Gaza News Links 24-25 July 2014

25 July 2014 18:55:33  —

Netanyahu Targets Gaza Hospitals: Internationals Volunteer as Human Shields to Protect Shifa Hospital from Israeli Attacks (Global Research)

Israeli Lawyer Doesn’t Deny Nuremberg Crimes on Palestinians (What the Nazis Did to the Jews) (WashingtonsBlog)

Palestinian death toll in Gaza reaches 846; 37 Israelis die since military operation (ITAR-TASS)

Netanyahu Kills Palestinian Children: Israel Bombs Gaza Children’s Hospital (Global Research)

Israeli forces kill 3 during Gaza solidarity march in West Bank village of Beit Ummar (Mondoweiss)

America Complicit in Israeli War Crimes: US Stands Alone in Vote Against United Nations Inquiry Into Gaza Assault (Global Research)

Joan Rivers defends Israel: ‘If New Jersey were firing rockets into New York, we would wipe them out’ (The Independent)

Photo: Message on Israeli shell headed to Gaza, ‘Thats for canceling the Backstreet Boys, you scum!’ (Mondoweiss)

The Gaza war crimes and the bankruptcy of nationalism (The Greanville Post)

“No Safe Place”: After Deadly Attack on Gaza School, U.N. Warns 150,000 Seeking Shelter are at Risk (Democracy Now!)

Amnesty International: Israel Remains the Occupying Power in Gaza and is Thus Bound By the Law Of Occupation (WashingtonsBlog)

Israel’s actions ‘unjustified’ in eyes of women, non-whites, Dems, indy’s, and those under 50 — Gallup (Mondoweiss)

PCHR_e] On the 18th Day of the Israeli Offensive on Gaza: Israeli Warplane Attack Shelter of Displaced Civilians Killing 11 and Wounding Dozens; Israeli Forces Attack Medical Crews and Ambulances; Israeli Forces Attack Gaza from the Air, the Sea and the Ground (InI)

‘The unity is stronger than ever’: Report from historic march on Qalandia checkpoint in solidarity with Gaza (Mondoweiss)

‘Israel is wrong by any moral standard’ — Robinson says, as US media pile up (Mondoweiss)

NY Times reports source of UNRWA school attack is unclear even though Israel said they did it (Mondoweiss)

Russia calls for immediate ceasefire in Gaza under Egypt’s initiative — Foreign Ministry (ITAR-TASS)

How Many Marched for Gaza? (Dissident Voice)

Doctor: After “Losing Everything,” Gazans Cling to Hope That Conflict Will End Crippling Siege (Democracy Now!)

Letter From Happy Town (The Greanville Post)

In photos: Over 1,000 New Yorkers protest Israel’s attack on Gaza (Mondoweiss)

Turning Point? Largest West Bank Protest in Decades Raises Spectre of a 3rd Intifada (Democracy Now!)

“No Safe Place”: After Deadly Attack on Gaza School, U.N. Warns 150,000 Seeking Shelter Are at Risk (Democracy Now!)

Sharif Abdel Kouddous: In Gaza, Unrelenting Israeli Assault Causes “Grave Humanitarian Crisis” (Democracy Now!)

The Five Fingers of Death (Dissident Voice)

Live Blog #GazaUnderAttack – Day 19 (Sabbah)

Malaysian cyclist could face disciplinary action after ‘Save Gaza’ gloves protest (The Independent)

Israel ensures flight safety despite fighting in Gaza — Israel embassy spokesman (ITAR-TASS)

Israel to investigate attack on UN school in Gaza — deputy ambassador (ITAR-TASS)

Israel-Gaza conflict: At least two killed in West Bank protests against Israel’s military offensive in Gaza (The Independent)

More BBC Dross (Craig Murray)

VIDEO: West Bank Gaza protests turn deadly (BBC)

Academic (sic) calls for Raping All Palestinian Women — Stars of David Sickness (Dissident Voice)

The Gaza war crimes and the bankruptcy of nationalism (WSWS)

10,000 march on Qalandia in solidarity with Gaza (Mondoweiss)

America Is the Only Country with a Favorable View of Israel (WashingtonsBlog)

American Choice: Genocide Or Justice? (4th Media)

ABC News Interview: ‘Deliberate Massacre’ in Gaza, “Lie Down And Die Quietly”: “Celebrating Human Slaughter” (4th Media)

The Palestinian Right and the Naive Left (Dissident Voice)

Over 60 Palestinians killed in Gaza over past 24 hours (SCF)

Israeli Attack on UN School in Gaza Strip Kills, Injures Refugees (SCF)

Gaza’s Resistance Will Not be Crushed (The Greanville Post)

Ending Zionism is a feminist issue (The Electronic Intifada)

24 July 2014

Human Rights Watch Findings on Gaza Massacre (WashingtonsBlog)

Horrifying details continue to emerge of massacre in Khuza’a (Mondoweiss)

Israel-Gaza conflict: West goes all out for ceasefire as Israelis pound Gaza ‘at full force’ (The Independent)

Women, children, UN staff killed in shelling of school in Gaza (RT)

Pro-Peace Protests Are Sweeping Israel Right Now… and Israeli ‘JDL’ Fascists Are Freaking Out (The Greanville Post)

Media Coverup: US Played A Decisive “Behind the Scenes Role” in Israel’s Attack on Gaza (Global Research)

Human rights ad listing dead Gaza children barred from Israeli radio (RT)

Hamas mimics Hezbollah tactics, and no one will have stability till blockade is lifted (Mondoweiss)

The Palestinian Right and the American Left (WashingtonsBlog)

PCHR_e 24 July 2014: Another Bloody Day of the Israeli Offensive on Gaza: Dozens Palestinian Civilians Killed or Wounded by Israeli Attacks in Khuza’a, ‘Abassan and al-Qarara Villages; Israeli Forces Attack Gaza from the Air, the Sea and the Ground (InI)

Game-changing US/Israel lies: Hamas and Iran demand Palestinian justice, not to ‘destroy Israel’ (WashingtonsBlog)

Israel-Gaza conflict: Israeli targeting policy under scrutiny after shellfire hits a mother and child, a school full of refugees and a doctor’s home (The Independent)

Framing Russia? Fabricating a Pretext to Wage War: Flight MH-17 and “Operation Northwoods” (Global Research)

‘Disgustingly Biased’ – The Corporate Media On The Gaza Massacre (InI)

This Is the Israeli Military Calling: Civilizing War Has Failed (WashingtonsBlog)

Gaza News Links 23-24 July 2014 (InI)

Is Israel’s Operation Protective Edge Really About Natural Gas? (Global Research)

How Israel militarized social media (Mondoweiss)

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