The EU proposes a nightmare version of the Link Tax!

1 September 2016 — OpenMedia

Breaking Leak: The European Commission have chosen to ignore all the evidence and propose a copyright law that includes a nightmare version of the link tax, and a host of other ideas that only favour Big Media lobbyists.

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Today, a draft of the copyright law we’ve been anticipating was leaked1 and it confirms the worst.

The EU Commission is going ahead with giving unprecedented powers to publishing giants – including the the Link Tax – giving them the ability to charge fees when snippets of text are used in hyperlinks.2

So far 97,500 Internet users have signed up to #SaveTheLink – but we need to break 100,000 to ensure our voices are heard. We are a powerful movement and together we can put an end to these flawed proposals.

Share our Save the Link petition, and help grow the community fighting these proposals. If you can share now on Facebook and Twitter, we can become louder and stronger as we prepare to kill this draft law when it reaches the next phase later this month.

Today’s leak is even worse than anticipated: there are no protections for Internet users. Not only will there be censored links due to limits on search engines and aggregators, but also restrictions on how all of us share content on social media and around the web.3

As our friends at IGEL say it will impact “everybody who communicates online.”4

This is part of a whole package aiming to monetise how we use the Internet. Get this: the Commission is also demanding that websites implement filtering and monitoring technologies to control user generated content.

If implemented, these proposals will dramatically restrict how we all share and access information online. Without links to route us around the web, the content we want to see will be locked away.

Very soon MEPs will get to debate, amend and vote on this. We’ll make sure they get an earful from Internet users like you who are ready to fight these absurd proposals. They need to know that this is an unworkable disaster and shoot it down.

You can help us make sure it ends here: We need to build a powerful movement to stop it and speak out against these proposals at Please, share our petition on Facebook and Twitter while there’s still time.

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–Ruth, and the team at OpenMedia

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