Black Agenda Report 2 August 2018: The Facebook Path to Corporate Fascism, RussiaGate Covers Up Theft of Black Vote, Trump & the Politics of Distraction

2 August 2018 — Black Agenda Report

The Bizarre Facebook Path to Corporate Fascism

– Glen Ford , BAR executive editor
“Russians” are indicted for launching a #MeToo campaign of mimicry, echoing the rhetoric and memes indigenous to U.S. political struggles, while the people who are being mimicked are labeled co-conspirators in a foreign-based “plot.”

Freedom Rider: Russiagate Covers Up Black Vote Theft

– Margaret Kimberley , BAR editor and senior columnist
The Republicans stole the 2016 election, just as they have done before, but the same Democrats that failed to protect Black voting rights want to blame their defeat on Russia.

US Fake World War 2 History Underlies, Justifies Permanent Bipartisan Hostility Toward Russia

– Bruce A. Dixon , BAR managing editor
Americans are taught the US and Britain saved the planet from Nazi Germany in World War 2. But most of the fighting and dying were done by the Russians, Against Whom the Nazis Were Unleashed

Trump and the Politics of Neoliberal Distraction

– Ajamu Baraka , BAR editor and columnist
Liberals and putative progressives are doing the ideological dirty work of the ruling class by framing the struggle as narrowly “anti-Trump” rather than anti-imperialism and pro-working class.

As it Screams Russia, the Ruling Class Continues its Process of Elimination

by Danny Haiphong, BAR contributor
“Millions of Black people have been funneled into the mass Black incarceration state as a means to account for the disposability of their labor and the threat that their resistance has historically posed to the system at large.”

Barbuda Fights Enclosures and Neoliberal Dispossession After Hurricane Irma

Dr. Matthew Quest and the Latino Media Collective
The attempts by the neoliberal government of Antigua to dispossess and enclose Barbuda, where traditional communal land rights have persevered till now…

Rwandan Dictator Paul Kagame’s Paranoia Strikes Deep

Ann Garrison, BAR contributor
“Dissidents say Kagame shuttered houses of worship because they were the last spaces in Rwanda where people feel safe from his totalitarian grip.

Black Agenda Radio, Week of July 30, 2018

Our weekly hour of news, commentary and analysis from the black left. Click the link above for the entire show, or any of the following four for the individual segment thereof. This week:

Bruce Dixon on the organizing benchmark set by the Ocasio-Cortez campaign in NYC– if your effort isn’t making hundreds or thousands of phone calls every month, you’re not organizing anything
Mark Weisbrot: the US has been trying to overthrow Venezuela’s legitimately elected goverment since the 1990s. Trump’s current threats of military intervention are an escalation of the bipartisan policy of regime change the US pursues no matter which party holds the White House.
U.S.-Backed Islamic Jihadists Hide Behind White Helmets Vanessa Beeley on the US embrace of the so-called Syrian white helmets
Mumia Abu Jamal’s reading list: Robin D.G. Kelley’s classic Hammer and Hoe recounts the trials of communist organizing among Alabama sharecroppers in the 1930s.

Afro-Pessimism and the (Un)Logic of Anti-Blackness

by Annie Olaloku-Teriba
“The meme of militant Black America has been allowed to cannibalize broader traditions of resistance within which those militants were situated.” Afro-Pessimism is not a project of liberation, and anti-blackness is a magical contraption that explains everything and nothing at the same time, as only magic can.

BAR Book Forum: Sylvia Chan-Malik’s “Being Muslim”

Roberto Sirvent, BAR Book Forum Editor
“The book shows how deeply intertwined logics of anti-Muslim racism are with those of anti-Blackness.”

US Secret Wars in Africa Rage on Despite Talk of Downsizing

Nick Turse
The US continues to provide military aid to more than 50 African countries, waging drone and small ground wars in dozens of undisclosed places across the African continent. The only slowdown of US wars in Africa is disclosing and reporting on them.

The Black Panthers Still in Prison After 46 years, Will They Ever Be Set free?

Ed Pilkington
“Every two years the Band-Aid gets ripped off your heart…”

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