Gaza News Links 17-18 July 2014

18 July 2014 20:06:39 —

Israel-Gaza conflict: Casualties mount, but Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu is determined to expand the military operation (The Independent)

Current Issues (Moon of Alabama)

Israel-Gaza conflict: French minister Bernard Cazeneuve backs ban on pro-Palestinian protests in Paris (The Independent)

“Evacuate to Where?” – Report from Gaza and Israel (The Real News)

Huge rise in Gaza displaced, says UN (BBC)

Activists occupy UK govt office demanding end to arms trade with Israel (Mondoweiss)

Gaza Needs More than Condemnation – Israel Should Be Expelled from the Community of Nations (Global Research)

Stop criminal attack on Gaza! (

Mohyeldin’s boss at NBC rallied ‘Jewish passion’ for Israel when ‘it is physically threatened’ (Mondoweiss)

U.S. State Department Blames Hamas for Israel’s Bombing of Children Playing on Gaza Beach (Global Research)

Israel’s iron fist (Mondoweiss)

Bowing to AIPAC, Senate unanimously passes resolution supporting Israel (Mondoweiss)

‘Heartbroken’ at ‘horrifying’ killing of boys, State Dep’t says Israel must do more to prevent civilian deaths (Mondoweiss)

March for Gaza Saturday 19 July 2014, London (InI)

Activists stage die-in at HP headquarters to protest complicity with Israeli attack on Gaza (Mondoweiss)

CNN boots reporter from Israel-Gaza conflict after ‘scum’ tweet (RT)

Jewish group calls on NBC to let Mohyeldin report on Gaza (Mondoweiss)

‘Protective Edge’: Israel’s ground offensive in Gaza (ITAR-TASS)

And now a word from our Democratic Party standard bearer (Mondoweiss)

First night of Israeli ground operations kills 27 Palestinians; Ambulances come under fire attempting to retrieve the injured (Mondoweiss)

Russian Foreign Ministry attaches importance to security of Russian citizens in Gaza (ITAR-TASS)

Operation Bibi Rescue (Dissident Voice)

Gambia: Gaza Negotiations Plagued By Bad-Faith Actors (

Over 20 dead in Gaza as Israel’s ground offensive unfolds (SCF)

Gaza, Gaza don’t you cry (Basics News)

Palestine Will Never Die (Basics News)

The Facade of Ceasefire Talks (Basics News)

Protests and Propaganda (Basics News)

(4th Media)Israel’s Motive of Natural Gas Appropriation (Basics News)

“Evacuate to Where?” – Report from Gaza and Israel (The Real News)

Over 20 dead in Gaza as Israel’s ground offensive unfolds (SCF)

Turks condemn Israel aggression against Gaza Strip (SCF)

‘Do unto apartheid Israel what you did to apartheid South Africa’: trade unions protest attack on Gaza (Links)

Israel may widen Gaza offensive – PM (BBC)

Israel-Gaza conflict: Death toll passes 260 as Israel launches first ground offensive (The Independent)

Israel launches ground offensive in Gaza Strip (ITAR-TASS)

Israel-Gaza conflict: Turkish protesters raise Palestinian flag outside Israeli consulate in Istanbul (The Independent)

Witnessing Death in Gaza and Cheering Death in Israel (Sabbah)

CNN forced to film Israelis cheer Gaza strike (Jonathon Cook)

Oppose the Israeli invasion of Gaza (WSWS)

Where are Arab, Turkish Leaders who are against oppression(?) (Islamic Invitation Turkey)

Gaza: Break the Mainstream Media Siege. Arm Yourself with the Facts (Global Research)

Israeli military starts ground operation in Gaza (SCF)

Gaza needs more than condemnation (The Electronic Intifada)

Israel-Gaza conflict: Beaten Palestinian-American teenager Tariq Khdeir returns to Florida (The Independent)

Gaza’s future on hold as families wait out Israel’s bombing (The Electronic Intifada)

#GazaUnderAttack – Day 12 (Sabbah)

17 July 2014

Israel launches ground incursion in Gaza Strip (RT)

Israel destroys el-Wafa hospital as staff evacuates all patients (Mondoweiss)

‘We are moving from Iron Dome to an iron fist’: Israel launches ground invasion of Gaza (Mondoweiss)

NYT headline on Gaza killings hits new low (Jonathon Cook)

Over 20 dead in Gaza as Israel’s ground offensive unfolds (RT)

I have never been more conscious of my womanhood than right now in Jerusalem (Mondoweiss)

Legitimacy crisis: Netanyahu acknowledges Israeli assault lacked legitimacy (Mondoweiss)

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