COLDTYPE Issue 163 July 2018 – is now on line

4 July 2018 — Coldtype

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WAR ON KIDS: This issue’s cover package highlights two brilliant takedowns – by Henry Giroux and Karen Greenberg – of Donald Trump’s decision to separate refugee children from their parents. In other main features, Simon Willmetts recalls a bizarre bet between beat poet Allen Ginsberg and the head of the CIA, John Pilger explains why the Australian government should press for Julian Assange to return home, Sam Pizzigatitells us why New York is no longer a wonderful city, and Trevor Grundy looks at links between this year’s World Cup and Hitler’s 1936 Olympics.  In other stories, David Edwards digs into the World Cup coverage by Britain’s ‘serious’ newspapers, Steve Schapiro shares some early photographs of Cassius Clay/Muhammad Ali, Lee Camp tells how the US drops a bomb every 12 seconds and wonders why no one is talking about it, while Ramzy Baroud has a solution to Europe’s refugee crisis. Plus Ron Fassbender’s photographs of London’s NHS at 70 protest march, and much more great reading . . .

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