Venezuela Newslinks 2-3 May 2019

3 May 2019 18:15 — The New Dark Age

There may be some duplication due to cross-posting

Anti-War Voices on Both Sides Warn of Coming CIA Provocation to Kill Guaidó, Blame Maduro

After 30-A: Justice or War, Impunity or Peace, That is the Dilemma. Communiqué of Social Organizations

Media lies in service of war for regime change in Venezuela

Today’s Links

Putin, Trump discuss nuclear disarmament, Venezuela, Mueller report during phone call

Cuba Defies the Threats from Trump with Hundreds of Thousands in the Street

Spain vows its embassy in Venezuela won’t become ‘center of political activity’ for Guaido’s mentor

Venezuela: Lopez Arrest Warrant Issued as Military Show Strength for Maduro

Bolivarian Republic is now a tense issue in geopolitics: Venezuela Roundup

U.S. Lies to Justify Further Attacks on Cuba

MintCast Episode 2: Failed Coup in Venezuela, Forgotten US Atrocities in the Koreas, and Joe Biden’s Race Problem

Let Venezuela Decide Its Own Destiny

US Recklessly Escalates Venezuela Crisis by Smearing Russia

“Psychopath Capitalism”: US Economic Terrorism and Genocide Against the People of Venezuela

US Imposes Illegal and Deadly Sanctions on Venezuela in David vs. Goliath Battle

U.S. Government Plan, Dated 23 February 2018, for Coup in Venezuela, Now Leaks Out

US Recklessly Escalates Venezuela Crisis by Smearing Russia

Venezuela – Coup Failure Necessitates A New Policy – Bolton The Stache Is Pushing For War

Media lies in service of war for regime change in Venezuela

German government backs attempted right-wing coup in Venezuela

Guaido does not rule out military intervention in Venezuela

Venezuela: Another Failed Coup Attempt

Today’s Links

Pro-coup protesters surround Venezuelan embassy in Washington but meet resistance from peace activists

El Bus TV: News bulletins on the bus in Venezuela J

Jacobin stabs Venezuela in the front

The Grayzone’s Anya Parampil destroys Trump’s Venezuela coup on Fox News

More than 300 people injured, four killed in protests in Venezuela — NGO

Venezuela crisis: Defiant Maduro appears with soldiers

Freedom Rider: Solidarity with Venezuela

The head of the Russian GRU reveals US plans against Venezuela (MUST SEE!)

British MSM – Lapdog of American Military Coup (Again)

US progressives offer ray of hope and resistance as military threats against Venezuela intensify

UPDATED—Jimmy Dore dissects the second failed coup against Venezuela (or is it the third?)

Maduro: “We are Fighting Against Imperialism, Traitors and Coup Plotters”

‘United as never before’: Maduro leads military march, thanks army for loyalty (PHOTOS)

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