Agrochemicals and Institutional Corruption: Pleading with the Slave Master Will Not Set You Free By Colin Todhunter

5 May 2018 — CounterCurrents

Environmental campaigner Dr Rosemary Mason has just written to President of the European Commission Jean-Claude Juncker, Vice President of the European Commission Frans Timmermans and Health Commissioner Vytenis Andruikaitis. As set out below, she asks these top officials some very pertinent questions about the EU’s collusion with the agrochemical corporations.

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Washington’s War on Western Minds: Selected Articles

4 May 2018 — Global Research

What’s Washington Really Doing in Armenia? Color Revolution against Moscow?

By F. William Engdahl, May 04, 2018

There has been considerable speculation in recent days as to whether the recent and ongoing protests across former Soviet Armenia constitute another Washington Color Revolution destabilization or whether it represents simply the angry revolt of citizens fed up with the deep corruption and lack of economic development under the regime of Prime Minister Serzh Sargysan. Continue reading

Syria SITREP: How the Russian General Staff is fooling the US and Israel

4 May 2018 — The Saker

How the Russian General Staff is fooling the US and Israel


Translated by Eugenia

The day before yesterday, the world media have published the new of the meeting in Sweden of the Western European UN representatives regarding implementation of the UN general Assembly resolution 377 “Uniting for Peace”. The meeting made clear the strategy of the West to exclude Russia from discussions of all critical political and military issues anywhere in the world.

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A massive win for the bees

5 May 2018 — SumOfUs

For years, SumOfUs members like you have been taking action to protect the world’s threatened bee populations. And last week, we scored our biggest win yet.

The EU voted for a near-complete ban on three neonics — pesticides that pose a deadly risk to bees and other pollinators. And it’s your actions and the work of our partners across Europe that made this happen.

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