Yet Another U.S. Coup Attempt to Eradicate the Bolivarian Revolution By Stansfield Smith

26 January 2019 — Covert Action

For over two years we have been told Putin’s Russia has interfered with the 2016 U.S. presidential elections. We now find the U.S. government has decided it can unilaterally invalidate the actual presidential elections in Venezuela and recognize a person of its choosing as president. This is one more U.S.-backed coup attempt against progressive Latin American governments including Venezuela (2002), Haiti (2004, and every following election), Bolivia (2008), Honduras (2009), Ecuador (2010, 2015), Paraguay (2012), and Nicaragua (2018), just to name a few of the recent ones.

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The Vultures of Caracas By Craig Murray

26 January 2019 — Craig Murray

We are frequently told that people in Venezuela have no food, clothing or toilet paper, and that popular discontent with the left wing government is driven by real hunger. There are elements of truth in this story, though the causes of economic dislocation are far more complex than the media would have us believe.

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Venezuela Newslinks 25-26 January 2019

26 January 2019 18:54 — The New Dark Age

Yet Another U.S. Coup Attempt to Eradicate the Bolivarian Revolution

Venezuela crisis: Maduro given ultimatum by European leaders

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The Yellow Vests, the Crisis of the Welfare State and Socialism By Michèle BRAND

26 January 2019 — Counterpunch

Far from dying down after the holidays, France’s yellow vest movement is continuing to blaze throughout the country. Every Saturday for eleven weeks, protesters have been disrupting or blocking roads, traffic circles and freeway toll plazas, gathering in the squares of villages, taking to the streets of towns, marching in massive numbers through city boulevards, and confronting violent police repression. Ten people have died in the protests, mainly due to accidents at road blocks, and over 2000 have been injured by the police, around 100 seriously. 17 people have lost an eye due to rubber bullets, according to an independent association and an investigative journalist, while the interior minister recently said there were 4. Thousands have been arrested.

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26 January 2019 — The New Dark Age

The following report drafted by the People’s Power Ministry for Foreign Relations of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, includes arguments and facts that demonstrate the existence – since 2014 – of a hostile and aggressive policy undertaken by the United States of North America (USA) towards Venezuela. This policy is expressed with particular intensity in the adoption of unilateral and coercive measures (sanctions) aiming at affecting the economic and political stability of the Venezuelan democracy, within a framework that intends the overthrowing of the constitutional government, taking the control of economic resources and Venezuela’s sovereignty, and it is part of the re-colonization strategy of Latin America and the Caribbean carried forward by Trump’s administration, through the re- imposition of the Monroe Doctrine in the continent.

Download the PDF Locally: Coercives_Measures.pdf