Venezuela – Guaidó Got Snookered – White House Starts Beating War Drums

1 May 2019 — Moon of Alabama

Yesterday’s failed coup attempt in Venezuela significantly hurt the Trump administration’s international standing. It delegitimized its Venezuelan clients Juan Guaidó and Leopoldo López. After recognizing that their original ‘regime change’ plan failed (again) the White House starts to beat the war drums.

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‘Shocking & vindictive’: WikiLeaks slams UK prison sentence for Assange over skipped bail

1 May 2019 — RT

‘Shocking & vindictive’: WikiLeaks slams UK prison sentence for Assange over skipped bail

People protest outside the court, where Julian Assange was sentenced, in London. May 1, 2019. © Henry Nicholls / Reuters

WikiLeaks has slammed a UK court’s sentencing of its co-founder Julian Assange as “vindictive.” It also raised major concerns about whether Assange will be treated fairly during an upcoming extradition hearing.

The sentence “is as shocking as it is vindictive,” WikiLeaks said on Twitter on Wednesday, shortly after Assange received almost a year in prison for violating bail conditions.
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Venezuela’s Guaidó Falsely Claims Military Uprising in Progress: Mainstream Media Falls in Line

1 May 2019 — TRNN

Tuesday morning self-declared president and opposition leader Juan Guaidó called on the military and the population to oppose the Maduro government. Only a few thousand civilians and very few soldiers heeded the call. Mike Fox reports from Caracas (inc. transcript)

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Venezuela: Military Uprising in Caracas (in Development)

1 May 2019 — Venezuela Analysis

A military uprising is unfolding in Venezuela after a handful of the police and armed forces freed Leopoldo Lopez and blocked a highway in Caracas.

Self-proclaimed "Interim President" Juan Guaido speaking to press during an attempted coup on April 30. (Reuters)

Self-proclaimed “Interim President” Juan Guaido speaking to press during an attempted coup on April 30. (Reuters)

Caracas, April 30, 2019 ( – A military coup attempt is underway in Venezuela on Tuesday, April 30, with imprisoned right wing leader Leopoldo Lopez, and self-proclaimed “Interim President” Juan Guaido and some members of the armed forces blocking a highway in Caracas and calling on the military to rise up

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Masterstroke: The US Plan to Overthrow the Venezuelan Government By Stella Calloni

13 May 2018 — Internationalist 360°

Source: Internationalist 360°

The United States and its partners are quietly preparing a brutal “Plan to Overthrow the Dictatorship of Venezuela: The Masterstroke“, which is already underway and whose first part would begin before the upcoming Venezuelan elections and, if they do not succeed in overthrowing President Nicolás Maduro with this new offensive, which will include the use of the whole propaganda and media apparatus available to them plus violent actions in “defense of democracy“, they will implement Plan B, which will bring in several countries to launch a “multilateral force” to intervene militarily. Panama, Colombia, Brazil, Guyana are all key components of the military operation, with the support of Argentina and “other friends,” under Pentagon control. They already have made preparations on the bases they now occupy in the countries that border Venezuela with hospitals and centers to collect provisions for their soldiers.

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Caracas warns they’d use weapons if needed as crowds of coup supporters flock to presidential palace

30 April 2019 — RT

Caracas warns they’d use weapons if needed as crowds of coup supporters flock to presidential palace

Pro-coup Venezuelan National Guard soldiers surrounded by supporters of Juan Guaido in Caracas, Venezuela on April 30, 2019 ©  Reuters / Manaure Quintero

Venezuela’s Defense Minister has warned that the army would resort to force if necessary, amid the ongoing US-backed coup attempt, as crowds of opposition supporters were filmed moving towards the presidential palace in Caracas.

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Zero Percent of Elite Commentators Oppose Regime Change in Venezuela by Teddy Ostrow

30 April 2019 — FAIR

NYT: As the Crisis in Venezuela Grows, the Options Narrow

From the beginning, elite media have worked strenuously to narrow the options available for consideration (New York Times, 4/3/19).

A FAIR survey of US opinion journalism on Venezuela found no voices in elite corporate media that opposed regime change in that country. Over a three-month period (1/15/19–4/15/19), zero opinion pieces in the New York Times and Washington Post took an anti-regime change or pro-Maduro/Chavista position. Not a single commentator on the big three Sunday morning talkshows or PBS NewsHour came out against President Nicolás Maduro stepping down from the Venezuelan government.

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Economic Update: Capitalism vs. Socialism

30 April 2019 — TRNN

This week on Economic Update, Professor Wolff does something a little different. He dives deep into the 200+ year old debate and struggle between capitalism and socialism and looks into how it has become both confused and confusing. The different definitions of these systems make honest, balanced discussions and evaluations of them increasingly more difficult. Now that socialism is rising yet again to challenge capitalism, the debate demands a closer examination of the terms and their numerous, new and different meanings.
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Revealed: The British Government’s War on Assange and Media Freedom By Nina Cross

30 April 2019 — 21st Century Wire

Nina Cross
21st Century Wire

For nearly 10 years now, the British government has waged a war on Julian Assange, founder of Wikileaks. It has used every hard and soft power tool in its arsenal: the judiciary, government, international treaties, the media, diplomatic power and even the deprivation of health care. For his role in exposing US  war crimes and corruption, an outraged US establishment has conspired to silence Assange, constructing charges against him and demanding his extradition.

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