Militarization, “War is Good for Business”

7 May 2018 — Global Research News

Scheme to Let OPCW Name Perpetrators of Alleged Syria Chemical Attacks

By Stephen Lendman, May 07, 2018

No evidence suggests Syrian use of CWs anytime during years of war. Plenty indicts US-supported terrorists, toxic agents supplied by Saudi Arabia and Turkey, perhaps by Washington and Israel as well – each incident falsely blamed on Damascus. Continue reading

China’s Determined March Towards An Ecological Civilization By Andre Vltchek

8 May 2018 — NEO

Andre Vltchek & John Cobb Jr

There is no time for long introductions. The world is, possibly heading for yet another catastrophe. This one, if we, human beings will not manage to prevent it, could become our final.

The West is flexing its muscle, antagonizing every single country that stands on its way to total domination of the Planet. Some countries, including Syria, are attacked directly and mercilessly. As a result, hundreds of thousands of people are dying.

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The anti-Semitism offensive orchestrated against Jeremy Corbyn By Jonathan Cook

8 May 2018 — Jonathan Cook

For months, a campaign has been aimed at destabilising British Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn, accusing him of anti-Semitism. The right-wing of his party, Tony Blair’s heirs, and pro-Israel circles are targeting both Corbyn’s left-wing line and his support for the Palestinian people

Orient XXI Magazine – 8 May 2018

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