From the horse's mouth: U.S. Dollar Strategic Backfire On U.S. Government Policy

4 March 2015 — The Market Oracle

By: Jim_Willie_CB

It is very difficult to find a foreign policy deployed by the United States Govt that has been successful in recent years. In fact, almost all aggressive foreign policy initiatives have resulted in profound losses either in financial strategic position or in alliances with previous staid allied nations. They have almost uniformly backfired, while bravado has mixed with stupidity, while arrogance has blended with futility.

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Dollar Imperialism, 2015 Edition By MICHÈLE BRAND and RÉMY HERRERA

5 March 2015 — Counterpunch

Our Currency, Your Problem

“The dollar is our currency, but it’s your problem.” This is what US Treasury Secretary John Connally said to his counterparts in the Rome G-10 meeting in November, 1971, shortly after the Nixon administration ended the dollar’s convertibility into gold and shifted the international monetary system into a global floating exchange rate regime. The world has been suffering from this “problem” ever since the US obtained the “exorbitant privilege” of issuing the world’s reserve and trade currency under the Bretton Woods system after WWII.

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The Battle Of Britain By Gilad Atzmon

6 March 2015 — Gilad Atzmon

What is common to both Gaza and Manchester? 

This week, at least, Zionist aggression  is one answer.

The Royal Northern College of Music (RNMC) stated yesterday that it could no longer ensure “the safety of all involved” after extreme intimidation by a foreign Zionist lobby that demanded they cancel my Orient House Ensemble’s music performance.

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Ukraine: This Is a Declaration of War

6 March 2015 — Global Network

At times I feel completely overwhelmed by the current US-NATO military operations aimed at Russia.  It’s growing rapidly – one can’t help but wonder if the recent ‘victory’ of the self-defensive forces in eastern Ukraine wasn’t allowed by Washington and Kiev as a way to get public opinion behind the already well established plans for even more NATO escalation.

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