Palestine-Israel Newslinks 24 July 2018

24 July 2018 — CounterCurrents

Israeli Jewish Nation-State Law Enshrines Apartheid And Genocidal Racism
by Dr Gideon Polya

The race-based Apartheid Israeli Knesset (parliament) passed the racist Jewish Nation-State Law on 18 July 2018, with a vote of 62 to 55 with two abstentions. This racist law offensively and intolerably ignores the Indigenous Palestinians who are 50% of Israeli subjects and enshrines a special, dominant, race-based position for the Jewish Israelis who constitute a 47% minority of the subjects of Apartheid Israel. The world must respond with Boycotts, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) against Apartheid Israel and all its supporters.

Israel; The Ultimate Racist Colony
by Dr Elias Akleh

After 70 years of Israeli colonization of Palestine and discrimination against the Palestinians treating them as subhuman goyims, Israelis; the racist self-proclaimed holy people, light on all nations, and chosen by a racist god, have just crowned their racist ideology with a new law; Jewish Nation-State Law, that was passed last Thursday night

Netanyahu Ascends Mt sinai and Receives new set of Commandments
by Irwin Jerome

3,500 years later, there’s a new law and prophet in town. Apparantly, on July 19th last, Binyamin Netanyahu, the Likud Party and Israel’s Knesset ascended Mt. Sinai or some other holy mountain and, in obvious violation of international law regarding the rights of Palestinians to their traditional homelands, received, as it were, yet another set of stone tablets upon which are inscibed the new ‘commandments’ by which the Jews and Palestinians of Israel henceforth are called upon to follow. These new ‘Tables of the Law’, now referred to by some as the Law of the Prophet Netanyahu or the Nation State Law of Zionism, forever more fundamentally places the needs of the Jews above the wants of the Palestinians.

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