Black Agenda Report 16 November 2017

16 November 2017 — Black Agenda Report

The Democrats Used to Love Russian Oligarchs 

– Glen Ford, BAR executive editor A nation run by the world’s wealthiest oligarchs, and led by an aspiring oligarch, has the gall to demonize Russia, where the oligarchs have been tamed.

Zimbabwe’s Robert Mugabe Sidelined by Military Coup

– Bruce A. Dixon, BAR managing editor One of the leaders of Zimbabwe’s struggle for independence Mugabe and his party have ruled since 1980. – Glen Ford , BAR executive editor

Freedom Rider: Defending RT 

– Margaret Kimberley, BAR editor and senior columnist
The phony left, masquerading as a “resistance,” wants to shut down all dissent against imperialism, starting with RT.

US politics Even More Conservative Under Trump, But Not for the Reasons Expected 

– Danny Haiphong, BAR contributor
The question of war and peace has become the principle contradiction of this era thanks in large part to the Democratic Party.

Burundi Defies the Imperial Criminal Court, an Interview with John Philpot

– Ann Garrison, BAR contributor
Attorney John Philpot discusses Burundi’s attempt to escape the clutches of a court that only prosecutes Africans targeted by the U.S.

What E. Franklin Frazier’s Black Bourgeoisie Says To Us 60 Years Later, Part 2 

by Dr. Matthew Quest
In 1957, E. Franlin Frazier could not have anticipated the opportunity for a Black man to be the chief executive of the American empire. But H.Rap Brown (later Imam Jamil Al-Amin) in 1968 did…. For Brown/Al-Amin, a black face in this high place augmented and sustained the military industrial complex. Obama’s
election proved his analysis prophetic.

We Get It. It’s Harvey Weinstein’s News Cycle. But What About Our Black Girls?

Ida Harris

“Apparently, the victimization of young black girls is not newsworthy enough for the mass media or the court of public opinion to be engrossed or enraged at Weinstein levels.”

Fake News on Russia and Other Official Enemies: The New York Times, 1917–2017 

Edward S. Herman, the economist, Wharton School professor emeritus, and prolific author, died this week at age 92. Among his many books are Manufacturing Consent, which he authored with Noam Chomsky, and The Myth of the Liberal Media.

Black Agenda Radio for Week of November 13, 2017

This week on Black Agenda Radio
Chuck Collins from Institute For Policy Studies explains how the 3 richest Americans own as much as the bottom 160 million.
Howard University hosts the annual Black Is Back conference with Dr. Marsha Coleman Abedayo and St. Petersburg FL local candidate Erithia Cainion.
Stealing Detroit’s Water
Mumia Abu Jamal on “Sex Wars”
Click the links above for the individual segments or Black Agenda Radio for the whole show.

Blacks and Tax Reform 

by Ken Morgan
Here’s how the system works…  Capitalists continually search for the highest return on their investments — not creating jobs.

Why the Private Sector’s Hype About the African Middle Class Isn’t Helpful 

by Henning Melber
Well, to start with it defines this African middle class as people making anywhere from $4 to $70. 

Decolonize the Caribbean 

“The Caribbean is in need of food sovereignty, energy sovereignty, and land sovereignity”

South Africa’s Biggest Union Celebrates Russian Revolution 

by NUMSA Secretary Irvin Jim
“After more than two decades of so-called democracy, the entire wealth of the country is in the hands of three white billionaires.”
The National Union of Metalworkers of South Africa (NUMSA) is commemorating this revolutionary moment with a week long celebration of the Russian Revolution.

What Have We Learned Since the Bolshevik Revolution? 

by Vijay Prashad
“There is a great deal to learn from the USSR, a great deal to admire and a great deal to censure.”

How the Russian Revolution Inspired and Assisted National Liberation Struggles 

by Rebeca Toledo
“Lenin’s uncompromising support for the right of nations to self-determination, up to and including secession…”

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