Ritzy staff strike for a living wage for the fifth time!

7 October 2016 — Momentum

[To tell the truth, I’m not a big fan of Momentum, or indeed any of the other ‘Corbynista’ support groups, websites, pr agencies, boosters and hangers-0n. Have I missed anything? But I like to keep my eye on things and as the Ritzy Cinema in Brixton is kinda my ‘local’, I actually know a few of the people in the photo below and remember the last time they struck the Picturehouse chain of cinemas. I mean, in London, you can’t even survive on a so-called London living wage. It should be called the ‘existing wage’, and that’s stretching it. I plan to tackle the Corbyn phenom sometime soon and try and explain why I mistrust these ‘fan clubs’. WB]

Cinema Strikes spreading across London.

You may have heard of the Ritzy Cinema in Brixton, and the struggle by workers there for A Living Wage for Ritzy Staff in 2014. It was an inspirational campaign of 13 strikes over 4 months that won them a 26% pay rise, though still not the London Living Wage.

Now they’re on strike again, after the company (Picturehouse, owned by Cineworld) refused to negotiate over their claim including the London Living Wage. What’s more, their colleagues at Hackney Picturehouse have just voted to join their strike, adding recognition for their union BECTU to their demands.

But the workers need our support!

Tomorrow, Friday 7th October The Ritzy workers will walk out on their second strike of 2016 at 1pm. They will later travel to Leicester Square where a red carpet gala screening will be held as part of the London Film Festival, and unfurl a huge banner calling for a Living Wage for all Cinema Workers. They’re asking for supporters to join their peaceful protest from 5pm on Leicester Square, full details on the Facebook event, please share it widely.

Next weekend workers from the Ritzy and Hackney Picturehouse will take joint strike action for the first time, so please follow them on Facebook and help mobilise as many friends and comrades as possible to go down and show support, whether in Hackney or Brixton, next weekend.

This strike could help spark a movement to unionise low-paid, insecure workers. It needs our support.

Ritzy Cinema Campaign: www.facebook.com/RitzyLivingWage
Hackney Picturehouse Campaign: www.facebook.com/HackneyLivingWage
BECTU – Cinema Workers: www.facebook.com/bectuCinemas

In solidarity!
Team Momentum

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