Syria News Links 9-10 May 2018

10 May 2018 23:29:35 —

Has Israel opened a new front in Syria’s war?

World leaders call for restraint after Israeli raids in Syria
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Toxic Truth: New Evidence for Banning Monsanto’s Roundup Weedkiller

10 May 2018 — Organic Consumers Association


Totally Toxic

man holding a gold mask in the shape of a gas maskMonsanto’s Roundup weedkiller may be even worse for human health than we thought.

As reported this week in the Guardian, new tests show that when Roundup’s key active ingredient, glyphosate, is combined with other chemicals to create the final product, the herbicide is more toxic to human cells than glyphosate alone.

U.S. Right to Know’s Carey Gillam reported on the first-ever testing, conducted by the U.S. National Toxicology Program (NTP), of glyphosate-based formulations. Previous testing focused exclusively on glyphosate in isolation.

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Syria Sets New Rules For Israeli Strikes

10 May 2018 — Moon of Alabama

When Trump killed the nuclear deal with Iran he gave Israel the chance to start a wider war with Syria. An earlier Israeli simulation of the situation had concluded:

The crisis created by the administration regarding the flaws of the nuclear agreement could be exploited to promote issues more urgent for Israel (mainly Iran’s missile program and presence in Syria).

The Israeli government claims that Iranian support for Syria is a threat to its country. That is a bogus claim. The Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahoo uses the “Iran threat” as boogeyman to divert attention from other issues like the various corruption cases against himself.

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CNN's Iran Fearmongering Would Make More Sense Coming Directly From Pentagon By Adam Johnson

10 May 2018 — FAIR

CNN: US Officials Growing Increasingly Concerned Iran Could Attack Israel

The only named source in Barbara Starr’s report (CNN5/8/18), aside from the Iranian president, is British Maj. Gen. Felix Gedney, who says he’s seen “no change” in the behavior of Iranian-backed forces.

Why doesn’t CNN Defense Department reporter Barbara Starr just leave CNN and instead work directly for the Trump DoD?

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Selected Articles: The US-Israel Alliance Is a Threat to World Peace

9 May 2018 — Global Research News

Video: The Art of War: The B61-12, America’s New “Nuclear Parcel Bomb”

By Manlio Dinucci, May 09, 2018

The program provides for the production of about 500 B61-12’s, beginning in 2020, for a cost of approximately 10 billion dollars. (This means that each bomb will cost twice what it would cost if it were built entirely of gold). Continue reading