Extinction Rebellion Rally and Civil Disobedience at BBC Headquarters

13 December 2018 — Extinction/Rebellion

BBC  Lead from the front on the Climate Emergency!

 On Friday 21st December, hundreds of Extinction Rebels will be descending on the BBC’s Portland Place headquarters.

The news could not be worse. Global carbon emissions have risen by 2.7% in 2018. Extinction Rebellion exists to tell the truth, and we are asking the BBC to do its duty and inform the British public about the reality we now face. This is an emergency.

The event will also be an act of mourning for those who have died and are dying as a result of the ecological collapse which is now threatening to spin out of our control.

This will be a day of loud and creative action, and of carefully measured disruption.

The BBC should be our natural ally. We want to reach out to the BBC with an appeal: Rise up to your historic role.

This is London calling: We are at war with climate breakdown!

You have rallied the nation to an emergency before, do it again.

On Friday, please arrive for 10am and gather on the steps of All Souls, Langham Place, Marylebone, W1B 1JA. You will be briefed on the details of the day.

Many Thanks.

Frida and Roger

Extinction Rebellion Action Promotion Team.

P.S. Thousands of people are now volunteering their time to support the Rebellion. You can join us by filling in this form.

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