BREAKING: The Link Tax is Officially on its Way

14 September 2016 — OpenMedia

It’s official.

The EU Commission has officially released some of the worst copyright laws in the world, including unprecedented new Link Tax powers for publishing giants.1, 2

Earlier today, the Commission presented these new rules to the world. Over the past few weeks, leaks suggested the rules were worse than originally feared,3 and today’s announcement proved it. We have to stop this now.

Despite opposition from over 100,000 Internet users and dozens of other advocacy groups, the EU Commission has charged ahead with its wrong-headed plan. This will affect Internet users around the world.

But we can fight back and win. Share these hard-hitting social media images on Twitter and Facebook today!

Share on Twitter | Share on Facebook

Share on Twitter | Share on Facebook

This comes on the heels of a major court ruling that undermined our right to use hyperlinks.4 This means it’s more important than ever that EU decision-makers do what they can to stop this dangerous #LinkTax plan.5

The link tax could make some of your favourite content virtually disappear from search engines.6 Users all over the world will be impacted.

Join us now to give decision-makers a clear resounding ‘no to the link tax’.

We’re only weeks away from releasing a hard-hitting new tool that will let you send pro-Internet messages to Members of the European Parliament to stop this reckless proposal dead in its tracks. That’s where we’re taking the fight next.

But in the meantime, let’s raise hell on Twitter and Facebook and shame the Commission for ignoring our concerns and pushing on with this reckless plan.

–Ruth Coustick-Deal, for OpenMedia

P.S. Donate now so we can reach as many people as possible at this crucial moment. Every single bit helps.


[1] Official announcement of EU DSM Copyright. Source: State of the Union address.

[2] EU Commission formally proposes Link Tax to European Parliament as part of new Copyright Directive. Source: OpenMedia.

[3] Google snippet tax, geoblocking, other copyright reform shunned in EU plan. Source: Ars Technica UK.

[4] Disappointing ruling by EU’s highest court sets worrying global precedent for how we share and access information online. Source: OpenMedia.

[5] Europeans deserve a better copyright reform Source: Communia

[6] Google stops displaying news snippets from German publishers that sued it. Source: ZDNet.


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