Russian history exposes media lies By Eric Walberg

17 March 2015 — Eric Walberg

Russia has always fascinated me—the stern heroes who defended Muscovy against the Golden Horde, the ornate and mysterious orthodox faith, the vast spaces, the remarkable learning and philosophy, the Bolshevik Revolution against imperialism… It’s clear the West has always been jealous of a race of genius, highly deserving respect.

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The ECB’s Noose Around Greece: How Central Banks Harness Governments By Ellen Brown

15 March 2015 — Washington’s Blog

Remember when the infamous Goldman Sachs delivered a thinly-veiled threat to the Greek Parliament in December, warning them to elect a pro-austerity prime minister or risk having central bank liquidity cut off to their banks? (See January 6th post here.) It seems the European Central Bank (headed by Mario Draghi, former managing director of Goldman Sachs International) has now made good on the threat.

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Statewatch News Online, 17 March 2015 (05/15): Fingerprinting by force / UK: Police “spying” whistleblower admits to MPs that he infiltrated six trade unions…

17 March 2015 — Statewatch • e-mail:


Top stories and analyses from Statewatch

1.   EU: Fingerprinting by force: secret discussions on “systematic identification” of migrants and asylum seekers
2.   EU: Statewatch Analysis: Proposed Data Protection Regulation: What has the Council agreed so far?
3.   Is it time to go back to the typewriter, carbon paper and Tippex?  “Remote access” to any computer anywhere

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