Israel intends to persecute Palestinians, rights groups say By Maureen Clare Murphy

21 January 2019 — Electronic Intifada

Israel has killed nearly 200 Palestinians during Great March of Return protests.

Israel is persecuting Palestinians – a crime against humanity – a Palestinian human rights group and an American law center state in a report submitted to UN investigators earlier this month.

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Venezuela: What’s been learnt won’t be easily forgotten – a conversation with Antonio Gonzalez Plessmann

17 January 2019 — Venezuela Analysis

Antonio Gonzalez Plessmann, who holds degrees from Venezuelan and Ecuadorian universities, has been a human rights activist and militant leftist since the 1980s. A former vice-rector of the National Experimental Security University, he took part in the process of police reform initiated in 2006. Today Gonzalez Plessmann is part of the SurGentes collective and is working with the Pueblo a Puebloproject in Caracas’ San Agustin barrio. In this interview with Cira Pascual Marquina, he presents important insights into the revolutionary potential that Chavismo unleashed during the course of the Bolivarian Process. It’s a potential that, he thinks, could be set rolling again.

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Israeli Criminality, Hubris in Syria Invites Catastrophe By Finian Cunningham

22 January 2019 — Strategic Culture Foundation

Israeli forces have shifted from a doctrine of “war by stealth” to openly declared aggression on its northern neighbor Syria. For two straight days, the Israelis bombarded Syria’s capital Damascus and its environs with dozens of air-launched cruise missiles. Many of the projectiles were reportedly intercepted by Russian-supplied air defense systems.

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UK: Corbyn endorses second referendum after May stonewalls on her Brexit plan By Chris Marsden

22 January 2019 — WSWS

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn has backed an amendment calling for Parliament to be able to vote on whether to hold a second referendum on retaining membership of the European Union (EU). The move does not commit Corbyn to back a referendum were one to be held. It presents the “People’s Vote” demanded by his Blairite opponents as an alternative should Parliament not back Labour’s proposed alternative Brexit plan seeking tariff-free access to the Single European Market via a customs union—or some alternative deal that wins a parliamentary majority.

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