New at Strategic Culture Foundation 13-19 July 2014: Ukraine-Russia / BRICS / Bretton Woods / LITPOLUKRBRIG / Iraq / Latin America

19 July 2014 — Strategic Culture Foundation

US Aims at Blowing EU-Russia Rift with Downed Airliner

19.07.2014 | 00:00 | Finian CUNNINGHAM

The downing of Malaysian Airlines MH17 over eastern Ukraine with the loss of all 298 onboard comes amid mounting frustration between Washington and its European allies over the imposition of further trade sanctions on Russia. Days before the doomed flight, American officials were quietly voicing their agitation at European leaders’ reluctance to apply sanctions that would hit Russia’s key economic sectors… American geopolitical interests are best served by this atrocity, by shocking a laggardly Europe into adopting its aggressive sanctions towards Russia, even though that militates against European economic concerns. Shooting down a civilian airliner would ensure blowing a decisive rift between Europe and Russia.


Habitation and a name for India in the BRICS (II)

19.07.2014 | 00:00 | Melkulangara BHADRAKUMAR

India would have important choices to make in the period ahead even as BRICS’ political profile gets etched in ever-sharper terms. There is no denying the fact that the BRICS’ New Development Bank presents itself as an alternative to the US-dominated global financial institutions… BRICS is destined to be a unique asset for Indian diplomacy. Even today’s detractors are bound to appreciate at some point that BRICS has great value for an impatient leader like Modi who is bent on creating new momentum for India’s national policies.


Habitation and a name for India in the BRICS (I)

18.07.2014 | 10:56 | Melkulangara BHADRAKUMAR

If the annual BRICS summit meeting, which just ended in Fortaleza, Brazil, assumed an unprecedented level of interest in India, three reasons could be attributed to it… it is possible to say that the Modi government decided to inherit the BRICS brief from the Manmohan Singh government and has not felt the need to tamper with it – at least, not yet. This becomes yet another template of the continuity that can be expected in the Indian foreign policies under the leadership of Modi…


BRICS against Dollar Dominance or the US as Global Stronghold of Evil

18.07.2014 | 00:00 | Nil NIKANDROV

…Has any such problem been solved by the United States during, say, the recent 25 years? Devastated countries, thousands dead, hundreds of assassinated politicians and military leaders who have not met the standards of the US-style democracy which is the only one that is genuine, is it not the egregious irresponsibility? Normal people are scared by the US strong desire to create Pax Americana on the ruins of other, more ancient and in a way, more perfect civilizations? It is rejected even by the closest allies of the empire. Reasonable leaders watch with concern the irrevocable of the United States turning into the global center of evil.


70 Years Dividing Bretton Woods Conference and Fortaleza Decisions

18.07.2014 | 00:00 | Valentin KATASONOV

This July the world marks the 70 years anniversary of Bretton Woods Conference, formally known as the United Nations Monetary and Financial Conference… As 70 years since Bretton Woods have passed, a heavy blow was delivered against international financial institutions. The attack came from the resort city of Fortaleza in Brazil. Although the theme of the summit was “social inclusion”, at the top of the agenda is the creation of two new entities controlled entirely by the five BRICS members. The Bank is setup to foster greater financial and development cooperation among the five emerging markets. It would be headquartered in Shanghai, China and the first chief executive will come from India. The New Development Bank (NDB) will fund development projects independent of the US-controlled World Bank, and the Contingent Reserve Arrangement (CRA) will provide relief from the austere conditions and requirements of the IMF…


LITPOLUKRBRIG: Another EU and NATO Combat Unit Created Against Russia to Be Joined by Ukraine

17.07.2014 | 00:00 | Andrei AKULOV

Polish Prime Minister Donald Tusk and Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko held a phone conversation on July 14. There was a plethora of burning issues to tackle, still the leaders found time to discuss the urgent enhancement of Lithuania – Poland – Ukrainian brigade (LITPOLUKRBRIG) up to operational status. The signing is to be expedited as the events in Ukraine unfold… LITPOLUKRBRIG, the V4 battle group, the extension of US presence and the intensification of special operations activities are all hostile concerted actions of EU, Ukraine and NATO in stark violation of the Founding Act on Mutual Relations, Cooperation and Security between NATO and the Russian Federation signed in 1997…


The US Trident in Iraq

17.07.2014 | 00:00 | Nikolai BOBKIN

Washington is currently trying to work out what to do with Iraq. Condoleezza Rice once promised to transform the US-occupied Arab country into a «torch of democracy». And now Joe Biden is once again promising the Iraqi people democracy, but no longer for all and no longer throughout the whole country, just in parts. Sunnis from Isis are promising their own kind of democracy, and they have already shown exactly how it will be: either join them or die. For Iraqi Shiites, meanwhile, it would be more democratic to overthrow their leader and select a new American protege. For the Kurds, it would be abandoning federalism and adherence to the constitution of a unified state. Thus, the US policy regarding Iraq has the feeling of a trident…


Putin in Latin America

16.07.2014 | 00:00 | Nil NIKANDROV

During his Latin American tour President Putin never said the voyage was a response to US-led NATO provocative activities near the Russian borders. He never made any statements of confrontational nature, no matter the US used the aggravated crisis in Ukraine to flex its muscle along the Russian borders… The trip encompassed Cuba, Nicaragua, Argentina and Brazil. Nothing like this has ever happened in the days of the Soviet Union… There is each and every ground to talk about renaissance of Latin-US relationship…


Russia’s UN Security Council Initiative Accompanied by White Book on Crimes Committed by Kiev Regime

16.07.2014 | 00:00 | Alexander MEZYAEV

The Russian Federation has recently offered two draft resolutions on Ukraine to be considered by the United Nations Security Council (UNSC) but they have failed to come into force lacking support from other UNSC members. On July 11 Russia’s permanent representative to the UN Vitaly Churkin told journalists that Russia will no longer contribute to the Security Council by implementing draft resolution on Ukraine. Instead, Russia introduced the principles (elements) on which the future resolution should be built… According to the Ambassador, the situation is getting worse in eastern Ukraine and Security Council must respond to it. He expressed the expectation that those members of the Security Council, which had previously blocked the draft resolutions on the situation in Ukraine, would reconsider their stance and realize that the United Nations cannot stand idle watching the crisis unfold…


Check Mating Washington in its Own Backyard with BRICSIANSE

15.07.2014 | 00:00 | Wayne MADSEN

…Putin is making the most of his six-day visit to Latin America. He forgave Cuba’s debt to Russia while visiting Havana and also stopped in Nicaragua and Rio de Janeiro. While in Cuba, Putin met with former Cuban leader Fidel Castro and his brother, Raul Castro, Cuba’s president, two leaders who continue to infuriate the neo-con and right-wing power centers of Washington. Putin also attended the final game of the World Cup in Rio. Russia is the host of 2018 World Cup. Putin also visited Argentina where he signed a deal on nuclear energy.  The interest of Iran, Argentina, Nigeria, Syria, and Egypt in joining BRICS may soon see the group’s acronym become «BRICSIANSE». Such a development would triumph the nations of the world that refuse to take orders from Washington…


Iraq Partition, US Way

15.07.2014 | 00:00 | Nikolai BOBKIN

Iraq was the first phase of the US Greater Middle East plan being shaped on the world map. Even before the 2003 invasion, Washington wanted to partition the country into three parts: Sunni, Shia and Kurdish. The Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (alternatively translated as Islamic State of Iraq and Syria and Islamic State of Iraq and al-Sham, abbreviated ISIL, ISIS) offensive to capture a large part of Iraqi land is nothing else but part of this plan. Speaking formally the White House calls on the Kurds not to sever ties with Baghdad and promises military aid to the Shiite – dominated al-Maliki government. The United States also talks about the possibility of joining efforts with Iran to counter the terrorists, but in practice it sticks to the policy of instigating chaos to make Iraq a divided state…


Ukraine Turf Wars, Kolomoisky vs. Poroshenko

14.07.2014 | 00:00 | Dmitry MININ

The civil war in Ukraine is in full swing. The strong and influential ones start serious turf wars trying to cook a hare before catching him. Donbass and the control over Ukraine are at stake. Petro Poroshenko and his team believe the position of President paves the way for full control over Ukraine. But Igor Kolomoisky, a tycoon to have great ambitions and is hardly immune to greed, may think otherwise… Predominantly residing in Switzerland, Kolomoisky finds ways to control the Dnepropetrovsk, Odessa and Kharkov regions. At the moment his influence is getting spread around the regions of Donetsk, Zaporozhye, and Nikolaev. He puts forward the idea of dividing the Donetsk region by making separate the Priazov region with Mariupol as its capital…


Way Back to Sky Blue Havana

14.07.2014 | 00:00 | Nil NIKANDROV

Russian President Vladimir Putin began a six-day Latin American tour to coincide with the BRICS summit in Brasilia. The full agenda encompasses Cuba, Nicaragua, Argentina and Brazil… The President Putin’s tour started with the country which treats Russia with sympathy and love… The Russia’s President’s visit has a symbolic significance. Having gone through hard times in recent years the alliance between Russia and Cuba that emerged so may years ago after the victory of Cuban revolution has grown even stronger adapted to new historic realities… Russia plans to take part in developing the free trade zone in the port city of Mariel located in the vicinity of Havana. Health care and energy joint projects are on the rise. The military cooperation is also being intensified. Cubans know well how to handle the Russian systems…


The European Court of Human Rights’ Verdict on Georgia vs Russia

13.07.2014 | 00:00 | Alexander MEZYAEV

On 3 July, the European Court of Human Rights (ECtHR) reached a decision in the case of Georgia vs Russia. The case seems quite remarkable. The majority of complaints to the ECtHR are submitted by individuals (for example Kalashnikov vs Russia), but this case is of an intergovernmental nature: the government of Georgia against the government of the Russian Federation. In its more than six-decade history, the ECtHR has ruled on a total of three intergovernmental complaints… 


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