“Pride of Britain” Nominee Under Suspicion of Fraud

6 February 2019 — Off Guardian

Steven Sahiounie, Beirut

Samara Levy is a British woman who runs a charity called “Samara’s Aid Appeal”. She has a very active website as well as a Facebook page. She is a registered UK Charity, which claims to send supplies and medical units to Syria. She has an extensive network of donor-volunteers across UK, and is networking with many churches of all denominations. However, the claims she makes are seemingly not verifiable, and in direct contradiction with the facts on the ground in Syria.

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Global Breaking News on GMOs and Pesticides Editors’ picks

6 February 2019 — Sustainable Pulse

Sri Lankan Experts Receive Top Scientific Award for Revealing Lethal Truth about Glyphosate

Two public health researchers who battled powerful corporate interests to uncover the deadly effects of industrial herbicides, solving a medical mystery and protecting the health of farming communities across the world, will receive the 2019 Scientific Freedom and Responsibility Award from the American Association for the Advancement of Science. Drs. Sarath Gunatilake and Channa Jayasumana […]
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One Step Closer to Nuclear Oblivion: US Sabotages the INF Treaty By Federico Pieraccini

6 February 2019 — Strategic Culture Foundation

The Trump administration announced on February 1 that the country was suspending its participation in the Intearmediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty (INF treaty) for 180 days pending a final withdrawal. Vladimir Putin, in a meeting with Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov and Defence Minister Sergey Shoygu, announced on Saturday that the Russian Federation is also suspending its participation in the treaty in a mirror response to Washington’s unilateral decision.

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State of Fear: Trump unleashes tirade against socialism

6 February 2019 — WSWS

Amidst the cynical and hypocritical charade of Trump’s State of the Union address last night—the hosannas, standing ovations and chants of “USA!, USA!” from the assembled senators and representatives—the president made a remarkable statement that says a great deal about the state of American politics and the real concerns of the ruling elite.

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Venezuela Primer Pt. 1: Why Did Venezuelans Elect Hugo Chávez?

3 February 2019 — TRNN

Over and over again US media outlets make the claim that Venezuela was the “jewel of Latin America” before Hugo Chavez was elected in 1998 and that his election marked the country’s downfall. In part 1 of this Venezuela primer, on the 20th anniversary of Chavez first taking office on February 2, 1999, we look at what led up to his election (inc. transcript)
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Venezuela Newslinks 5-6 February 2019

6 February 2019 15:00 — The New Dark Age

There may be some duplication due to cross-posting.

Respected lawyer saw ‘absolutely no evidence’ of state ‘brutality’, during protests in Venezuelan capital

Former US President Carter: Venezuela’s Electoral System “Best in the World”

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