Now!)

#GazaUnderAttack – Day 8 – WARNING – SOME GRAPHIC CONTENT (Sabbah)

“Israel Targets Civilians, the Casualties Speak Volumes”: Int’l Protection Urged for Besieged Gaza (Demicracy Now!)

Asia-Pacific socialists: ‘Stop Israel’s war crimes in Gaza!’ (Links)

Statement on Gaza: 14 July 2014 (UK Parliament)

Palestine urges int’l community to condemn Israeli actions – ambassador (Voice of Russia)

Palestinian ambassador to Russia: Humanitarian crisis heightens in Gaza Strip (ITAR-TASS)

Hysteria versus Impunity (Craig Murray)

Russian citizens may leave Gaza Strip this week — diplomat (ITAR-TASS)

Egypt: Activists Protest in Solidarity With Gaza in Cairo (

Brothers’ Keeper: while the rest of the world was apparently watching soccer (Open Democracy)

Asia-Pacific socialists: ‘Stop Israel’s war crimes in Gaza!’ (Links)

Blood for gas: Why Bibi is punishing Gaza (RT)

Gaza campaign enters seventh day (BBC)

30 percent of Israeli airstrikes victims on Gaza are women and children (Voice of Russia)

Israel-Gaza conflict: Military drone from Gaza shot down over Israel (The Independent)

Dear PLO… (Dissident Voice)

Israel denies launch of full-scale military operation in Gaza Strip (Voice of Russia)

Old Man Take a Look at Your Life (Dissident Voice)

Thousands flee northern Gaza (BBC)

Israel escalates attack on Gaza (WSWS)

Israeli Interior Minister: “The Goal of the Operation Is to Send Gaza Back to the Middle Ages”, “Destroying All the Infrastructure Including Roads and Water” (WashingtonsBlog)

Israel hold off on threatened escalating Gaza barrage (Voice of Russia)

Pro-Palestinian march turns violent in Paris, synagogue attacked (RT)

Israel Is to Blame for the Violence (Dissident Voice)

Israel mobilizes 20,000 troops for possible ground attack along Gaza border (SCF)

VIDEO: Death toll mounts amid Gaza strikes (BBC)

13 July 2014

Thousands of civilians flee Gaza, Palestinian death toll surpasses 160

“Justified Vengeance”, The Pretext for Bombing Gaza: Was the Netanyahu Government behind the Killings of the Three Israeli Teenagers? (Global Research)

Information Clearing House 13 July 2014 (INI)

Israel’s incremental genocide in the Gaza ghetto (Electronic Intifada)

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