Lobbyists trying, for the second time to have ban on bee killing pesticides lifted!

9 June 2016 — 38 Degrees

BREAKING: last night powerful lobbyists put in yet another application to bring back bee-killing pesticides to our fields. [1] And government advisers will be approving or blocking the application this Tuesday. [2]

At the moment these pesticides are banned because of the toxic impact they have on our environment, including bees. [3] The ban’s still in place thanks to you and thousands of other 38 Degrees members blocking the lobbyist’s previous application earlier this year. [4]

Now we need to stop it again. Nat, will you share the video and petition to save our bees with with your friends on Facebook now? Let’s reach 300,000 signatures before it’s delivered to the government:



If this all feels a bit familiar, you’d be right. Powerful lobbyists tried to get the ban lifted earlier this year (and twice last year). Together we stopped them. Now the lobbyists are trying their luck again.

Bees are pretty important creatures. And not just because they are a much-loved part of our countryside. They pollinate tons of fruit and vegetables. [5] Our countryside – and our dinner plates – would be much poorer without them.

The toxic-pesticide lobbyists will now be throwing everything into swinging the decision. They’re desperate to get their chemicals back on UK fields. They have deep pockets – but we have people power (over 250,000 of us!) and together we can persuade Environment Minister Liz Truss to do the right thing. So please can you share the petition today?


Thanks for being involved

Nat, Maddy, Kathryn and the 38 Degrees team

[1] Farmers Weekly: NFU ‘gives best shot’ at second bid for neonics:
[2] From the minutes of the last meeting of the UK Expert Committee on Pesticides (ECP):
“8.1 It was confirmed that the Committee’s next meeting will be held in York on 26 July 2016. An additional meeting might be held in York on 14 June 2016 if Emergency Authorisation submissions are made” – this meeting on the 14th June is now going ahead.
See: https://www.gov.uk/government/groups/expert-committee-on-pesticides#meetings
[3] New York Times: Pesticides linked to honeybee deaths pose more risks, European group says:
[4] Together, we managed to block the last pesticide application, read the story here:
[5] The Independent: Pesticides linked to mass bee deaths also affect other friendly organisms including birds and fish:
List of crops pollinated by bees:
BBC news: Widespread impacts of neonicotinoids ‘impossible to deny’:
[6] Huffington Post: These photos capture the startling effect of shrinking bee populations:

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