Black Agenda Report 23 August 2018: Why the Blue Wave Missed Missouri, Longstanding Capitalist Lies, Truth or Dare with Brennan and Guliani

23 August 2018 — Black Agenda Report

Why the Blue Wave Missed Missouri’s 1st CD 

– Bruce A. Dixon , BAR managing editor
Right wing political machines with the black church and nonprofit industrial complex at their core dominate Democratic politics in many black constituencies. That’s what stopped the blue wave.

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Slavoj Zizek: Who has the right to bring the public bad news?

23 August 2018 — RT
Slavoj ŽižekSlavoj Žižek is a cultural philosopher. He’s a senior researcher at the Institute for Sociology and Philosophy at the University of Ljubljana, Global Distinguished Professor of German at New York University, and international director of the Birkbeck Institute for the Humanities of the University of London.

When WikiLeaks exploded onto the scene a decade ago, it briefly seemed like the internet could create a truly open society. Since then, Big Brother has fought back.

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