Black Agenda Report 9 November 2017

9 November 2017 — Black Agenda Report

Those Magical, Fantastical Russians vs. U.S. Empire 

by BAR executive editor Glen Ford
The only people that can make Russiagate fade away are the ones that invented it in the first place: the spooks, Wall Street Democrats and institutional servants of capital that gathered in Hillary Clinton’s overstuffed campaign tent, last year, to plot the next moves of a beleaguered U.S. empire.

Where Would Africa and the World Have Gone Without the October Revolution of 1917? 

by BAR managing editor Bruce A. Dixon
Africa and the African diaspora owe the October Revolution and the USSR a great debt. Without the existence of the USSR as a counterweight to the imperial powers, and its active support to Cuba and to liberation struggles around the world the course of history in 20th century Africa and the planet might be much different.

Freedom Rider: Donna Brazile — No Honor Among Thieves 

by BAR Senior Columnist Margaret Kimberley
Donna Brazile, who has made a career carrying the Democrats’ filthy water, has confirmed that the party is a wholly owned property of the Clintons.

Race, Repression and Russiagate: Defending Radical Black Self-Determination 

– Ajamu Baraka , BAR editor and columnist
The same racists that prey on Black people have the gall to blame U.S. racial tensions on Russians. They scheme to foment war – at home and abroad.

The Pioneering Critique of the Black Misleadership Class: E. Franklin Frazier’s The Black Bourgeoisie 

by Dr. Matthew Quest
60 years ago, E. Franklin Frazier offered the initial definitive and deevastating critique of what we now know as the black political class.

A Brief Review of the Philadelphia Conference That Celebrated an Enemy of the US Government 

by BAR contributor Danny Haiphong
Students at Temple University spent a day examining the life and work of Huey P. Newton –- a bold action in the neo-liberal wasteland of U.S. academia.

Judicial Sovereignty: Victoire Ingabire and the African Court 

by BAR contributor Ann Garrison
“The Court should intensify the war against the impunity and brutality of African police states and their non-African sponsors.” 
Let’s all hold our breath and wait for that one.

Kneeling and the (Re)Signification of the Black Fantastic 

by James Hill Jr.
“By utilizing their seismic platform as well as the medium of mass communication, the performative act of kneeling during the anthem unsettles the naturalized mythos of the racial state.”

Black Women Radicals of the Past Offer the Best Hope for Our Future 

by Ashley Farmer
“In the latter half of the 20th century, black women theorists offered critical insight into how we might develop emancipatory strategies.”

Buffalo Soldiers Go To Africa 

by Mark Fancher
In black barbershops across the U.S. where old school brothers talk trash about sports and beg young bloods to either comb or shave the tops of their nappy fades, there may be little knowledge of goings-on in Africa. There is however concern and bewilderment in those shops about the death of Sgt. La David T. Johnson in Niger last month.

Black Agenda Radio, Week of November 6, 2017 

On this week’s one hour show, political prisoner Mumia Abu Jamal notes the passing of Native American leader Dennis Banks, Dr. Gerald Horne explains why US Sec of State Rex Tillerson is a man of the past, NYC activists till transit passenger to“Swipe It Forward “ , Philadelphia’s Kashara White  observes that Africologists” Will Snitch on You , and Pan African News Abayomi Azikwe  explains how Puerto Rico Getting the Detroit Treatment .

Click here for the whole show, or any of the five links above for individual segments.

Recolonization of Africa by Endless War 

by Dan Glazebrook
“Washington is running a gruesome protection racket in Africa, simultaneously creating the conditions for armed groups to thrive while offering protection against them.” It’s called AFRICOM.

Sabotaging Apartheid 

Ronnie Kasrils and Marcus Bennett
Ronnie Kasrils has led a titanic political life. Growing up in a Jewish family in Johannesburg in the middle of the twentieth century, he was radicalized by apartheid and joined the South African Communist Party (SACP) in 1961.
From there he would become active in the broader national liberation movement around the African National Congress (ANC), eventually becoming a key figure in its military wing uMkhonto we Sizwe (MK). By 1983, as the anti-apartheid struggle reached its peak, he was MK’s chief of intelligence and a member of its High Command.

The Eritrea “Massacre” That Never Happened 

Mela Ghebremedhin
Mass protest. Mass rally. Indiscriminate gunshots. Mass casualties and death. These are some of the sensationalist words and phrases used to create buzz and portray events as simply black and white. They are often also used without nuance or context. Recently, Eritrea made the headlines after a group of teenagers walked down the streets of Asmara to voice their discontent at their school being closed… In total, the entire incident lasted several minutes, with no casualties or injuries.

Youth Incarceration in the United States, Explained 

Prince Shakur
Legal distinctions related to age provide a unique hurdle for young people in the penal system, who face restrictive rights based on their age in a country that benefits from profit through imprisonment. Understanding the history of youth incarceration requires examining how  this country has defined the age of a “child,” and how they should be treated in the eyes of the law.

Black Bolsheviks and White Lies: Reflections on the Black Radical Tradition 

Peta Lindsay
The U.S. has a lot to answer for with regard to systematically denying the democratic rights of African Americans and this is not the first time they’ve tried to deflect criticism for that by blaming Russia. As a student of history I’ve mostly just rolled my eyes this time around while the Democrats attempt to make red-scare tactics that are very old new again.

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