THE NEW YEAR: 2019 OR 1929 OR 1937?

1 January 2018 — theplanningmotivedotcom

Santa’s present to the capitalist class was a loss of over 18 Trillion Dollars globally as asset markets deflated, an amount exceeded only in 2008. What we have seen thus far is only the first phase of the Bear Market. Phase 2 will only occur when it becomes clear how vulnerable this unequal world has become to collapsing asset bubbles. Phase 2 will not only be driven by corporate insolvency, but, will be compounded by the collapse in spending by the top 10%, whose consumer habits are formed from the “capital gains” provided by these asset bubbles.


The New Year Past and Future By James Petras

31 December 2018 — James Petras

Introduction: They year 2018 ended with bitter partisan conflicts over narrow issues. Over seventy percent of the federal budget was approved by both parties and another twenty-nine percent was delayed because of a conflict over ‘border security’ involving expenditures of less than one hundredth of one percent.

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