COLDTYPE Issue 180 Mid-March 2019 – is now on line

18 March 2019 — Coldtype

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POLITICISING ANTISEMITISM: Top stories in this issue are five pieces on antisemitism accusations being made against left-wing opponents of Israel’s apartheid regime. Jonathan Cook tells how Britain’s Labour Party and its leader Jeremy Corbyn are being targeted relentlessly by various political groups assisted by the Israeli embassy, Chris Hedges reports on the massive interference in US politics by Israel, Caitlin Johnstone tells politicians and journalists how to combat racial slurs, CJ Hopkins takes a satirical look at the ‘pandemic of antisemitism’ that’s sweeping the West; and Robert Inlakesh details examples from the UN’s dossier of human rights violations by Israeli soldiers in Gaza during the past year. Other stories include John Pilger on the continuing shameful treatment of Julian Assange, Conn Hallinan on the nuclear tension in South Asia, David McMillan’s photographic journey to Chernobyl, George Galloway on the Skripals house of horror, and Linh Dinh visits the Monkey King.  Plus lots more …

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