Venezuela Newslinks 2-3 May 2019

3 May 2019 18:15 — The New Dark Age

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Anti-War Voices on Both Sides Warn of Coming CIA Provocation to Kill Guaidó, Blame Maduro

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Is 5G Worth the Risks? by Iishana Artra, PhD

26 April 2019 — Local Futures

In recent months there’s been a lot of talk about 5G – the next generation of wireless technology. 5G is being touted as a necessary step to the ‘internet of things’ – a world in which our refrigerators alert us when we’re low on milk, our baby’s diapers tell us when they need to be changed, and Netflix is available everywhere, all the time. But what we’re not hearing is that evidence-based studies worldwide have clearly established the harmful effects of human exposure to pulsed radiofrequency radiation from cell towers, cell phones and other devices – and that 5G will make the problem exponentially worse.

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EU envoy admits he doesn’t really care about Palestinian rights By David Cronin

3 May 2019 — Electronic Intifada

Federica Mogherini, the EU’s foreign policy chief, greets Benjamin Netanyahu during his 2017 visit to Brussels. (Council of the European Union)

Oscar Wilde wrote that “the truth is rarely pure and never simple.”

The French diplomat Gerard Araud has – unintentionally, no doubt – overturned that observation. He has shown how the truth is often simple and rarely accepted.

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US Recklessly Escalates Venezuela Crisis by Smearing Russia

3 May 2019 — Strategic Culture Foundation

The lawlessness of the US government, or more accurately “regime”, knows no bounds, as can be seen more than ever from the failed coup attempt in Venezuela this week.

The initial so-called “uprising” by a tiny group of Venezuelan military – reportedly armed with US assault rifles instead of standard firearms – was blatantly incited by senior White House officials on prime time media. The misconduct openly engaged in by the US is in total violation of international law and UN Charter principles upholding the sovereignty of nations.

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Video: Brexit crisis and the civil war in Labour

3 May 2019 — In Defence of Marxism
Alan Woods discusses the battle in the Labour Party over the question of a second referendum on Britain’s EU membership. The Tories are torn apart over Brexit, yet rather than uniting behind their party leader, right-wing Labour MPs are putting their energies into attacking Jeremy Corbyn. Sooner or later, judgement day will come for Theresa May, and the opportunity for Corbyn’s Labour to form a government will present itself. But how will Corbyn deal with the wreckers in his ranks, and the question of the EU?

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Preparing for Computer Network Operations: USCYBERCOM Documents Trace Path to Operational Cyber Force

3 May 2019 — National Security Archive

Evolution of Cyber Mission Force and Joint Force Headquarters – Cyber portrayed in annual orders to build the force

  • Declassified documents give insight into USCYBERCOM Mission Essential Tasks and Operational Processes
  • Briefing slide reveals impact of 2013 government shutdown on USCYBERCOM training and development
  • US Military Cyberspace Tasking Cycle adapted from air operations; cyber operations adhere to joint targeting doctrine
  • OIG Report suggests development process outpaced strategic planning

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Venezuela – Coup Failure Necessitates A New Policy – Bolton The Stache Is Pushing For War

3 May 2019 — Moon of Alabama

After the failed coup attempt in Venezuela at least some people recognize the reality that its government has significant support. The coup’s failure necessitates a new policy. Unfortunately John Bolton is the man in charge of it. He is likely to push for a war.

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