William Hartung on Nuclear Overkill, Karen Orenstein on Climate Disconnect

17 November 2017 — FAIR

Bikini nuclear test (photo: Department of Defense)This week on CounterSpin: The opinion column in Scientific American headlined “The Caveman and the Bomb” conveys, just a little more colorfully, the sense one got from the Senate hearing on the process involved in the use of a nuclear weapon. Put simply, folks are scared that Donald Trump may not understand the difference between threats to “rain fire and fury” on the people of North Korea and the devastating reality of nuclear war. But while we’re talking about the dangers of Trump having his hand on the figurative button, we should also be asking why we maintain a world-ending arsenal at all. We’ll hear from William Hartung, director of the Arms and Security Project at the Center for International Policy, about what drives nuclear-weapons production.

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Smokestacks (cc photo: Bill Burris)

(cc photo: Bill Burris)

Also on the show: Countries from around the world are grappling with the current and coming impacts of climate disruption at the UN conference in Bonn, Germany. The Trump administration, for its part, contributed what was described as a “surreal” event promoting fossil fuels. We’ll talk about the disconnect between the White House and the rest of the planet on climate change with Karen Orenstein, deputy director of economic policy at Friends of the Earth.

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Plus a quick look back at recent press, including campus free speech and Edward Herman. 

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