old Aleppo shop owner: Just leave us in peace and we will re-build

21 February 2019 — In Gaza and beyond

More from my January 2019 re-visit to Aleppo, Syria.

Again in the old city of Aleppo, and around the Citadel, I speak with civilians about life, take footage from a city ravaged by terrorism but rebuilding, and add a bit of footage from November 2016 where the person I was with told me terrorists burned the old souq before leaving.

Shop owner:

“This is not my work. My work, I have a factory for bottling olive oil, in Idlib.” [When was the last time you saw it?] “Before 8 years.”

See previous clips from Aleppo:

Memory Lane, Old Aleppo: November 2016 Terrorist Snipers Vs Today’s Peace
Reconstruction in Aleppo
Signs of Reconstruction Among the Destruction in Old Aleppo
*Thanks to R&U Videos for compiling some of my clips into a video:
Shops Re-Opened in Old Aleppo
Aleppo Taxi Driver and Singer
From A Main Square in Aleppo That Was Sniped & Bombed By “Moderate” Terrorists
Ibrahim, an Aleppo Resident, Speaks About Experiences as Syrian Army Volunteer
Lively Clothes Market, Aleppo–The City That Did NOT Fall

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