Iran News links 11-12 May 2018

12 May 2018 14:26:32 —

Iraq and Syria: of memory and maps

If Europe Wants to Remain on the World Stage, It Must Resist Trump on Iran

Countdown To War On Iran

The New “Axis of Evil” Forms Up Against Iran

Iraq heads to polls in first election since Isis defeat

US Regime Change Targets Thailand

Iran nuclear deal: Major diplomatic push under way to preserve pact in wake of Trump’s withdrawal

The Chaotic Emperor And The Empire In Chaos

France vows pushback against U.S. sanctions on Iran

Netanyahu: Don’t look here where we’re shooting children, look over there at Iran

The Syria Crisis Has Only Political Solution, No Military Option Effective

Trump and the Problematic of North Korea Nuclear Identity

US steps up pressure on Iran with new round of sanctions

Experts expect surge in cyber attacks from Iran following US withdrawal from nuclear deal

As Iran-US tensions rise, Iraq prepares for first Parliamentary election since declaring victory over …

The Trump doctrine, the Iran deal and the future of Iraq

Iran protesters chant anti-US slogans after nuclear deal pull out

Trump-Kim summit: Iran deal pull-out casts shadow over talks

11 May 2018

Iranian Movie about ISIS in Syria

Ramin Mazaheri interviewed by Sputnik on US breaking JCPOA (Podcast & Text)

Putin and Israel – a complex and multi-layered relationship (Updated & reposted)

Are Israel and Iran inching closer to war?

Is Iran’s Supreme Leader Ayatollah Khamenei trolling Trump?

Theresa May and Donald Trump discuss Iran nuclear deal on the phone

Who Hired an Israeli Spy Firm to Tarnish the Iran Deal?

Iran – Trump’s Broken Deal – Maneuver to War?

The BBC just placed itself on the right side of history. For like one whole minute.

Britain and the War on Syria: Ten Questions for the British Government

Iran – Trump’s Broken Deal – Maneuver to War?

In the Wake of Extensive Israeli Bombings of Syria: Netanyahu’s Security Cabinet Plots More Aggression

Why Saudi and American interests are at stake in Iraq’s election

The Coming US War Against Iran

Trump’s Pyrrhic Victory: The US Opts for a Path that Can Only Lead to War

US pullout from Iran nuclear deal to have no effect on Trump-Kim Jong-un talks — expert

Merkel to visit Russia on May 18 to discuss Iran nuclear deal

As Iraq Goes to the Polls, the US and Iran Hang Back

President Trump Tears Up the Iran Nuclear Deal

Who’s Reacting to Iran Deal Pull-Out? Why, It’s Women in Chadors, Walking Past Anti-US Mural By Jim Naureckas

Ramin Mazaheri interviewed by Sputnik on US breaking JCPOA

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