Statewatch 30 July 2018: Working for civil liberties in Europe since 1991

30 July 2018 — Statewatch

Dear Statewatchers,

Our civil liberties are continually under threat

We provide all our services free. We have just launched a new Observatory on the Creation of a centralised Justic & Home Affairs database “a point of no return:” This Observatory covers the so-called “interoperability” of EU JHA databases which in reality will create a centralised EU state database covering all existing and future JHA databases :

This follows a long tradition of Statewatch reporting in depth and over time on key issues:

– Refugee crisis (from January 2015 and ongoing:

– CIA rendition:
– After 11 September 2001 Observatory: In defence of freedom & democracy:

And many more, see: Observatories:

As a result of Statewatch making secret documents public, civil society, groups and individuals have been able to organise, mobilise and stand up for our basic rights – but we’ve only been able to do this with your support. Many of you have followed and supported our work for a number of years and some of you have done so since we started in 1991.

We are writing to thank you, and to ask if you could continue this support by making a financial contribution to our work.

We provide daily news, documentation on the policies and practices of EU institutions and national governments which affect our liberties. We are proud of our ability to undertake our work with limited resources – but we need your help to continue – see two-pager with live links to all our services and our brochure.

We make all our online resources available for free and rarely make requests for donations. Donations from you, of any size, are invaluable to us. If you would like to become a Friend of Statewatch and are able to make a one off or regular contribution, we would greatly appreciate it.

Your support will enable Statewatch to continue to make accessible EU documents and analyses of EU and government policy. Your support will also allow us to open up our extensive Library on civil liberties and the state.

Your ongoing support is important to us and will help us to continue to improve and expand our monitoring of the state and civil liberties across Europe.

Tony Bunyan, Director


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