No to the Snoopers Charter!

11 July 2016 — Liberty


ICRs (Internet Connection Records) are an expensive and unwarranted invasion on all of our privacy. They’re just one part of the controversial Snoopers’ Charter, which will be debated in the House of Lords, starting today. We want to show Peers just how intrusive these ICRs would be – so we’ve sent a mock ICR on a postcard to every member of the House of Lords. 


ICRs would track our every move online – logging websites visited, billing data, usernames, passwords, location data and much more.

And yet the security services have said they don’t need ICRs – they already obtain the data they need in other ways.

So this (extremely expensive) power would be used to monitor almost exclusively innocent citizens, as criminals can easily use the internet anonymously. In fact the use of ICRs make us less safe by creating a honeypot of valuable data for hackers.

This is probably why no other Five Eyes nation collects ICRs – and those nations who have tried to, have failed.

We need Lords to reject this unnecessary power please email the House of Lords reminding them to vote against ICRs today.

Together we can show the House of Lords that we are looking to them to improve the worst parts of the Investigatory Powers Bill.

Thank you for your support,


Larry Holmes
Digital and Campaigns Coordinator

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