COLDTYPE Issue 175 January 2018 – is now on line

5 January 2019 — Coldtype

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THE TRILLION-DOLLAR QUESTION: We enter 2019 with an update of Lee Camp’s amazing tale about the disappearing trillions at the Pentagon. Six months after his revelation, the story is finally getting some traction, although the howls you’d expect from the mainstream media are still largely absent. One day, perhaps, someone will take some of the cash splurged on the US military and spend it in a manner that benefits the taxpayer! Other top stories inside this sparkling issue include Caitlin Johnstone’s thoughts on the trials of Julian Assange, Matt Carr on Brazil’s frightening new ‘Robocop’ leader, and Rainer Mausfeld on the illusion of western democracy. We’ve also got more outstanding writing from regular contributors CJ Hopkins, Jonathan Cook, Chris Hedges, George Monbiot, Conn Hallinan and Linda McQuaig. Plus a photo story from Chicago’s Cook County Jail by Lili Kobielski and an appreciation of Marvin Gaye by Stewart Maganga. And Engelbert Stockhammer has a way to end austerity: Give everyone a pay rise!

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