Corbyn or Bust? By William Bowles

24 May 2018 — Investigatingimperialism

I need to continue my previous essay, it remains woefully incomplete. I kinda hinted at it in the last para but never completed the thought.

Then I got an email from a comrade and friend in NYC after I’d published it:

Thanks, but the question left unanswered is: does the road to “regroupment” or whatever you want to call run through supporting Corbyn or opposing Corbyn and the LP? To me it’s the same question that was faced in Greece 2015. Did regroupment require supporting or opposing Syriza. And in either case, why? And what is the alternative?

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IRR News (4 -16 May 2018) Weekly digest – Against Racism, for Social Justice

24 May 2018 — Institute of Race Relations

This week, the IRR welcomes two path-breaking reports, by Amnesty International and The Monitoring Group, on the racially discriminatory nature of the Metropolitan Police Service’s Trident Gangs Matrix intelligence database. IRR News also gathers together critical perspectives on gang databases from Lord Herman Ouseley and the advocacy organisation Joint Enterprise Not Guilty by Association (JENGbA).

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Korea News Links 24 May 2018

24 May 2018 —

Trump says US military ‘is ready’ if North Korea takes ‘foolish action’ following cancelled summit

Trump cancels US-North Korea summit with Kim Jong-un

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Urge Ecuador to Protect WikiLeaks from Persecution by Team Trump

24 May 2018 — RootsAction

Over the years, WikiLeaks has published thousands of documents revealing misdeeds of corporate and political elites, including war crimes and foreign policy abuses committed by the U.S. government. As a result of its publishing activities, WikiLeaks was threatened and harassed by Washington; some political and media figures called for the murder of its founding editor. Continue reading

Black Agenda Report 24 May 2018: The Left Needs Critical Debate, How the Black Caucus Sold Us Out Again, CIA and FBI Election Interference

24 May 2018 — Black Agenda Report

The Left Needs More Critical Debate and Real Discussion, Less Twitter/Facebook Name Calling, Unfriending and Mic Drops

– Bruce A. Dixon , BAR managing editor
We’ve allowed communicative capitalism — Facebook and Twitter not only to turn our everday interactions into the private property of billionaires, we’ve let it govern the way the left talks to itself. That cannot possibly end well.

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Global Breaking News on GMOs and Pesticides: Editors’ picks

23 May 2018 — Sustainable Pulse

Monsanto in Epic Fail with Attempted Attack on Global Glyphosate Study 

The peer-reviewed accepted manuscripts from the pilot phase of the Global Glyphosate Study were revealed last Wednesday in a Press Conference at the European Parliament. The results of the short-term pilot study showed that glyphosate-based herbicides (GBHs) were able to alter certain important biological parameters in rats, mainly relating to sexual development, genotoxicity and the […] The post Monsanto in Epic Fail with Attempted Attack on Global Glyphosate Study appeared first on … Continue reading