The Battle Of Britain By Gilad Atzmon

6 March 2015 — Gilad Atzmon

What is common to both Gaza and Manchester? 

This week, at least, Zionist aggression  is one answer.

The Royal Northern College of Music (RNMC) stated yesterday that it could no longer ensure “the safety of all involved” after extreme intimidation by a foreign Zionist lobby that demanded they cancel my Orient House Ensemble’s music performance.

The Zionist lobby group behind the campaign expected the RNMC to reject me simply because of my views.  But, predictably, their campaign backfired. The RNCM confirmed in its official statement, that its decision didn’t “reflect any political view of the College.” On the contrary, the concert was cancelled because of “safety” concerns. The Zionist extremist group North West Friends of Israel (NWFoI), a lobby that proclaims its alliance with a foreign criminal state has deliberately threatened a precious cultural institute at the heart of Britain.

In the last two months, UK Jewish leaders have repeatedly complained about an alarming rise of anti-Semitism in Britain. I’d like to use this opportunity to advise them that intimidating Britain’s arts schools and constantly bullying one of Britain’s prominent jazz artists doesn’t reflect well on British Jews or Israel’s supporters. Paradoxically, it confirms that Zionists, like their opponents, support and believe in cultural and academic suppression, they just don’t like to be boycotted themselves. 

Anthony Dennison, co-chair of the NWFoI, the Zionist extremist group that terrorized the music school, admitted to the Jewish Chronicle that the “rapid response to its campaign proved how powerful local activist groups like his could be.” Dennison is certainly correct. British people and institutions are scared of Zionist militants and for good reason. The recent brutal attack on George Galloway by a devout Zionist shows that we are dealing with a very dangerous collective that is spirited and motivated by the uniquely brutal actions of the Jewish State that does not shy away from killing innocent civilians. 

I am left perplexed, is this how British Jews want to be seen by their neighbours- do they really want to be regarded as a bunch of intolerant thugs? Enemies of the arts? Book burners? This image certainly doesn’t reflect the many Jews I work with and who are my friends in this country. But this is precisely the image conveyed by the actions of Mr. Dennison, NWFoI and The Jewish Chronicle that gives such a thug a platform. 

The take home message is devastating for Britain as well as British Jews. Once again Britain faces a battle for its survival as a free nation. If it wants to maintain itself as a universal home to the arts, intellectual exchange, tolerance and diversity, Britain must oppose any foreign lobby’s attempt to interfere with its culture as well as it politics.  

P.S Please consider signing  this petition 

We… the musicians, artists, listeners, citizens of Britain and the world say: 

  • No to intimidation 
  • No to censorship
  • No to political pressure
  • And, that we all must protect the principles of a free society

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