Google is intensifying its censorship of left-wing web sites

25 September 2017 — WSWS

The world’s biggest corporations like Google, Facebook, and Amazon are intensifying efforts to block internet users from accessing left-wing web sites like the World Socialist Web Site.

From April to July, Google changed its algorithms to block 67 percent of WSWS search traffic. Since July, the figure has risen to 74 percent. The world’s wealthiest corporation is systematically removing the WSWS from search results at a higher rate than ever before. As Donald Trump threatens to “totally destroy” North Korea, and as the military-intelligence agencies prepare for new wars, the ruling class is using the threat of “fake news” to justify blocking the population from accessing left-wing, anti-war sites. This was shown in Hillary Clinton’s book, What Happened, which the WSWS recently reviewed.
The WSWS campaign against corporate-government blacklisting has gained international acclaim and continues to gain momentum. Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Chris Hedges cited our coverage, writing on Truthdig: “This is a war of ideas.” Popular Sri Lankan journalist Awantha Artigala featured Google censorship in a widely shared comic:

Google censor
Thousands of people like you from dozens of countries have signed our petition, but we need your active involvement to break through the censorship. We need you to take action:

  1. Donate so that we can produce more videos, expand our presence on social media and continue to expose the blacklisting of left-wing media. Give $500, $250, or $100 today.
  2. Share the Google petition on relevant web sites, forums, Facebook groups and event pages, and engage with others to explain the importance of this campaign. The ruling class fears the Internet and social media because they can be powerful tools to spread the truth.

The World Socialist Web Site will continue to publish additional exposures of Google censorship and the role of corporations like Facebook and Amazon. If you agree with this fight, take action today.

The World Socialist Web Site

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