Venezuela Newslinks 9-10 May 2019

10 May 2019 20:44 — The New Dark Age

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Humanitarian Aid Blocked from Entering Venezuelan Embassy in Washington D.C. by David Swanson + Medea Benjamin: Venezuelan Embassy’s Power Cut

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UK Constitution Committee: Brexit Trade Deals “keeping public in the dark” and “fundamentally undemocratic”

10 May 2019 — True Publica

UK Constitution Committee: Brexit Trade Deals "keeping public in the dark" and "fundamentally undemocratic"

TruePublica Editor: We have consistently said since the EU referendum result that Brexit will begin a new era of deregulation as American style neoliberal capitalism goes for its last hurrah, the result being that disaster capitalism will dominate for another generation. Campaigners for Brexit rode on a ticket of immigration, ‘taking back control’ from ‘unelected bureaucrats’ and an unbridled new economic horizon will emerge where the sun does not set. This is the sixth report in a series from the UK Parliament’s Constitution Committee does not reflect this view in the slightest –  which has additionally slammed the government’s secretive trade deal negotiations as nothing more than “anti-democratic.” The language used by expert witnesses in these reports speak for themselves; “seriously inadequate, undemocratic, not fit for purpose, outdated, inadequate for major international agreements and so on.
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Chelsea Manning released, faces new imprisonment for refusing to testify against Assange

10 May 2019 — WSWS

After 62 days locked away in a jail cell in Virginia, whistleblower Chelsea Manning was released from detention on Thursday morning. Even before she got out of jail, however, the courageous whistleblower was served with a new subpoena to demand her testimony before another grand jury on May 17. Thus, she could be returned to jail as early as next week.

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Dossier 16: Resource sovereignty—the Agenda for Africa’s exit from the state of plunder

10 May 2019 —  Tricontinental: Institute for Social Research – MROnline

In May 2011, the International Monetary Fund (IMF) published a Working Paper by Burcu Aydin called ‘Ghana: Will It Be Gifted Or Will It Be Cursed?’ (WP/11/104). Oil had just been discovered off the shore of Ghana. This anticipated a bounty of revenue for the country. Aydin asks whether Ghana will face the ‘resource curse’. The resource curse – also known as the Dutch Disease – occurs where revenue from sale of this resource rushes into a country, appreciates the currency and causes a major crisis in other parts of the economy. Looking at 150 middle- and low-income countries, Aydin came up with a strong finding: ‘Results show that there is a poverty trap for poor resource-rich countries due to their low institutional quality’. Bad governance and poor macroeconomic management, Aydin suggests, diminish the possibility for the onrush of revenues from natural resources to enhance a country’s development. There is no mention, in the IMF’s Working Paper, of the other actors in the process – namely, the multinational companies that dominate the natural resource extraction business. The pro-corporate literature explains problems in the resource economy in two ways: 1) poor macroeconomic management that allows revenues to flood the economy and appreciate the currency, 2) bad governance because of corruption and theft by government officials.

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Waging War on Iran without Turkey? Is Turkey Sleeping with the Enemy? The Russia -Turkey -Iran “Triple Entente” By Prof Michel Chossudovsky

10 May 2019 — Global Research

Erdongan rouhani putin

Recent reports suggest that Trump’s National Security Advisor John Bolton, together with Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, are “doing everything possible to instigate a war with Iran”. Will they succeed?

Bolton-Pompeo are involved in deliberate acts of provocation. The Abraham Lincoln carrier strike group is currently en route to the Persian Gulf  “to send a clear and unmistakable message to the Iranian regime…”

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Blackgenda Report 9 May 2019: Black Mothers Are Dying; Facebook and the Farrakhan Distraction ; Assange Is Not a Journalist (If Journalists

9 May 2019 — Black Agenda Report

Black Mothers Dying in US

– Glen Ford , BAR executive editor
Only a social and economic transformation can lift Black America to a First World state of well-being. Black health requires Black Power.
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Is leaked document Trump’s ‘deal of the century’? By Jonathan Cook

9 May 2019 — Jonathan Cook

If genuine, the report published by an Israeli newspaper widely seen as Netanyahu’s mouthpiece offers a catastrophic vision of the Palestinians’ future

Middle East Eye – 9 May 2019

A report published this week by the Israel Hayom newspaper apparently leaking details of Donald Trump’s “deal of the century” reads like the kind of peace plan that might be put together by an estate agent or car salesman.

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Killing nature while playing geopolitics By Pepe Escobar

9 May 2019 — Asia Times

Global ecosystems are deteriorating more rapidly than ever; up to 1 million species are threatened with extinction, yet hypercapitalism rolls on

There’s nothing like a wake-up howl from nature to freeze the sound and fury convulsing the geopolitical chessboard – and drown dreams of regime change, accusations of “aggressive behavior”, and petty power plays.

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The Real Muellergate Scandal By Craig Murray

9 May 2019 — Craig Murray

Robert Mueller is either a fool, or deeply corrupt. I do not think he is a fool.

I did not comment instantly on the Mueller Report as I was so shocked by it, I have been waiting to see if any other facts come to light in justification. Nothing has. I limit myself here to that area of which I have personal knowledge – the leak of DNC and Podesta emails to Wikileaks. On the wider question of the corrupt Russian 1% having business dealings with the corrupt Western 1%, all I have to say is that if you believe that is limited in the USA by party political boundaries, you are a fool.

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Global Breaking News on GMOs and Pesticides 9 May 2019

9 May 2019 — Sustainable Pulse

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White House Has “Monsanto’s Back on Pesticides,” Newly Revealed Document Says

Internal Monsanto records just filed in court show that a corporate intelligence group hired to “to take the temperature on current regulatory attitudes for glyphosate” reported that the White House could be counted on to defend the company’s Roundup herbicides.

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